Playa del Carmen; 3 beaches without tourists.

January 1, 1970

by Sunshine

I came to live in Playa del Carmen a year ago with the intention of getting to know him as a local person and not as a simple tourist because this magical place is one of the main tourist destinations in my beautiful Mexico and I wanted to discover why. The first thing I noticed is the color of its beaches, the sand, with a completely different tone to other Mexican beaches, but its blue waters caught my heart instantly. That color between blue and green make you addicted, but the reality is that the main and central beaches of this small city are always full of tourists, like Mamita’s beach, I was looking for something quieter, away from the party, as well I started to explore this place, and here I share my three favorite beaches to relax and have a nice time.

Playacar Beach.

After settling in my new home and getting a job, I began to meet local people, friendly people who made my search much easier. The first beach that they recommended me is called Playacar, it is located very close to the most tourist beaches, near the center. To arrive there are two ways that I know, the first is to get to the dock where Ferries leave for Cozumel in the 1st street with Fifth Avenue, there you will find the “SeƱor Frog’s” a restaurant that most of you know, you will have to cross it and you will go to the beach, walk about 5 minutes and you will notice how there are fewer people, there are no beach clubs or hotels, just beautiful houses by the sea and a wall full of beautiful murals.
The second way to get there is a bit more complicated as you must go through a private subdivision located next to the square “Paseos del Carmen” until you reach the beach right where the murals are located, the great thing about this way of arriving is that on the way you will find small Mayan ruins.
This beach is my favorite, because of its proximity, its quiet atmosphere, and its beautiful murals painted by locals.I will not lie to you, you will find a lot of foreigners, especially Argentines since it is said that this beach is the most popular by the local people, but that it was not born in this area, but came to live in Playa del Carmen.

Playa del carmen

Punta Esmeralda Beach.

Time later my friends and I visited a relatively close beach where we found a “cenote” right on the side of the sea, it is a small cenote, which locals use more as a small natural pool for their children. I can describe a cenote as a magic pool of crystal clear water and an impressive story, but I will talk about them later. Punta Esmeralda is an incredible place to spend a pleasant time with your family and friends, here it is very rare that you find tourists, only those who stay at the hotel that is very close to there.
You can practice many sports such as paddleboard or have fun driving a jet ski. Here you will find beach clubs that offer these services, comfortable chairs for sunbathing, food and drinks.
Children can have fun in the small cenote since it is shallow, has no waves or any current, I recommend you use the sand of that cenote to exfoliate your skin, it will be super soft. At the entrance to this beach, you will find small food businesses where you can buy fruit, brochettes of roasted shrimp, ice cream among other things. This beach is for you if you are looking for healthy fun with family and friends since the activities offered are for everyone without mentioning that it is a very quiet beach where you rarely find waves, generally, the sea is very calm.
To get there I recommend you take a taxi and ask to take you, because walking can be a bit heavy, or if you prefer to get there is not that complicated, you just have to walk down Fifth Avenue to 110th Street, where you will find a hotel called “Paradisus”, continue walking and in the next corner turn to the right, follow the path and you will arrive at this natural paradise.

Playa del Carmen

Xcalacoco Beach

Xcalacoco, which in Mayan means twin coconuts, is a beautiful beach located on the outskirts of Playa del Carmen, my friends and I arrived by bicycle but if it is quite removed from the center, as a reference ask for a taxi to take you to the Petit Lafitte Hotel, since this beach is very close to there.
I know that when you arrive you will be shocked with the tranquility of this place, this beach is ideal to go with your partner, you can also camp safely here. I fell in love with its beautiful pier, perfect for those intrepid who love to jump into the water, although I hope that the day you attend is open and you can pass to observe the view from it, the sound and color of the sea is impressive. A place full of peace
This beach also has a kind of cove that prevents the waves from reaching the shore creating a quiet area for those who are not good at water.
A pretty beach and little known by tourists. Also, bring food and drinks with you since you will not find nearby places to get them.

Playa del Carmen Playa del Carmen

If you prefer a beach where you find a party all the time I recommend Mamita’s beach, no doubt the party never ends, there you will find the best beach clubs and also many sports to do.
There are many beautiful Beaches in this area, some more crowded than others, but in the end, they all have something in common and it is this incredible Caribbean Sea that will undoubtedly make you fall in love and you will not want to leave, and maybe what happens to me … And you will look for a way to stay here.


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