Penang : Ultimate Coconut Guide

January 1, 1970

by Shen

Go Coconut Hunting in Penang Like a True Local.

Where to go COCO in Penang like a “loco”

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Shen’s Coco Guide in Penang

Penang Island, Malaysia
is known for its rich heritage and of course, the myriad of food choices. When you live in a city-island like Penang, it’s easy to be buried with work and lose touch with the soothing ambiance that an island provides. I LOVE Penang because it allows people to create a balance between work and social life. It’s the perfect place in Malaysia for people who loves working and has a big-ol’ wanderlust bug to feed because there’s a bunch of places that you could go explore during your days off plus palm trees are everywhere! I don’t know bout you, but whenever I see palm trees or coconut it instantly sets me off to a holiday mode- maybe that’s because I was trapped in the plains of MidWest for years or it’s just because palm trees mean beach? Either way, they’re amazing and here’s your ultimate guide to feeding on your wanderlust and coconut cravings in Penang Island!

Georgetown Coco Stop #1

If you find yourself at Georgetown or if you’re simply looking this up online because you have a bad coco craving, this will be your perfect coco stop!

Start off your day at Georgetown. You can do a little exploring in Georgetown (I’ll be posting a different post for this) and after spending some time exploring in tropical heat, ya ought to get a little thirsty or snacky so make your way to Lebuh Cannon for some fresh homemade coconut ice cream. The ice cream is served in a teeny coconut shell, adorbs right?, and is definitely Instagram worthy. Not to mention, each ice cream comes with a cup of fresh coconut water. Ya know, when you use its shell, the water gotta go somewhere and we never waste tasty thirst quencher like this! This neighborhood is also an amazing place to explore. With narrow streets and a bunch of heritage houses, this neighborhood offers you a chill Penang scene.

HOW TO EXPLORE : Since the streets around this neighborhood are itsy-bitsy, I would suggest walking. Find a place to park if you drove there.

PARKING : Park by ChinaHouse (What is this? My fav café in Penang ever! Stay tune for a post about it)

WHERE IS THE COCO : Lebuh Cannon (Mamma Miya Stall) You won’t miss it if you hit Lebuh Cannon for some coco ice cream. it is sold at a stall in front of a heritage house. Clue : It is right by the “Reaching up” wall art.

MONEYS : One serving is RM 7.00 which is about USD 1.75 +/-. This comes with fresh coconut water.

Coconut ice cream in Penang. Homemade goodies. Fresh coconut. Coconut shell and ice cream in heritage Georgetown Penang.

Coco Ice Cream



 Instagram worthy!

Georgetown Coco Stop #2

Okay, so you had a little exploring in those narrow streets and you’re headed off to the hub of Georgetown, around Komtar shopping mall – also the tallest building in Penang. This local coco treat will give you a little refresher after spending hours adventuring in the hot & humid weather. It also tastes just so amazing and I don’t understand why this isn’t a fuss on the internet.

Let me introduce the amazing COCO Jelly! Instead of coconut water, the coconut is filled with coconut flavored jelly. You can also eat the flesh of the coconut. Tips for when you’re purchasing a coco jelly, make sure you reach the bottom of the container for cooler jelly. This treat is really filling. Coconut usually does the trick to feeding your appetite because it supplies energy. How amazing right? It tastes good, its natural and it has a ton of health benefits.

WHERE IS THE COCO : 201 Jalan Dato Keramat. Joez Coconut Jelly. In addition to Coconut Jelly, they also serve coconut milkshake and coconut water. It’s basically a Coco heaven.

MONEYS : It usually cost me about RM 4.00 (the last time I went was 2015). It shouldn’t cost more than RM 6.00, which is about USD 1.5o.

Here’s a link to Joez Coconut Jelly’s facebook page. Joez Coconut Jelly

Coconut Jelly in Penang Island Malaysia. Georgetown Penang. Food in Penang. Coconut water and coconut produce

Coco Jelly

Instagram-worthy too, I just didn’t have the patience to take a better pic because I was really craving for this treat.


Georgetown Coco Stop #3

I call this COCO Luxe. Oh ya, this place is fancy and they made coconut even more fabulous than they already are. I mean look at this pic…. Am I right?

Coconut treat at Penang Island Georgetown Food Nitrogen Ice Cream

Coco Luxe at Saferoom, Penang

PC : The Saferoom


This place serves Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. It tastes super great and it looks AMAZING. If you’re looking for a coco stop in a café with other food, this is your place. This place is located on Lebuh Campbell, which is the hub for hip trendy cafés. It is relatively new and the ambiance is worth a visit.

WHERE IS THE COCO : 42, Lebuh Campbell, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. The Safe Room

MONEYS : This place is a little more pricy than a regular coconut stall. They also serve other foods!

Here’s their facebook page thesaferoompenang

Batu Ferringhi Coco Stop #4

Okay, I’ve been talking about coco way too much and am feelin’ a little loco. Here’s the perfect place to end your day with the one and only, coconut. Make your way up to Batu Ferringhi and find boraborabysunset. It’s a great place to chill and soak your feet in the ocean or sandy beaches. This place offers an al fresco on the beach.Catch a sunset here with your fresh coconut water or get dinner!

Alternatively, if you want to do a little exploring, you could find a coconut stall by the hotels and get it to go. Walk around Batu Ferringhi and maybe a little shopping. There’s a ton of street stalls.

WHERE IS THE COCO : Bora Bora By Sunset Bistro @ Batu Ferringhi. This place is a little hidden. You’ll have to look for signs and walk into the shopping area (shopping stalls) and you’ll see it, or hear the music.

PARKING : There is a parking lot right by the shopping stalls that is literally right behind Bora Bora. It will cost you RM 5.00 to park.

MONEYS : This place isn’t too bad for a café in Batu Feringghi.

Batu Ferringhi Penang Food. Beach and sunset by the ocean.

Coco Sunset at Batu Ferringhi, Penang


Here’s a little Map for ya!

Penang Island, Georgetown. Coconut shops.

Coco Map


By Shen

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