Places to see in Prague

A trip across Europe is in every traveler’s wish list, but sometimes a euro-trip can create a hole in your pocket. So to avoid this, I planned to visit the budget countries of central Europe, starting with, Czech Republic. I stayed in Prague, the capital city of Czechia for two weeks, and during this time, I toured the city both as a local and as a tourist. These are the top places to see in Prague during your stay here.

Stromovka Park

Famous amongst locals, Stromovka Park is not generally visited by tourists. But it is a good hangout park, that you can visit with your friends or families and have a nice little picnic, or a barbecue dinner. There is also a small stream that flows through the park, and if you get your paddle boards along, you can also do paddle boarding there.

Petrin Hill

Visited by both locals and tourists alike, Petrin Hill is a nature retreat in the middle of the busy city streets. It’s a short walk to the top, and at each point, you’ll see a panoramic view of Prague, and lots of greens, especially apple trees. It’s a great place to watch the sunset from amidst nature. There is also a Lookout Tower that you climb to for a certain fee to get an even better view of the city.

View from Petrin Hill

Lookout Tower

Charles Bridge

Crowded with tourists all the year around, Charles Bridge is one thing you cannot miss when you are in Prague. You must visit the bridge both during the day and in the night. While in the day, you’ll able to see and appreciate the architectural intricacies of the bridge, during the night, you’ll be able to enjoy many live performances by locals on the bridge.

Charles Bridge during day

Charles Bridge at night

Prague Old Town

The old town of any city reflects the history, culture, and old lifestyle of people that lived/live there. Walk around Prague’s old town, and appreciate the old historic buildings and their architectural beauty. Visit the Jewish quarters on your way, to witness the residences of Jews that were part of one of the most prominent histories of the city. The area is definitely touristy, but a must visit too!

Museum Of Communism

Museum of Communism is a perfect spot for someone who is interested in history and museums. The museum has a lot of written documentation about the history of how communism spread across Prague and other neighboring cities, and countries. There’s a lot of reading than seeing in this museum, so visit the place, only if the written history interests you.

Cesky Krumlov

While you are in Prague, you cannot miss visiting the neighboring town of Cesky Krumlov, which is around a 3-hour drive from Prague. This small town is also very rich in history and is famous for its state castle which is surrounded by a river on all the sides. A tour through the castle takes you back in time, as you climb the narrow staircase and walk past the dark rooms. You can spend the rest of the time in the cozy restaurant with the river view or also do river rafting. Visit Prague and fall in love with the colors of the city.

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