Portugal – Famalicão A City in the North


Here is where i grow up. Where i studied, worked and lived (this last year i´m in Romania for a EVS project). I was thinking in write about some adventures that i had here but they were so many that i couldn´t decide. If it was in other countries that i visited i could just tell how it was but for my city i prefered to make like a travel guide with the places that i know. Its a very modern city and you can find everything here. The people are great and helpfull so if you get lost in Famalicão dont be afraid to ask for help because for sure someone will help you. Plus it is a city full of young people. I lived here my entire life and for a first post i chose my beloved city!   

Where is

Famalicao its a city located in the north of Portugal with 33 048 habitantes and the city foundations started in 1205 with D. Sancho I kingdom. Famalicão has a very importante road conection,  since we are in the middle you can go to Porto, Braga, Guimarães, Barcelos…. very easely and you have obrigatoriamente to pass by Famalicão. Is twenty minutes far way from the international airport “Francisco Sá Carneiro” so has you can see its a very good city to stay because of the conections. If you are coming from Spain you can pass the border in Galiza, it is the most near border to arrive to Famalicão. 

Famalicão      You can see here the map


Where to stay

Hotel-MoutadosMoutados Adress: Av. Brasil, 1223,Vila Nova de Famalicão Phone number: +351 252 312 377 | Fax: +351(252)311881

pensão santo antonioResidencial Francesa
Adress: Av. Mal. Humberto Delgado 227, Vila Nova de Famalicão
Phone number:+351 252 311 261
residencial santo antonioPensão Santo António
Adress: Praça D. Maria II, 1714, 4760-111 Vila Nova de Famalicão
Phone number:+351 252 322 704
        They are a bit expensive so my advice is to use the couchsurfing. But if something happens you have this alternative.  

Where to eat

Here you have some restaurants where you can have a good meal. Almost all of them are in the center. Telepizza – Is a little bit expensive but some times they have good promotions. I worked here and i can say to you that the workers are great and you have the menu in english. Burco – Is a good restaurant and from all is the most cheap. I realy like it, at least one day per week i was going there. O Padrinho – Also in the center you can eat good francesinhas here. Mikado – Asiatic food near the center. They make home delevery. Forever – Variety of foods Marco – Good desserts. Some of Typical Food – Francesinha (you have to try); Arroz de Cabidela; Bolinhos de Bacalhau; Caldo Verde; Arroz de Marisco; Bacalhau; Cozido à Portuguesa; Rojões; Pasteis de Belém.   

Where to drink

To drink a nice beer we have some bars. You need to try the beer “Sagres” and the beer “Super Book” they are very good. Café Sagres – It has a good esplanade! And is in a big park. Planteur – A small coffe near the bar “Oscar”. Catus – Rua Luís Barroso, Calendário. Oscar – This one is good to but some times the waitress is in a bad mood, so be careful haha.  

Where to party

This are the most known discotecas in Famalicão. The ladies have more lucky than the mans because in the most part of the times you have drinks for free and they bring Portuguese famous people too.  Matriz Caffé It is a nice space with terrace.  Bar AcadémicoIt is a bar where the students of Famalicão usely go.  Tipografia Club – In Typography Club the animation is in charge of DJs that promise to shake the nights of Friday and Saturday. Satélite ClubA large and modern space, with a young and always very excited audience. Operating since 1984 has a outdoor area with a garden, pool and a nice terrace.  Class This one some times has dress code, so you need the right clothes.


Bar Académico

Bar Académico





What to visit

As a cultural city Famalicão has a lot of places where you can discover more about it. I leave here some of the most importants for me. Casa das Artes is a municipal theater made in 2001. Here you can watch musical perfomences, movies, workshops and much more. In the Museu da Industria Téxtil you will find more about our industry. In Museu Caminho de Ferro you can find informations about our old trains and do a lot of activities like treasure hunt. I like history and this particular museum Museu da Guerra Colonial i love because you can find old manuscripts from the war times. And for last but not least we have the Museu Camilo Castelo Branco, where you find the history of Camilo one of our best writers. Of cours that you have more places to visit but this ones you have to go.    

Cultural Animation

In Famalicão we have several partys during the year. Festas Antoninas – One of the most expected party of the year. We have a lot of people selling on the streets, many singers, food (like sardinha assada na brasa, caldo verde, febras). We have popular marches, fireworks and much more. Every year is made in June. Dont miss it! Carnaval – One of the most famous is in Famalicão. For several times we appear on the television, is very authentic and funny. Dont lose it. Handcraft and Gastronomy Market-place – Here you will find several people showing their skills in Handcraft and you can also buy tipical food. Is made in the beginning of September.  

You can´t miss it

Parque da Devesa – They finished the construction in 2014 and is now a beautiful park. Has about 27 hectares and is the best for people that love the nature. You can run, ride a bike or even make your own farm. We have several activities in days like “mother´s day” or “Valentines day” and in the summer we have the “movie night” in the amphitheater!  Futebol Clube Famalicão If you have time, go and see one of our football games!  Famalicão Famalicãofcf  

Information Point

information pointStreet Praça D. Maria II, Vila Nova de Famalicão Telefone: 252 312 564 | Fax: 252 312 564 E-mail: famalicaoturism[email protected] Open: Monday to Thursday: 09h00 às 18h00             Friday: 09h00 às 12h30 | 13h30 às 16h00             Saturday: 09h30 às 13h30    

Useful Links

http://www.arriva.pt/horarios/  – Bus schedules https://www.cp.pt/passageiros/pt/consultar-horarios/estacoes/famalicao  – Train schedules (most of the links in this post are in Portuguese) Portugal

Cátia Martins

Hello. I am Cátia from Portugal and i have 21 years. Currently i´m living in Romania because of a EVS project and is being awesome. I like to play football, computer games, nature, movies and recently travel. Since i am in Romania i already visited 7 countries and i will share here my stories.