Romania: Constanta - My love

January 1, 1970

by Camelien



aIf you are looking for a new place to travel, Constanta is one of the best places you can travel to.  The city is rised on an ancient city (Tomis) and its ruins you can still see today. The city has sea opening meaning you can also come by sea.


It is very important to say that people should travel here during summer. Labor Day (1st of May) opens the summer season and the entire city celebrates it. If the weather is sunny, the season stays open until end of September too. The beach season it’s at its top between mid June and early September when average temperature are between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius (78 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit).




The things you can do in Constanta depend very much on what one is looking for:




Constanta has opening to the sea along the city meaning one can stay in central city, get accommodation and enjoy the beach right at its feet.


The beach opens very early if you are a morning person and you can choose where you want to get all the sun, they even have baldaquins or Hammocks where you can take a nap. You can also reserve your lounge chair.


The city has a famous resort called MAMAIA, which is situated immediately north-east of Constanta. It has been said to be the next Saint Tropez if you like to party. In the previous years investors made Mamaia full of beach bars and clubs and hotels, meaning if you live there you don t need to get out of it. Clubs such as Fratelli, Ego Club or Crush are very entertaining and have beach exits where you can get fresh salty air.

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Prices are a bit high in Mamaia comparing to Constanta, but economy isn’t yet at European standers and prices are as cheapest as everybody knows in the Eastern Europe. A hotel room costs somewhere between 50 -100 Euros per day during summer, but one can also rent apartments, of course based on budget.

One can choose all inclusive hotels which have many good offers or camping sites. I recommend you check them before you decide.d

Easiest hotel choice is Phoenicia Holiday Resort Mamaia located on the northen part of Mamaia, near the best clubs. I have been there and i can’t wait to go there again. My first underwater photos were in their pools and i recommend you get your Go Pro.


It is best to make table reservations when you want to eat or go to a club. The reservations are 99% kept if we leave room for human error. Clubbing is very entertaining if you like to dance and listen to good music. Foreign DJs are brought here for events. You can also stay by the bar, but keep in mind it can become very crowded, we all like good clubs.




Water sports can be done in the summer. Windsurfing is excellent in windy days, which Constanta has often.

 Mamaia has on one side the sea and on the other side a lake where you can do wakeboarding or waterskiing. If you haven’t tried it, you can also learn from instructors.

Constanta it’s at its peak in summer time and many people in Romania come here either for the beach or for having fun.

There are many game centers, cinemas, shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants where one can spend quality time.

Jogging in the morning or evening by the beach is an easy way to start or end your day.

You can also rent bicycles and move much more easily in Constanta and Mamaia as well.




Constanta has 2 major shopping malls with good prices, especially on sales. Here you find also known brands with good prices. One of them just became bigger in 2016, meaning more shopping for everyone.



cThe old city and the Marina are located near each other and you can enjoy many restaurants. They are highly populated on all seasons.

It is very nice to eat by the water or enjoy a coffee at a Coffee Shop, or even take a walk and enjoy the day.

Zig-Zag pub is one of my favorites in the Old City. You can have a good beer and eat some chips or spend good time with dear ones.

The famous CASINO is near the Marina, a place where you can watch the sunset and make really nice pictures. On summer season you can find many artists that can draw your sketches or portraits or even beautiful landscapes.





Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport is 30 minutes away so it is recommended for coming to Constanta.

Romania has one of the best internet in Europe and almost everywhere you can access Wi-Fi for free.

The food is good as it has a fusion of all cuisine. Many minorities live here and you can find very good Greek food, Turkish, Italian at all corners. Everywhere you can eat good pizza or pasta. My favorite place is Nikos Greek Taverna, where good food is cooked very fast and every time I go there I want to rush for Greece.

Rental is easy to access and it is recommended to rent a car rather than use the taxi system. Let’s say one should trust rather than test it J The city is easy to learn as it has 3 major very long boulevards which are connected in many places and all roads go to Mamaia.

The highway is easy to take from Bucharest Airport and it takes around 2.5 hours to reach Constanta. Traffic can occur in summertime.

Many Romanian people know English and it is easy to get around here.

People are very friendly and helpful if needed.

The prices allow everybody to enjoy many things.

If you are looking for other places to travel from Constanta, you can easily reach Bulgaria, or the Danube or other resorts just like Mamaia.




Don’t try the taxi system, and if you do, pay attention so you don’t spend more than the ride’s worth.

Constanta offers many things and try to not pay attention to beggars. Don t ruin a vacation because of them and keep in mind all Europe has them. It’s a free world even if we don’t want them also. Don’t leave unwatched your belongings, better be safe than sorry later.

Use the Northern part of Mamaia for accommodation and everything else J

Keep in mind that Mamaia has aprox. 10 km long and in the summertime it gets very crowded as in one weekend it can accommodate around 250.000 people. In rush hours it can take even 30 minutes to cross it.






By Camelien

My name is Camelia and I am one curious lady :) I love to travel and experience new things. I try to test them as often as possible, but in some cases i make myself a list of things or places i have to try at least once in this lifetime, which i recommend all to do the same. IT WORKS!


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