Rameswaram, India: What to do, Where to Eat and More

June 13, 2019

by Tarun Mohan Venkatram

In the southeast Indian state of Tamil Nadu town on Pamban Island which is known as Rameswaram. It is famous for its Ramanathaswamy Temple with huge sculpted pillars and sacred water tanks. It is about 40 kilometres from Mannar Island, Sri Lanka at the tip of the Indian Peninsula. The Pamban Island is connected to mainland India by the bridge called Pamban.

The Island area is about 61.8 sq.km it is a bustling pilgrim centre as it is considered as finest and holiest places in India.

It is well connected by train from Chennai, Coimbatore and Thanjavur and Trichy.

Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple

World largest corridor has been built with huge sculptured pillars on the sides of the wall of the temple. There’s monumental tower being built of 38.4m tall and high. There are many come to worship to Lord Rama for good health and blessed life. Its people believe towards which makes them come every year to worship the Lord but also have some sightseeing around the place.


As the temple faces the seashore in the east about 100m from the main entrance of the temple is sacred and performing the rituals in honor of the ancestors in the seashore with respect and get their blessings.

Villoondi Temple

It is 7 kilometers away from the main temple on the way to Pamban were the freshwater are available.

Five Faced Hanuman Temple

It is 2 kilometers away from the main temple to meet the deity of Hanuman.

Pambam Bride and Dhaunshkodi

It is a trip to remember about Rameswaram it was all about having fun and holy experience in the temples around. We were few friends who went for the trip to enjoy and relax for some days. We went by train from Chennai to Rameswaram the best part of this journey by train was on the Pamban Bridge where we see the trains runs on that bridge just above the Seawater.


It was morning at 7AM we almost reached the destination but the route to Pambam bridge was just fantastic you smell the fresh air and sea water smell coming to us. It was two and half kilometers long bridge over sea which can be enjoyed at any moment.

We reached Rameswaram by  8 AM and we checked in at the hotel got freshen up and we started for temple visit which another great experience of seeing the holy spiritual done.

The magnificent culture spirits made us happy and calm and the kind of people or visitors coming to the temple was eminence because we got see a lot of spiritual and cultural values around. People worshiping for success and well being from Lord Shiva.

After the temple visit, we had lunch at the hotel which was excellent very tasty and homey meals such as South Indian meals with rice, curd, sambar, curry, rasam and butter milk to enjoy the taste of the food.


Then we headed to Dhaunshkodi is the confluence of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. We enjoyed the beach in Dhaunshkodi and, we could buy the seashells. We enjoy the Dhaunshkodi beach as much as we can because it was just relaxing and calmness in ourselves.

We saw the Ghost town which was destroyed in 1964 by cyclone after which the city was devasted with heavy showers and storms during that time.

But overall you see the quality of life and hardship of people around the city.

We headed back to hotel had dinner and next day we planned for shopping around the city of Rameswaram to enjoy with people around the city.

Ramanathapuram District

We headed towards Ramanathapuram for Water Bird Sanctuary as paradise for bird watchers it was beautiful birds to see and enjoy the nature with them. Birds flying high and low, but they were enjoying us because we click pictures of the bird.

There was another beach at Ramanathapuram district which was known as Ariyaman Beach its perfect tourist spots to visit as it is a small island with green trees around the island. There were water sports available to adventure experience which included a lot of fun and happiness.

There was another beach which was characterized by natural coral reef. It is a place of entertainment and relax like a small resort.

Ramanathapuram district is 55 kilometers away from Rameswaram with excellence of architectural.

It is a city district with people and tourist visitors having fun and enjoying the culture and nature beauty.

The city can be explored by foot or car to enjoy the environment around. But you need 3-5 days to stay so that you cover up all the areas around the city especially the beach there are distance between district and beaches around.

For mind relaxation and stress, I would go once again to enjoy and keep calm. By staying for 3-5 days you could learn many things like quality of life, worships.


From Rameswaram you can go to Kanyakumari, Madurai, Trichy and Thanjavur by car or bus or train but we can enjoy on any of these transports.

You can go Kurusadai Island which is 4 kilometers from Mandapam at the Gulf of Mannar. It is absolutely for nature lovers.

The best season to enjoy is Winter and Rainy Seasons because its cold and cool and chill. Since it is at the seashore there always cold breeze coming but we just need to enjoy the weather and environment.

Eating Out

There are many restaurants and hotels to have meals and other foods items but they very delicious as it smells fresh and clean. People love the taste and beauty of the meals because variety of meals in different styles or culture, but they are just awesome to eat when you are very hungry. On Sundays there are special meals with sweets and ice creams which adds more of tasty meals sometimes you see the hotels are fully packed in minutes just to have the delicious meals of their favorite with family and friends  and relatives.




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