Places not to be missed in Singapore

We know that Singapore is one of the largest tourism countries, not to mention that it is also the 5th most visited city in the world. Honestly, it will take more than a couple of weeks if you wanted to explore the whole city’s tourist spots. Yes. I’m just talking about tourist spots. What we also are aware of is the expense. Even a week of vacation there is a thing to consider. So most people prefer shorter visits to Singapore. Let’s say one stays for 3-4 days. Now in such a short span, it’s obvious that many places are left unseen. But what we can do is make sure that we visit those places in Singapore that seem to be the most significant. So here are a few places in Singapore that one shouldn’t miss!

Sentosa Island

One of the most well-known spots is Sentosa Island. It really is an island. They give a map so you don’t lose yourself in it. The place is filled with a lot of fun activities. Including go-carting, night laser shows, and its own beach. And if you are in Sentosa, the place that you should visit is the underwater world, one of the largest oceanariums. It literally feels like you’re walking underwater with various species of fish above you!

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is the one place that usually no tourist even thinks of missing. It isn’t only about the animals, it’s the beautiful way the place has been maintained with so much greenery. Personally, I found the penguins to be the most interesting there. They have been provided a huge habitat and with desirable conditions to live in.

Universal Studios

universal studios singapore

If you want to experience fast roller-coasters and wish to look at amazing different movie sets, this is the place for you. There is even an AI technology donkey show which will speak to you and make a fool out of you! Probably the same donkey from Shrek. Each set seems more attractive than the other! There was also a minion show which I wasn’t able to attend at the time. One day is not at all enough to cover the entire place. Moreover, the waiting time for each ride is a lot, sometimes up to two hours. But if you’re a bit of a movie buff, this is the right place for you!

Jurong Bird Park

Whether you’re really into birds or not, you will enjoy this place. There is a show where the talents of different birds are shown. A bird speaks, another flies through hoops and some even play tennis with their tiny legs. Not the real tennis of course! And there is a huge area filled with hundreds of birds which is enclosed. You will be given a sort of bird food in a small cup and allowed to walk on a bridge around the area. The birds may sit on your hand and shoulders and even on your head when you start feeding them!

Marina Bay Sands

Last but not least, this is a building worth having a look at. You've probably seen this in movies, but that feeling when you really look at it is beyond compare. If you're interested in going in, there is also a tour available till the top of the Marina Bay Sands. marina bay sands Anyway, these are all the places that you must visit when you're in Singapore. Hope you have a great time!

Manas Patil

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