Que Alegre Alegria: Cambais Falls Like No other

January 1, 1970

by Cherry-villea



Cambais Falls 3

Queen City Of South

Cebu is vibrantly known as the “Queen City of the South” for its astonishing key tourist destinations. From the city of fully developed community to eco-friendly provinces, Cebu will surely take you to a lifetime experience of luxurious satisfaction of magnificent adventures.

Que Alegre!

Among these tourist attraction spots are located at the Southern heart of Cebu – Que Alegre! Alegria! The town of tremendous smiles was named by the Spaniards for its fresh water springs that brought happiness to townsmen.

Alegria’s Finest

Cambais Falls 2

A 4-hour ride from the city to this province will surely be paid off by the most fine and accommodating places that are located at its most hidden ventures. Yes, hidden, for it is preserved by our mother nature with the help of the respective locals.

If it’s relaxation you want? Then relaxation you’ll get as you’ll get as you witness Alegria’s finest CAMBAIS FALLS located at Valencia, Alegria, Cebu Philippines

This astonishing spot is truly a destination worth FALLING in love with. With it’s gorgeous touched of nature, it is truly a gift from our humble nature. Our Beautiful Earth has never failed us. Places like Cambais Falls must be preserved by humans for this is more than worthy of our care. We are glad that Alegria’s local government officials and humble residents have never abused nor remodeled this lovely gift of nature. They have let nature flow it’s natural way and that’s worth our praise.

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How to get there?, well fasten your seatbelts because it will surely be an adventure.

Alegria Heritage Park

You may want to drop by for some selfies and groupies at ALEGRIA HERITAGE PARK, this is where your relaxation starts. Here, you can be one with nature because the site is a jaw dropping scene, especially at it’s sunrise and sunset. In this park lies the preserved “Baluarte” of Spaniards. This stood here as protection against raid. Across this park is Alegria’s hundred years old church. I strongly recommend to never miss an opportunity with a place this stunning. Then, head on to where your destination leads you. If you and your squad prefer to use the means of riding motorbikes or ‘habal-habal’ to get you there, then, no worries! Because friendly and accommodative ‘habal-habal’ drivers will surely take you there. They are experts on what they do. They will not only welcome you but protect you as well. People in Alegria are very humble and simply visiting Alegria gives them so much pleased and delightful feeling. So, let’s head on and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Mountains of Alegria. These powerful habal-habal men will impress you not only by driving through curve smooth paths but bring you to the top. Enjoy the ride! FEEL GOOD!

Excitement will definitely vary in one’s eyes as you are now close to delightful Cambais falls.

To the Falls

This requires a 1.3 km walk to be finally there. And as you set foot to the falls, close your mouth because it’ll be a jaw-dropping scenery!


It takes about 10 minutes walk until the our first glimpse of the falls. It’s tempting that we never waited and right then, we started. Feeling the satisfying cool of the water made me stayed longer than I ever did to other falls before. It was really amazing that it made me felt like to live and stay there for the rest of my days and restart my memory from stressful experiences.

The tranquillity of its water triggered the worries out of me. Indeed, this destination was a trance-like paradise. It’s nature’s way of healing worries from the busy city to a stressful mind. Thanks to Cambais.

This was like a puzzle of adventures because you can either jump tremendously at its peak or slide and repel downwards to meet its crystal-like water.

The flow of the waterfalls gave the power of calmness which brought me peace of mind. It is really  a falls like no other not only because of its calm flow of water but it’s freshness that has truly travelled from alongside of the mountains of Alegria.

Cambais Falls 2

You’ll never be bored for its falls has its LEVEL 2! Yes! LEVEL 2! Head on top to witness another fun-filled adventure. Head on!

The satisfaction left me speechless.

It’s nature’s way of adventure and relaxation. It’s nature’s way of fullfilling my wish and quenching my thirst.


  • Never forget to bring foods and drinking water as the falls will tempt you to stay longer
  • You may bring inflatables so you can lay down and heads up,  it will amaze you.
  • Pack your things inside a plastic
  • Bring waterproof case for your phone, so you wont miss a moment
  • Don’t shout as the nature is so calm and worthy to respect
  • Enjoy every second of your visit


What are you waiting for? It’ll be an adventure you’ll never want to miss.


Never miss to add Cambais in your adventure list. 😉


Que Alegre!

Thank you for reading.


By Cherry-villea

I grew up in Alegria, my love town, peaceful environment and humble neighbors. We live in accordance of the nature.

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