Peru:Eternal sunshine in Huanchaco

Introducing Huanchaco

Most of the to13672384_991950714255774_624191660_nurist doesn't like Trujillo city, it's a big city with a lot of cars and traffic, is not the best place to relax, but Huanchaco is totally different. Huanchaco (KM 560 of Panamerican highway north) have a lot of history, many cultures like “Chimu” and “Moche” used to live there.It's the perfect place, the locals told me that Huanchaco was like a refuge, they have food, water, and the weather was perfect. The culture “Moche” create ceviche in that city, because of the variety of fishes you can find there. If you want to go to Huanchaco you can take a bus (CIVA,Cruz del Sur,Oltursa), go driving (8-9 hours) or by airplane to Trujillo Airport (around 1 hour and 10 min) and then 20 min by car to Huanchaco.  

Transportation in Huanchaco

You just need to know that there is one bus named “Huanchaco”, that you can take in front of the beach that go to Trujillo City, and one of the stops is the Mall (1.50 soles).

Surfers Paradise

Will you like to surf? Or, you will like to improve? Huanchaco is definitely the best place for that. There are some surf schools there, “Onechako” is one of them. You can rent the
Surfer: Maria Fernanda Reyes Beach: El Elio

Surfer: Maria Fernanda Reyes
Beach: El Elio

surfboard and the wetsuit, in summer (December, January, February, march and maybe April) you can surf without a wetsuit. but after that the ocean is cold, but that doesn't mean that is not sunny. If is your first time I recommend you to enter with an instructor, for your safe; there are some days that the conditions are not that good for beginners.Important, before going surfing, ask a local about the waves, the wind swell, tides and which point is the best to go in. So, be careful, study the beach first, ask, meet the local surfers and be grateful!. There are two beaches, “El Elio”, and “La curva”. Both are good spots,left waves and for all the year.In “El Elio” you can find bigger waves, and in “La Curva” you can learn, or do longboard. If you're not feeling too sure, you can try first “La Curva, that is next to the pier, on the left side.

Chicama: “Home of the longest wave in the world”

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Near Huanchaco you can find other great waves, the most popular are Chicama, Puerto Malabrigo (KM 614 of Panamerican highway north) , the longest wave in the world, left waves, and it's very windy. It iss in this beach where Cristobal de Col (a Peruvian pro surfer) made history in the record Guinness, with 34 maneuvers in just one wave. You can go for a day, it's around 40 min from Huanchaco, and there are many mini tours you can find
Carlos Cruz Chicama

Carlos Cruz

in Huanchaco. There are four options/sections to surf in Chicama, if you want to find a really good spot and surf by yourself, you can try “La Ruta del astronauta”, first, you need to take a “mototaxi” and then walk. You will find a good point, and the route is amazing, it's a desert, so you're not going to find flowers, but is a beautiful place to take some pics before surfing.But, if you don't want to walk, you can surf in other section.You can find some cheap and expensive hotels in front of the beach     Chicama is just one of the stops if you're looking for waves, (if you want to stay you can find some cheap and expensive hotels in front of the beach) and near Chicama, you can find other great waves:
  • Puémape
  • Pacasmayo
  • Pimentel

Meet the Locals!.. and go out!

It's always better when you go out with the locals, they show you the best spots for everything. The people there are very gently, it's very easy to make friends there, on the beach or in the parties. The good parties are in Mamachas, a bar in front of the beach, near the soccer field, and on Thursday you need to go to Janpix to dance salsa, and if you don't know how to dance salsa, don't worry! there is always a teacher there! (Av. La Rivera 305). In Trujillo city, there are also many parties, but I don't recommend you, is not safe and you will need a car. Los “caballitos de totora” represent Huanchaco. There are similar to boats, handmade by the locals, and they used to go fishing, but now … you can go on the beach in a caballito de totora! just go to the beach “La curva” and you'll find a lot of this “boats”. After a session of surfing, you can just sit on the beach and see the sunsets!! I'm pretty sure Huanchaco have the best sunsets in Perú. Take pictures! and don't forget a jacket!

You will found the best food in Huanchaco

The restaurants in Huanchaco is not that expensive! There are many restaurants in front of the beach, there are good, but you can


find good places too if you walk two blocks from the beach. Most of the restaurants offer you a menu, the prices are around 10-15 soles and the dishes are delicious!. “My friend” (two blocks up from the beach) is a popular restaurant in Huanchaco, the fish is fresh and the meat it's really good. If you're a big fan of marine food, you need to try “El Desayuno Huanchaquero”, is made of fried fish, salad, and yuca.   There are more restaurants you can find, just walk, discover new places. If you want to eat a good hamburger go to “Generoso” .The prices are cheap and the sandwiches are pretty good! and if you are vegetarian, don't worry!! Just go and try one of their sandwiches! You can find them in front of the beach “El Elio”. In front of the beach “El Elio,lot” you need to try the “cremoladas”

Hostels, Hotels !!!

  There are a lot of cheap surf hostels in Huanchaco, like Olas Norte, Surf hostel Meri, Janpix, Tatos house hostel, My friend. The hostels are not that bad, in my personal opinion it's better to stay there cause you're going to meet a lot of people, from different places; you will find a lot of tourist in Huanchaco, most of them are surfers or volunteers. In some hostels (like My Friend) search for volunteers, they don't pay you but you have free housing. I know there are a lot of options of volunteering in Huanchaco, you can just go there and ask in any hostal if they are looking for help, DON'T BE AFRAID! the huanchaqueros are really friendly! IMG_2187_optBut if you're looking for something classy, go to Bracamonte! A big hotel with pool and restaurant, very near from the beach “El Elio”.

Mini Tours

Don't forget that Trujillo it's also popular because of their cultures! Take advantage of that and go to the museums and archaeological sites.Here is a list of the places you NEED to go!
  • Museo Tumbas reales de Sipán
  • Chan chan (pretty near from Huanchaco, you can take the bus)
  • Huaca del sol y la luna
  • Huaca el dragón
  • Huaca Cao Viejo y Museo Cao
  • Pantanos de Huanchaco
  • Trujillo city, plaza de armas
  • Museo de Juguete

Sara Luján Agurto

I’m traveller since I was a kid, the difference is that now, with 19 years old I travel by myself. Create new experiences, make new friends and know new cultures are my hobbies. I’m always open to doing new activities, and I’m very lucky to live in Perú because you will find a lot of new activities to do!