Places to visit in Romania in 2 weeks of summer

July 28, 2016

by Oana Nicolin

We have a beautiful country and we all know that! Because every journey starts with a step, the last summer I was with my boyfriend in a short trip of two weeks in Romania. 

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Romania is a small country, with a surface of 238.391 km². By the way, our loccal currency is RON (or how we used to name it, leu).

Bucegi Mountains – best place to charge your batteries

So, in the first week we have started our trip from Bucharest to Busteni, part of Prahova district. Busteni is a small mountain city, but very popular because of his location.

Placed at 135 kilometers distance fron Bucharest, Busteni city is limited by Bucegi Mountains, with a maximum altitude of 2.505 meters.

From Busteni you have multiple choises. You can climb to “Babele” by cable car or with your own feets, by Jepii mici route. From Babele, you can get at Crucea Caraiman in about two hours.


Baiului Mountains – great view and trails

Opposite of Crucea Caraiman and Bucegi Mountains, on the east side of Busteni city we have Baiului Mountains, which has a great view. Here, in Baiului mountains was our first awesome experience from these two weeks.

We have started to climb the mountain from Busteni, passing through district named Zamora. When we went on the road, at the very first “step” we were stupefied by the nature’s smell: fresh air, cold temperature in the middle of the summer and everywhere we were looking, the green color was there.


Baiului Mountains belong to Curvature Carpathians and, starting from Busteni, we have climbed almost 1000 meters altitude. I think this is a hard route,  appropiate for the experienced ciclysts.

After a half of this route I got tired, but every single pedal was worth it! Did I mentioned about these addorable sheepfolds?! Usually, these places are located on the top of the mountains, so the view from here was awesome!


There is a myth that says “the dogs from the sheepfolds are evil”. Well, considering my experience, I can say the same thing, but not in this case. On this sheepfold from Baiului Mountains,  while biking, we were very scared because a very big dog was running to us.

He surprise cames to us when we realised that this evil dog was playing actually with some butterflies. So, I recommend this route for anyone who want to take a break in the nature, whether it is with a bike or simply walking.


Valea Spumoasa watergall – the place where the mountains are rising

On the very next day after this tour on Baiului Mountains, we have choosen to walk without bicycles to Valea Spumoasă waterfall, located in Busteni too.


From the cable car (another reference: Silva Hotel) that takes you to Babele monument, you have about a hour to climb, but the route is very easy – beginner level. Being so accesible, his place is recommended for families with childrens, too.


Every person in Romania heard about Urlatoarea waterfall. Valea Spumoasa is twice amazing, but not so popular. Why? On this trail through the forest from the cable car, everyone turn left to Urlatoarea.

You should follow the trail mark for Caraiman hut until you will reach a crossroads. From there, you can leave the marked trail and continue to mountain rescue’s hut.

Tips: If you choose to visit Valea Spumoasa waterfall during the summer (July – August) you will get an extra surprise. In this period, the whole area is full of butterflies.

Jepii Mici – climbing with pleasure

In the same week, we also climb on the Bucegi Mountains, where we have followed the blue cross mark. We have started the journey from Busteni and our goal was to get to Caraiman hut.

We have climbed on the Jepii Mici trail, for four hours. This route has a high difficulty and you should be prepared before you experience an adventure in a place like that.

This trail has a mixed composition. Here you can find some areas with chains, other with huge rocks, but you will walk on some wood bridges too.

An amazing thing is that there you can see some carved stairs directly in the mountain.


We have tried to find some black goats, because they are very popular in this area, but we haven’t been so lucky. However, we spotted a brown bear, some sheeps and a herd of cows.

We reached the destination a bit tired after four hours, but it worth it. The view made us forget about the pain and we drink a beer for our success.


After a short break, we turn back to Busteni through a different route. We choose Jepii Mari as our way back to the city.

On our descent we had some problems with the weather, it was windy and cloudy and we were forced to walk faster. In a short time, it starts to rain and we weren’t prepared for that.

Fortunately, we have foud an abandoned hut named Şil. It is a good shelter in emergency situations and it has a great view.


After another short break, we descent the mountain and we arrived safely in Busteni. Although the difficulty of Jepii Mari is lower than the one of Jepii Mici, the time of our descent was almost four hours.

In that night we had the most peacefull sleep and the beautiful dreams ever!

Black Sea – 436.402 km² of freedom

The next day we tought that it was a great idea to earn a new achievement for that summer, so we so we start our trip to the sea, by train.

The Black Sea is a very large water surface, which connect Romania with Turkey.

On the romanian seaside you can visit some beautiful places like Constanta, Mangalia, Vama Veche, Eforie, Costinesti and so many others.


Tuzla – the most peaceful to be

This time we choosed to go to Tuzla, which is a perfect place to relax, being a quiet beach with no mobile signal. The only thing you can hear in this place is the sound of the waves.

In that night we made a campfire, where we told a lot of storie with a couple friends, because on the beach were like eight, maybe ten tents. This small beach is positiones near a sunflower field, so the car access is very dificult.

Well, this was my amazing journey in Romania from last summer and here you can find a first person video.

Oana Nicolin

By Oana Nicolin

Hello, Oana here! I am a engineer with a traveler soul. I love climbing on mountains, riding motorcycles and bikes, sleeping in tents and the smell of the freedom.


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