Pristine Beaches In Wilsons Promontory Victoria Australia

Where Is Wilsons Promontory National Park?

Wilsons Promontory National Park or “The Prom” as the locals call it, is located at Australia's Southernmost tip, in Gippsland, in the state of Victoria. At just over 2 and a half hours drive South out of Melbourne, it's far enough to get out of the big smoke for the weekend, yet not too far that it will take up most of your day to get there. If stunning beaches are what you're after, then look no further!

Squeaky Beach: the beach that squeaks

If you want to be absolutely blown away by beauty, perfection, and nature in general, and want to have a little childhood fun whilst you're at it, then visiting Squeaky Beach in Wilsons Promontory National Park is an absolute must. As you may have already guessed, this beach derives it's name from the fact that when you walk onto it – yes, that's right – it squeaks! The novelty doesn't seem to fade too quickly, either (which may be unfortunate for some whom may just want some peace and quiet). I personally know because my husband and i were still in stitches after half an hour of traipsing up and down the beach, digging deep into the sand with our feet as we walked, and pretending to be DJs while we were at it. When i first laid my eyes on this beach, and the overall National Park, my jaw literally dropped. It was love at first sight. Your eyes feast upon boulders that have been smoothed over from centuries of the ocean wearing them down and seemingly polishing them. There is the absolute pleasure of witnessing the bluest of blue water for as far as the eye can see. The ocean is then met with bush land and vegetation that make it a nature lover's dream come true.  Of all the picturesque beaches i have visited in the world, this one in my own backyard is definitely in my top 5.

Where The Forest Meets The Sea

The Squeaky Clean Beach That Is Squeaky Beach


Whisky Bay Beach: a hidden gem

Unlike the aforementioned beach, Whisky Bay Beach doesn't derive it's name from the literal sense. No whisky bottles to be seen here! Whisky Bay is just a a few metres to the West of Squeaky Beach, and can be accessed by following a little slow running stream, then stepping over a small sand dune . It still has the same amount of jaw dropping beauty, and will make any nature and ocean lover appreciate it's gorgeousness. Whisky Bay is one of the smaller, more sheltered beaches in Wilsons Promontory, so if you would like a little more privacy and quiet time, then this is where one should head.

Playing On The Rocks At Whisky Bay Beach

Little Stream Leading To Whisky Bay Beach


Walkerville Beach: lime kiln destination

It's hard to fathom that there could possibly be more exciting and intriguing beaches in the one spot, yet Wilsons Promontory continues to deliver. Walkerville Beach is home to the famous lime kilns which have some history attached to them. It is where lime – a raw material necessary for making building materials – was discovered, and put to good use due to the fast growth of the region. One would be forgiven for thinking they were in a foreign country in a medieval scene, awaiting an aggressive knight to come galloping forth from his fortress on his frothing horse – but alas, it is still in Australia. Not only are the kilns brilliant to look at, they are also useful for playing hide and seek as my husband and i did. We kept ourselves entertained for easily over an hour, so imagine the fun that could be had if you brought your little ones along on the adventure!  

Golden Beach: ideal for long walks on the beach

A scenic heaven, Golden Beach overlooks the iconic Ninety Mile Beach. If you're there during the day, i recommend visiting the shipwreck remains of Trinculo. My husband and i engaged in some great exercise along this beach, as it it one of the best beaches in Gippsland, Victoria to go walking on. If you're a little more adventurous and like being a rebel, it is also a great swimming spot. However, it one of the beaches that isn't patrolled. If you know how to “read” the ocean and it's currents (i'm lucky enough to be able to, and my husband is also a bit of an ocean nerd) then you can easily gauge whether or not it's a good idea to take a dip at the time.

Enjoying The Blue Waters At 90 Mile Beach

What to look for prior to swimming

If you don't have too much experience “reading” the ocean, it's a good idea to brush up on the basics prior to swimming at a beach that isn't patrolled. The main killer of swimmers in the ocean is not the notorious Great White Shark – but rips. Here's a few telltale signs of a rip that you should lookout for prior to entering the water that could potentially save yours and others' lives.
  • Look for water that is darker and deeper than the rest of the water. This should be easy to spot
  • The surface of a rip is often rippled and it is surrounded by water that is a lot smoother and calmer than it
  • There will be a minimised amount of waves breaking where there is a rip. Look for a body of water where there are a lot less waves breaking
  • Objects or foamy water may also be carried out to sea that is not going with the flow of the rest of the water
We are always ensuring we analyse the ocean prior to entering it. You may not be able to spot all of these obvious signs at once, but spotting one of them is enough for you to heed warning and reconsider swimming in that spot. As always, your safest bet is to swim at a patrolled beach where there are lifesavers present.

Wilsons Promontory: a beach lover's delight

Overall, Wilsons Prom has some of the best and most beautiful beaches not just in Victoria, Australia, but in the world. You will not be short on places to go swimming and/or sun-baking. Some beaches are quieter than others, and some are more commercial. You can simply choose which one depending on your mood at the time. It would be hard for one to get bored visiting Wilsons Prom, as there are also endless outdoor activities to partake in such as; camping, hiking, bush-walking, marine diving tours and plenty more. Whether you're alone, with your partner, a group of friends or your family, you will surely be pleasantly surprised with the vast and beautiful landscape, activities and beaches that is Wilsons Promontory National Park.

Smoothed Over Rocks

Wilsons Prom: The Most Beautiful Backdrop



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