Protectorate in the center of the Capital of Egypt…

January 1, 1970

by Eman Hamdy

Your visit to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, should not be only visiting the pyramid of Khufu, one of the seven wonders of the world, which dates back more than 4500 years because the age of Khufu pyramid compared to the age of this protectorate is more than 50 million years.

How to reach to the protectorate?

This area, which dates back to the early days of the planet, Wadi Degla Protectorate is located in Maadi area and to reach there are two ways of transportation

The Two ways to reach there are

1) This protectorate is only 40 minutes drive from the downtown of Cairo to travel in time to this geology era Eocene.

2)You can also reach the area from the Downtown through Metro from the Sadat station in the first line and get off at the station Maadi and then asked for a car through UBER or Careem mobile application to drive you to the protectorate. Google map will be useful.

Entry Requirements to the Protectorate…

Of course, the entry will require you to bring your passport. The surprise is the price of the ticket which is only 5 Egyptian Pounds for foreigners and if you have a car you can enter by it with another 5 Egyptian pounds. A cheap price for what you will enjoy inside, and will save you a lot of time and money if you want to visit more places during your visit to Cairo.

You should bring your water, sunglasses and a hat to protect your head from the sun in addition to snacks that provide you with energy.

Best time to visit the protectorate…

The place is available for visiting all weekdays from 7 am to 5 pm in Cairo time. But if you visit it in the months from May to September, you would prefer to end your visit before 12 P.M. because of the high temperature unless you enter the protectorate with a private car.

Activities you can do inside…

walking and climbing

You can enjoy walking between mountains back to millions of years. It is not surprising that while you are walking in the valley, you will find seashells and this is because this valley was part of the seabed, but due to the occurrence of cracks ground as a result of volcanic activity, all you will find is mountain heights on the two sides of the valley. On the right side, you can climb and walk on it or even use the map on the gate of the protectorate to know roads that are eligible for bicycles and cars in addition to this you will find the land is wet as an indication of the retention the ground by water.

If you are a desert passionate and your visit to Egypt is not too long to travel inside the country to many places, this valley will meet your needs. This place is ideal for this type of sports and you will find that climbing the right side of the valley is easy and there are signs to show where you can climb the mountain in contrast to the left side, which requires a guide.

But if you prefer to walk between the sides of the Valley you will enjoy watching various rock forms that were once a bottom of the sea and you can take pictures of it without collecting or moving any of it to preserve the protectorate.


You can enjoy relaxing and meditation exercises inside the rocky caves which have different forms.Also, barbecues will be enjoyable there with your friends


If you intend to camp for days inside, which is allowed, but you have to take permission for that from the management of the protectorate and you must take special caution especially with the existence of an area within the protectorate called the snake hole where you may encounter a mountain snake.

But do not worry as you can use your cell phone to contact the management if you faced any problem.

Bring your camping tools, besides enough water and food as there are no available places to shop nearby, and enjoy the view of the stars in the sky away from the lights of the city. Of course, the scenery will be more beautiful if you did so when the moon is full.

The place is an ideal destination where the man can return back to calm and silence. Getting away from all means of modern life to refresh his mind and rediscover the nature of the universe.

Some visitors and travelers see that the Grand Canyon inside Wadi Degla is similar to the Grand Canyon in Arizona in the United States of America.

Wildlife you may see…

Of course, if you are a geologist or a researcher in the wildlife in the Eocene, you will find this place is suitable for exploring the rare plants that still remains from 50 million years ago.

Be careful from approaching to one of the cracks in the mountain as you may find the roof is spread by the bat which appeared in the Eocene and was flying at night and dark and is the only mammal that can fly.

Besides the bat, you can encounter desert creatures such as deer, mountain rabbits, red fox, rat feathers, mouse Abu Shouk and others, and insects like the father of Eid, tiger bedding and lion ants. Also, the experts recorded 64 types of different plants

The percentage of visitors to the protectorate from foreigners is about 35% of the total number of visitors because of its proximity to the downtown of the capital and accessibility, in addition to its low price ticket. As it is suitable for a day trip and will not cost you a lot.

If you are going to enter the protectorate by a private car, it is preferred to be a desert type and of course, you would not prefer to take the kids with you if you are going to that tour inside on your feet.

After you will finish your tour, you will come back to your normal but with different spirit more capable of dealing with the daily life.


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