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May 5, 2019

by Raghad Rawabdeh

Maeen is one of the most famous tourist places in Jordan. It is about 58 meters from the southern side of Amman. It is 27 meters from the city of Madaba. It is about 120 meters below sea level. The most important feature is the presence of many springs inside it. , Reaching about 63 springs.


The minerals-rich spring’s temperature reaches about 43 degrees Celsius. This water flows from the highest peaks to the lowest mountain, which is 264 meters below sea level. It flows warm in the valley before it gets into the Zarqa River. This wonderful spot is suitable for locals and tourists, which attract thousands of visitors every year seeking tranquility, pleasure, comfort, and treatment.


Maeen hot springs are among the most popular places in Amman, surrounded by high mountains, at which boiling water from the top of Basalt-mountain cut through. The most important feature is its warm climate. It can be visited at all times and especially in the winter. It also serves meeting rooms, sauna rooms, a swimming pool and distinctive restaurants overlooking the different mountains and waterfalls, in addition to having an integrated and comprehensive health center.

The Ma’in Spa Resort

The Ma’in Spa Resort was not awarded the 2016 Excellence Award from the world’s first travel and tourism site TripAdvisor, and the year before it was awarded the world’s best hot water spa award for no reason. It was the result of that the property offers the best services to its customers, where the best comments are written to the resort.

This five-star hotel, which provides health and treatment services 24/7 for visitors from all over the world was built there. The resort’s natural treatment center is the first of its kind in the Middle East according to the classification of the international resort company in the Middle East, in addition to Its mineral waters and waterfalls are unique for its health benefits and its ideal salt content, as well as its uniqueness in terms of flowing heat, which has made it famous all over the world.


What does this Spa provide?

Treatment at the Main hot springs hotel and spa, focuses on the therapeutic properties of rich water along with the traditional mineral bath, offering healing treatments with mineral water and deep sea materials to ensure the experience of renewal and purity by trained therapists.

For lovers of nature’s life, sessions for practicing yoga in the open air are set near the hot waterfalls. It must be recognized that massage is no longer a luxury, it is part of the treatment of the diseases of this time such as stress and insomnia.

Since ancient times people have been able to use the water from the mineral springs (especially the hot springs) because the great therapeutic value that can cure rheumatism, relieve arthritis, back pain and some skin diseases. These springs have become an important destination for medical tourism. In some countries, the use of mineral water as drinking water has increased markedly since the mid-1970s, when large quantities of bottled mineral water were exported from some mineral springs in some countries of the world.

Raghad Rawabdeh

By Raghad Rawabdeh

Raghad rawabdeh, Jordanian Dentist, specializing in perio_implantology in Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) .


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