Romancing in fair Verona

January 1, 1970

by Msbover


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                                                             Verona, city of love

Rome might be the eternal city, but in fair Verona I lay my scene.  Even though they say ‘you haven’t lived till you’ve loved in Rome’, there is no city in Italy, even in the world, as romantic as Verona. Either if you’re going alone or with your beloved one(s), you will be totally overwhelmed by the presence of the most tragic love story in the world. Welcome in Verona, the city of love.
You might think: “This is all just made up stuff, why would I waste my time on this?”. In this case I can advise you to ignore all this and go to Teatro Romano, the Arena, the Scaligar Tombs, the Lamberti Tower and so much more that Verona has to offer. You will love this city just as much. But I can promise you that if you think you have at least one romantic bone in your body, making a stop at these Shakespearian places will give your Veronese memories a  little touch of magic.

  1. The House of Juliet

Balcony of Juliet

                                                                                                The balcony of Juliet

Let us start where it all began. The place where Mr. and Mrs. Smith fell in love at first sight: the House of Juliet. This is the most obvious place to start your tour, and to be honest, the home of Juliet Capulet is the most easy to find of them all. The house itself is not big, and pretty easy to walk past, if not for the bunches of – mostly female – tourists who start to yell from excitement once they catch a glimpse of the famous balcony. In front of the house itself, there is a small courtyard from which you have a lovely view of the house. Of course, surrounded by the obligatory souvenir shops selling pens with the face of Romeo, a real must-have. Just like the bridge in Paris, at la Casa di Giulietta you have to show your eternal love by hanging a padlock on the wall. Because in Verona, it’s forever. In Verona, è per sempre – I’m sure you don’t need Google Translate for this. Afterwards, you can throw the key in the Adige and wait for your happily ever after. If you are more a writing kind of person, you can hang a note on the wall. Finding  a spot might be hard, but know that thousands of lovebirds will jealously admire your precious declaration of love.

House of Juliet

                                                                             Love notes at the House of Juliet

When you  see some giggly girls touching  the breast of a statue, you might think they lost it. But no worries, this is the statue of Juliet. Legend says that if you touch her boob – it is pretty clear which one  – true love will come find you. You can also go stand on the balcony and hope some prince will start serenading you. All depends on how desperate you are.

  1. The House of Romeo

Most must-visit-guides will ignore this one, and I have to admit that the house of Romeo Montegue is not as exciting as the one of his bae. You are not allowed to enter, probably because there is nothing really worth the view. Except for some medieval walls and windows there is not much to take pictures of anyway. But the idea that our dear Romeo had once lived and loved here, is enough for our romantic souls to at least make a quick stop at this place. The house is situated in a typical Veronese street, so just wandering past those old characteristic houses will teleport you back in time.

  1. The Juliet Club

Juliet Club
The Juliet Club in Verona

If the two previous places have already put you in the mood for more  romantic wallowing, then this one will definitely make you tear up. Without having seen the movie ‘Letters to Juliet’, it Is quite rare that you would find this little place of magic by yourself. Which means that you won’t be overwhelmed by a thousand selfiesticks this time. The Juliet Club is open to enter for anyone, and it exists out of a group of women (although I saw a man one time), called the Juliet Secretaries, who dedicate their free time on answering love letters. People from all over the world who seek advice about love can send letters to Juliet. Because poor Juliet is not around anymore (R.I.P.), her secretaries answer their letters in her name. So even if you are living on the other side of the world, as long there is mail you can still take part in this Veronese tradition. As a visitor, you are totally free to enter the office, to read and even answer some love letters. You will feel totally overwhelmed with all the love in there. But before you start writing about your secret lover or how you cheated on your second husband, know that anyone (even your hubbie, yes) has access to those letters. More so, every year at the Verona in Love Festival at Valentine’s day, the most beautiful letter will be exposed in public. We don’t want your love story to end tragic too.

  1. The Tomb of Juliet

The last, and unfortunately most sad part of the Romeo and Juliet story, is the death of our medieval Brangelina. The tomb of Juliet s located at the Fresco museum, which gives you the perfect opportunity to be cultural and to enjoy some beautiful paintings. William would be proud of you.  In the basement of the museum you will find her grave, so the legend says.  The tomb is empty – what did you expect? – so you will have to use your imagination to figure out what exactly happened to her body. The beautiful scenery, the garden, the  tomb, there is even a room where you actually can get married,… Can it get more romantic than tis? I didn’t think so.



Visited Verona and still hungry for more romance? No worries, you’re in the right country. Verona is only a train ride away from Venice, where you can chill out in a gondola while being serenaded by a cute – depends on how much you can afford-  Italian bloke. La vita è bella.


By Msbover

Just a girl living and loving la dolce vita. Wanted to see the world, started with Italy. Because la vita è bella.


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