Philippines: The Majestic Island of Siquijor

January 1, 1970

by Joan-mae-castillo

If you’re a nature lover or a traveler by heart, you would definitely enjoy the majestic province of Siquijor Island. The said Island is located in the southest part of Visayas in the Philippines. There are actually 7,107 beautiful islands that you may visit in the Philippines and Siquijor is one of the must to see.


  • Book a flight going to Dumaguete. (It will be way cheaper if you’ll book a flight during a seat sale promotion.)
  • Ride a tricycle from the Dumaguete airport (10php) going to the Dumaguete City Port.
  • Ride a mini ferry going to Siquijor Island. (It is easy to book a ferry ride as they have a schedule almost every hour. You may buy the ticket from the ticketing booth outside the Dumaguete port for only 130php and this would only take an hour ride.)

We are in the waiting area inside Dumaguete port to catch the earliest ride going to Siquijor Island.


This is

We are now inside the mini ferry. Each seat has it’s own lifevest for everyone’s safety.


At around 7 o’clock in the morning, we have reached Siquijor Island. Outside the island’s port, you will be welcomed with the smiles of the locals. The locals here speak mostly Bisaya-Cebuano, Tagalog or English.

They will offer you a transportation of your choice to explore the island in the best possible way. This Island can be explored in one whole day so you may rent a Van, a Motorcycle for 350php or a Tricycle which can accomodate 3-4 persons for 1,000php. For our convenient, we rented a tricycle but if you’re more adventurous, a motorcycle or known us “habal habal” ride is a must try. Just make sure that you bring your driving license with you.


Ready to explore the province of Siquijor Island.

Our local driver, “Kuya Ellie” guides us on where to go first, suggests the best place to eat and takes care of our belongings. Before exploring the whole island, we asked him to bring us to the nearest carenderia where we can eat breakfast. And around 8 o’clock in the morning, we started to visit each places that this island offers.


  • Capilay Spring

First to visit is the Capilay spring park. This place is so peaceful and clean. This is a perfect place to have a picnic and share some good stories with good friends.


Capilay Spring Park Bridge.

If you will also go upstairs of this park, you will see this beautiful chuch surrounded by the greeny grass garden.

Old church in Capilay Spring Park.

Church in Capilay Spring Park.

  • Enchanted Balete Tree

This is one of the oldest trees in the Island and the most popular indeed as this place also offers a fish spa. For only 10php, you may sit, relax and let the school of fish do the work.

Fish spa in the Enchanted Balete Tree. So fun and relaxing!

This is my favorite picture in the Enchanted Balete Tree having some fish spa. You may see here that the school of fish are all around my feet. The big fish will tickle you with their big open mouths while you’ll feel some pleasurable pain when the small ones bite you. It’s fun and relaxing!

After our fish spa experience, we dropped by to see one of the oldest church in town..

  • San Isidro Labrador Church


Filipinos are mostly Roman catholics so it’s normal to have numbers of churches even in small provinces.

  • Cambugahay Falls

This waterfalls offers a bunch of extreme outdoor activities. I’ve learned that such beauty comes after a hard work so a little bit of trekking will be needed before you would reach the Cambugahay falls. But once you see it, it is definitely worth it.

Cambugahay falls is indeed a jungle paradise!

Cambugahay falls is indeed a jungle paradise!

There are 3 levels of this waterfalls depending on it’s depth. On the first level of Cambugahay falls, the water is 5 feet deep. Sway-like-a-monkey via rope or what we call here “baging” is a must try.

I'm Joan of the jungle!

I’m Joan of the jungle!

On the second level, it is only 4 feet deep so you may enjoy the fresh water falling from the waterfalls and swim all you want.

It's swimming time!

It’s swimming time!

On the third level of the falls, it is 6 feet to 10 feet deep. From here, you can do unlimited cliff diving (because it’s addicting) and you may visit the small cave behind the waterfalls.

I'm inside the cave!

I’m inside the cave!



I’m about to jump this 10 feet cliff. This is not as high compared at Salogdoong’s but high enough for a good adrenaline rush.

  • Salagdoong Beach

This beach offers a crystal clear water, white sand with some pebbles near the shore. This is the most popular beach in the Island as it offers different heights of cliff diving ranges from 10 feet up to 35 feet high.


I’m still awe-struck with this majestic view on top of 35 feet cliff.


Salagdoong beach has indeed the clearest water.


The beauty of this beach is so calming and relaxing.


Beach bumming is one way of enjoying Salogdoong’s beach.

  • Guiwanon Spring Park

You may enter Guiwanon Spring park for only 10php and this park includes of wooden planks elevated several feet from the ground. Walking through it might frighten you at first but you’ll get distracted eventually by the beauty of gnarly trees and bamboos around the area.


Passing the wooden bridge near the entrance.

Also, there are wooden houses set precariously on trees and available for rent (250-350php per night).


One of the tree houses in Guiwanon Spring park.

After few minutes of walking, it will lead you to the fascinating view of Bohol sea.


Guiwanon Spring Park end bridge

  • Suquijor Boulevard

Along the way going to Assisi church, you may drop by to the island’s famous boulevard.


I indeed love Siquijor!

  • St Francis de Assisi Chuch

This is the common church in town and only an hop away from the local port. We have passed this way on our way to late lunch and snap a few photographs.


St. Francis de Assisi Church

  • Jo’s Chicken Inato

This restaurant is personally picked by our driver, “Kuya Elly.” They serve local filipino food along with their filipino restaurant setting made of wood. And their Mang Inasal chicken is a must try!

At around 4 o’clock the in the afternoon, we were able to visit almost all the must see places of Siquijor and our tour has ended. We catch the last trip of ferry (130php) going back to Dumaguete at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Siquijor Island is worth the sunburn. It is a paradise that everyone must see and totally experience. I may not be able to visit all of it’s gems today but one thing’s for sure, I would definitely come back and discover more breath taking views that this majestic island offers.


By Joan-mae-castillo

I'm Joan Mae Castillo, a VIP Manager by profession, Mountaineer on the side and a Traveler by heart. I'm just a simple backpacker who has a certain thirst for wanderlust and adventures.


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