Reasons you should visit Dubai this winter

September 18, 2018

by Niti Parekh

Most popularly known as the hub for culture, fashion and cuisine in the Middle East, Dubai is quickly becoming one of the most widespread tourist destinations in the world. I have been lucky enough to live in this amazing city within the United Arab Emirates for over 14 years, and can tell you exactly why you must visit Dubai this winter.

Reason #1 -You will not break the bank

UAE is home to two world class airlines, Emirates and Etihad. It is also a convenient location for all major airlines in the world and thus there are thousands of flights every day. This makes it super affordable because you have so many options and you can select one that fits your budget and convenience. It also has hostels, lodges and hotels at convenient rates.

Pro tip : I would choose the locality of the hotel depending on one’s budget. Here’s a list of neighbourhoods from low-priced to high-priced.

Low: Deira, Mirdiff, Bur Dubai and Al Karama

Medium: Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha

High: Downtown Dubai, JBR, JLT


Reason #2 – It is the Shopping Destination of Asia

From designer brands to fast fashion, Dubai has got you covered. We have over three shopping festivals every year, where prices are slashed down and there are ridiculous sales. ‘The Dubai Shopping Festival’ is throughout the month of January and is not one to miss even if you’re not a shopaholic. There are tons of malls and shopping centers here so the top 3 malls that I recommend are:


Mall of the Emirates

This mall is unique for being the only mall in the world to have an indoor ski resort. Having the temperature never drop below 20°C in Dubai, it a cold heaven for us locals and a fun outdoor activity for children and adults alike. A ton of snow rides and yummy hot chocolate will keep you company. It also has signature American restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory and California Pizza, as well as The Virgin Mega-store.

Ibn Battuta Mall

This place is so much more than a mall. Named after the Moroccan explorer who traveled to and wrote about the wonders of Arabia and South East Asia, the mall is divided into sectors that are specifically constructed to mimic the culture of different countries. Whether it is the Indian court or the Persian city, one gets a glimpse into history, or the world seen through the eyes of Ibn Battuta. It is also home to global fashion brands, great restaurants, and family entertainment.

Dubai Mall

Where should I start first? Maybe with the fact that it is the biggest mall in the world, or that it harbors the world’s largest choreographed fountain, or that it gives the most brilliant view of the tallest tower in the world, The Burj Khalifa. Dubai mall is one of the most regal places to visit when it comes to shopping anywhere in the world. You could spend hours here and not realize it. From an indoor aquarium where you can go scuba diving, to ice skating in its ice rink, it will be a memorable treat – and I haven’t even got to the shopping yet! Every floor has got world famous shops such as Bloomingdale’s, Hershey’s and Sephora to name a few. There is so much to do here, that having spent majority of my life in this city, I am yet to see the entirety of the largest mall in the world.


Reason #3 – Discover Another Culture

Dubai is the perfect city to visit if you are curious about Arabian and Islamic culture. The locals are fondly known as Emiratis and they take great pride in belonging to this self-made country. Two of the most popular ways of learning about Dubai’s history and its traditions, is through a visit to the Dubai Museum and going aboard a Desert Safari. You’ve not been to Dubai if you have not eaten its sweet dates, taken pictures with its many palm trees, seen one of its spectacular belly dance performances, or gone dune bashing on its tall sand dunes. The Museum is a living memorabilia of how Emiratis used to live in the 20th century and how they inventively kept their homes cool without electricity in the scorching desert.


Reason #4 – A Unique Beach Experience

This may seem intuitively inaccurate for I recommend coming to Dubai in the winter, but the truth is there is never a better time to visit its glorious beaches. The weather is pleasant and slightly windy, the mornings are not too warm, while evenings are cool. It never gets chilly or cold – another plus point for all of you who want to escape the frigid temperatures up north.

Dubai does beaches like no other country, because it isn’t just sand and the sea, but an entire stretch of eateries, bistros, boutiques and infrastructure designed to give you a relaxing and enjoyable day out. The top 3 beaches that is a MUST while in Dubai are:

Kite Beach

This beach is definitely your go to for water sport activities and has a spectacular view of one of Dubai’s most iconic buildings, The Burj Al Arab. There is parasailing, bungee jumping and kite-surfing for the adventurous ones, as well as amazing restaurants and cafes for the foodies.

La Mer

The design of this riviera itself is enough to startle you. Bright signs, graffiti walls and fairy lights strung across in place of a roof – La Mer is the perfect place to go on a leisurely walk, grab a bite, and update your insta stories.

The Beach, JBR

From great ambiance and scrumptious food, to a view of the Dubai Eye and the Atlantis hotel, ‘The Beach’ is named this way because it is the royal of the Dubai beaches. There is always something going on here – A flea market where local wears are sold, a modern art exhibition for spray painters, or live music that creates the most peaceful mood.


And what’s the best thing about visiting Dubai? That this is just a sneak peek.

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