Pet friendly malls in Metro Manila

According to Pet Secure Australia, the pet population increases as the human population increases, too. There are really more pet-loving people all around the world—may it be dogs, cats, birds, and even fishes. The United States of America is a huge contributor in the numbers on the charts shown on Pet Secure Australia’s website. This shows that a lot of Americans are not only on the top of the dog population list but they are also on the top cat and fish population list. They may not be on the top of the bird population list but they’re still on the top 3 and that’s really huge! The Philippines is also on the dog population list and we’re on the top 5! Can you even imagine being on the top 5? Knowing that our country’s size is only as big as a number of the USA’s states combined! The number of registered dogs in the Philippines has increased from 2014 to 2018 by over 300,000. Huge numbers, right? These numbers were actually from the Philippine Canine Club, Inc. Philippines. A lot of photos on social media have been circulating from around the world and the Philippines that pet owners are actually enjoying their trips to different establishments in Metro Manila more because their pet buddies get to join them. Some malls even opened mini-parks and gardens for our pet buddies to get to enjoy as much as we do. I’m going to share a few of the names of these pet friendly malls on this list.

1) Ayala Malls

All Ayala malls have been open for our pet buddies for the longest time. They also have huge gardens to accommodate our pet buddies. Although, they made it clear on their Guidelines for Pet Owners which is posted on their Facebook page, that only cats and dogs are allowed inside the mall. They’re also allowed in some stores and restaurants if and only if there are pet-friendly stickers on their doors/ windows. You’re also asked to carry your pet buddies on escalators. Unlike other malls that are on our list, Ayala malls only require us to take our pet buddies on their leashes—no need for special carriers or trollies. However, they highly encourage trollies inside the mall. More on the Guidelines for Pet Owners on the photo below.

2) Bonifacio High Street

The huge green park in the middle of the mini-city the Bonifacio Global City has is a pet haven for all of our pet buddies. This is one place you get to see dogs jogging with their human buddies, eating at restaurants with outdoor seating, and just roaming around their humans. There is also no requirement of any pet I.D.s, carriers, or trollies. They just need you to clean after your dog, of course! Just what any pet owner should know by heart.

3) Century City Mall

Unlike the establishments mentioned above, Century City mall requires every pet buddy to have their own Pet Access Card. In order to get one, you usually need your pet’s vaccination record, photocopy of your pet’s vaccination record, and a number of colored photos of your pet. Having to submit the above-mentioned requirements, you will now be asked to answer an application form. Upon submission, you will now get to enjoy the premises of the mall with your pet buddy. Unfortunately, the Pet Access Card isn’t free.

4) Estancia Mall

Just like Bonifacio High Street, they don’t require any I.D.s, carriers, or trollies– You just have to take your pet buddies in leashes. Of course, clean after your pet buddy. You may also bring them to the mini-park beside Santis Delicatessen to enjoy the sun, the grass, and maybe some pet pals strolling, too.

5) Megaworld malls

By Megaworld malls, I mean Eastwood city mall, Lucky Chinatown, Uptown mall, and Venice Grand Canal mall. These malls require pet owners to get their pet buddies a Pet Pass. The requirements are the same as Century City mall’s but the only difference is, it’s free! Also, Eastwood city mall has the first indoor dog park and café in Manila—Bark Central! This isn’t free but your pet buddies get to play with other pets inside the obstacle course they have prepared for your pets.

6) Rockwell Powerplant Mall

Like other malls, this establishment requires pet owners to carry their pet’s vaccination and I.D. photos to secure a Pawsport which is available in the concierge. Your pet buddies also need to be hand-carried, in pet handbags, or in trollies. And for as long as your pets are as behave as possible, you may enjoy the whole vicinity of the mall.

7) SM Malls

All SM malls are now open for our pet buddies to enjoy the amenities. According to a post on Twitter by @smmegamall, your friends just need to be hand-carried, placed in a pet carrier, or leashed. However, SM malls may be open for our pet buddies, but take note that most restaurants and stores don’t allow them inside. Friendly tip: Always ask the staff if you can bring your pet buddies inside their premises. Pet owners should also observe the mall’s guidelines that are usually on entrance doors to the mall.

8) Tiendesitas

Now, this is the most famous pet-loving establishment in the metro. The whole premises allow our pets to enjoy as much as we can. We don’t even need to look for any stores that will allow our pet buddies to go inside because they made sure they’re allowed almost everywhere—well, except for air-conditioned restaurants. This is the best place to be for a pet owner—they have grooming services, pet stores, open spaces for humans and pets to share, and even Veterinary clinics. We may now get to enjoy going to malls and parks even more! It’s just pet heaven! I mean, how can you not love seeing those adorable tails wagging at you just because they get to see and play with more people and friends? Looking forward to seeing you there, co-pet lovers!

Angel Marquez

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