Rimini - destination for perfect vacation

January 1, 1970

by Kata-rina

Rimini – destination for perfect vacation

I love visiting seasides, and I love Italy, so it’s not surprising that Rimini has left a great impression on me.

Piazza Tre Martiri

Piazza Tre Martiri

15 kilometre sandy beaches are it’s trademark, and one of the reasons that makes Rimini very popular place to spend your vacation. Very important thing, at least for me, is that it’s situated at Adriatic sea. Salty, blue, divine water which I choose whenever I have an opportunity.

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Wanna get to know Rimini? Let’s begin: It’ s the city in italian Emilia-Romagna region, and capital of Provinence Rimini. It’s deffinately not just a resort. It’s not a small place to visit if you want sunbathing and swimming all day. No, if that’s your ideal vacation, well, you can go anywhere at any seaside. Rimini is the city, where live about 140 000 people. It’s very alive by day and by night, and has real italian spirit. This is how I feel it: easy going but loud, kind and cheerfull people and aslo the city.  Meeting people is the best way to feel some place where you travel.

If you’re hungry or thirsty in Rimini…

Try to meet domestic people, try local food, and… oh, food! Maybe I’m mixed up somehow, and maybe I should have been born in Italy, because I literaly adore italian cousine, and in Rimini you can try any of famous Apennine specialities. Different types of pasta and pizza are “must try”, but my favourite was lasagna with artichokes – simpy delicious. Beach snacks which you can buy are also tasty and refreshing, for example bits of coconut on a stick (popular “coco bello”) There’s nothing that resembles the sea like smell or taste of coconut… In Rimini I tried many sweets! Cakes are all creamy, and the best were tiramisu and panacota. Apart from that, the most famous “boot” in Europe has exquisite coffee. Probably the best cappuccino with the finest aroma that I’ve tasted was in Rimini, and in Rome later that year. Did you know that is believed that this type of coffee was named after the clothes color of italian catholic monks called Capuchins?



Someone said “beer”?

With great food and coffee perfectly goes some beverage. Once I red somewhere that if you want to drink good beer in Italy, there is only one thing you could drink: wine. That was my experience as well. Choice was poor, so I tried Peroni and Moretti which were good. But if you are about to drink many various domestic beers, well, Rimini isn’t the right adress. Of course, there are some popular beers form Germany or Belgium, but you can buy them in almost any country in Europe. For me, it’s a special pleasure to taste local food and drink. However, wine lovers would enjoy! Still remember the short trip by the boat from Rimini to Gabicce mare (small tourist place, used to be a fisherman’s village). Drinking white wine and eating picarels on the deck was the real hedonistic experience.

Lunch time! Psssst…

Oh, remember that I’ve said how Rimini was alive because of the people who live there? Well, forget about that in lunch time! From 1 PM to 4 PM everything stops. The beaches are empty, also the streets. You can find tourists only, because Italians are at home with their family. Lunch is holy time of the day, and it seems that no one can take it from them. Bearing all that in mind, portion size for breakfast is not surprising. Yeah, if you want to have heavy meal in the morning, I suppose you won’t get it there. For that, I deffinately suggest places at the spanish seaside. Breakfast in the hotel wasn’t enough to start the day, so later I used to eat piadina in some of the reastaurants at the beach. It’s a homemade bread, reminds of pancake, or tortilla… It’s very tasty!


What to visit, where to go?

One more thing that I like about Rimini is cultural and historical aspect of the town. If you’re fan of sevenh art you would love Casa Fellini – museum dedicated to the one and only – film director Federico Fellini, who was born in Rimini. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit it because this museum was being renovated at the time. Hope that is open now for all admirers of his work. One of my favourite films is Amarcord (1973),  so I was thrilled with the fact that I could walk down the streets where Fellini used to walk. Besides him, in this city was born and the famous comic book creator Hugo Pratt.  You should visit City museum, and you need to go for a walk throuht the narrow, curvy streets in the center of the town. Architecture is mediterranean and lovely, which you can notice with local houses and squares (known like ‘piazzas’). Three martyrs square I liked  the most. Don’t miss to visit the church Sant Agostino, and the Arch of Augustus that is dominant memorial of the city. If you don’t plan to get here by your own car, don’ worry! You’ll be able to visit all the sights and attractions using local buses.

church St. Agostino

Casa Fellini

Casa Fellini

If you’re more into modern activities, like shopping, cafes, discos… Rimini provides all of that, too. As I said, it’s not the small town, so it has everything for any types of visitors. There are classy branded shops and many restaurantes in the city centre, but there are also a nearby shopping mall, plenty of souvenir shops and supermarkets. I was there on holiday, 10 days in July, and that was really relaxing. For those who are more dynamic types, I suggest going to all excursions, and visiting nearby places. Rimini offers opportunities for fun and for rest, as well.

streets of Rimini  picture 187

Since I’m from Serbia, Greece is the most wanted holiday destination among Serbs. It’s not far away and it’s not expensive. That’s why I find Italy not affordable for the most people. However, you could find decent accomodation for resonable price, like me. Everything else is accordable with things you get, and believe me, that’s a lot! I’ve been lucky to visit Italy three times. I’m looking forward to come back and to have one more chance to enjoy beautiful sights, creamy coffee, listen the language and just absorb Italy.


By Kata-rina

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