Rhodes Island, Greece – Best beaches, nightlife, and more!

Beautiful beaches, nightlife, history, gastronomy, nature, music,… Rhodes Island is one of those places which to every curious tourist has something to offer: At the same time cosmopolitan and traditional!   Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese group and the fourth largest Greek island. There are more than 40 beautiful beaches in Rhodes, an international airport, many wonderful landscapes, monasteries, several marinas, and the beautiful UNESCO-protected Old Town. Rhodes is not only the name of the island but also the capital of the island. The island of Rhodes is surrounded by the  Aegean Sea, and the interior of the island is surrounded by the smell of pine and cypress. There is also a mountain in the inner part of the island – Ativiros (Attavyros), whose summit is at 1,215 meters above sea level. Diagoras International Airport is located on Rhodes Island. Diagoras is Greece’s fourth-largest passenger airport. The airport is a half-hour drive from Rhodes city. You can reach the city by taxi, rented car, or with a bus (which I recommend as cheaper, but surely it is full of people during the whole season). The price for one ride with a bus is 2 euros. Island of the sun – This island is sunny for almost 300 days in a year, so the rain here will certainly not surprise you during the summer. Anyway, you have to be prepared for wind! West coast is windier, beaches aren’t so good and of course, the sea is wild. The eastern side is far calmer, but usually warmer as well, and it can be ideal. Rhodes’ largest and eponymous city is located in the northeast of the island. It is also the most visited by tourists, but there are other smaller cities as well as traditional Greek villages worth visiting. Rhodes is known to the world for Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In addition to Greek culture, the remains of Turkish culture can be recognized here too.

Best beaches in Rhodes island

Beaches that are mentioned below are NOT on the windy side of the island.

Elli beach

Sandy beach,  located in Rhodes town with a walking distance from the city center. This beach is very popular with its closeness, but also by various beach bars and good organization. It is also suitable for children.

Tsambika beach

Located 25km south of Rhodes town. It is a long, sandy, organized beach, with plenty of beach bars and restaurants. One part of this beach is intended for watersports. The water is turquoise blue and very clear, it can be ideal for chilling and for families with children.

Faliraki beach

Located 16km south of Rhodes town, well-organized beach, popular for families with children, sandy and long. It is close to many restaurants and taverns.

My favorite 2

Saint Paul’s bay beach

Located in Lindos, 48km south of Rhodes town. Small, but perfectly cozy, sandy beach. It’s a little harder to get to, but once you get there – the view is enchanting, with clear blue water perfect for swimming and snorkeling. I recommend that you come earlier to find your perfect spot.

Santa Marina beach

Located only 7km south from Rhodes town. If you are firstly looking for a good place to relax, this is a perfect choice! Small sandy beach for resting and chilling with a specific beach bar. If you have a car, you can go all around the island and you will find plenty of beautiful hidden beaches. Those 5 are best by my experience, and with a good city bus connection.

Nightlife in Rhodes

It’s unforgettable! If you experience the right places, of course. We can split nightlife in Rhodes on two sides of the city: Old Town, and Rhodes Bar street!

Bar street

(Or ”Orfanidou” street, if you wanna feel more local) is the ”epicenter” of Rhodes party life! Located near the coast, 10min walking distance from the center of Rhodes. In this street, you can find every kind of music, and also every kind of people from all over the world. All along the street, there are bars and clubs that promise a good party time. If you visit Alexander bar for a few shots and dancing, you will not regret it, and after straight to Colorado club!

Old town nightlife

– is no less good! I can say that it is more local then Bar street (which is full of tourists), but I can also say that Greeks know how to party! Going out to a club with Greek music can be really something good. If you would like to experience it, do not miss the Gazi club, and if you rather don’t want – Fuego club is a great place, both outdoor and indoor club.

Old Town or ”Medieval city of Rhodes”

Just walking through this place with a glorious history is worth coming. However, when there – do not miss to see: The Palace of the Grand Master, The street of the knights, The Archeological Museum of Rhodes and many interesting local products in stores around. The old part of Rhodes has been under UNESCO protection since 1988. Orfeos Street and Socratous Street are the main touristic streets, full of shops and taverns.

Food and coffee

Well, you must love at least one of these.  If you are looking for good Giros, and of cours you will, there is a place in the city center called Augustionos with delicious Giros, pork or chicken, small or bigger. And the price is good for every pocket, one of the cheapest and best places to eat. Looking for something sweet? On a 2min walking distance from Augustions, there is waffle heaven. Ice art gelateria and their special waffles are really an experience. Portions are big enough so you can share it, but, believe me, when you see it you will not want to share it. Coffee lovers – also in a city center, 3min walking distance from mentioned Augustions, there is a coffee place called Everest, with polite staff and a great coffee. Generally, wherever you go in Rhodes, you will enjoy friendly people and views… I wish you an unforgettable Greek experience!

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