January 1, 1970

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As I mentioned in my bio I love traveling, I’ve visited many places but one that always makes me come back is Park City Utah.

You have probably never heard of it before, most people think about Salt Lake city when you mention Utah but once you hear about it and visit it Park City will be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear someone mention this State.

I will never get tired of going there, like most of you I have a pretty busy life full of stress and I wish the day had 30 hours instead of 24 so going there makes me forget about everything, I have to worry about nothing but relaxing and having a great time.

Let me tell you a bit about Park City Utah.

Park City is a relatively small town located 30 miles southeast from Salt Lake City.

It is a major touristic place during the winter since it has one of the top ranked ski mountains in the USA but it also gets pretty busy during the summer (but not too busy to take you out of the relaxation that this place brings you).

I’ve always thought that this city is like a place stuck in time, everything is so beautiful and has the same structure and decoration that it looks like a storybook town.


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Even though it is a small city they have enough activities for you to enjoy some unforgettable vacation either with family or friends. This city is full of great looking perfect tanned people, why is that? Simple, t everybody exercises everyday!  Seriously no matter what time of the day and how high the temperature gets you can always go for a drive and you will see people either hiking, walking, running, biking or at least walking their dogs.  So the weather along with what you see inspires you to walk all day or at least go for a swim.



Summer time is considered the ‘’off season’’. The weather can get up to 90 degrees so snow activities are next to zero. So what can you do during the summer in a city that seems to be fully designed to be enjoyed during the snow season?

-Olympic Park

In 2002 the XIX winter Olympic games were  hosted by Salt Lake City and the nearby cities ; Park City being one of those they constructed an Olympic Park specially for Ski Jump, Snowboarding and Bolt Car so after the Olympics they decided to take the most out of this park and they offer Skii Jump Classes, Adventure Course, a very long and fun zip line one of the best I’ve ride and trust me I’ve been on several zip lines, the view is incredible and it the zip line is long enough for you to enjoy the view and the ride.


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It is a great place to spend the day even if you have kids since they have the same rides (zip line, Alpine Slide and adventure course ) in a smaller version for them to enjoy.

For more information you can visit their website:




The city offers multiple activities such as farmer markets where you can get local produce, arts, crafts and tons of stuff for your pets. Park city is a Pet lover place so you see a lot of people with dogs and pet friendly places.

Every Sunday during the summer you can enjoy the downtown’s silly market where you can find a lot of local products from fresh produce to soaps, decoration items and pet accessories. You can check the dates here.

They also have a live music and a spot to enjoy cold beers with friends.



Provo River

One of my favorite activities is visiting Provo River, it is a 30 minute drive from Park City and they offer activities such as Kayaking, Rafting and Floating tubes. The water is about 35 degrees so it is a great way to keep you cool during the summer and enjoy your 2 hour ride down the river with majestic mountain views while you work on your tan. What else can you ask for?




The city has biking and hiking trails to get as high up the mountain as you want and the views on the top are breathtaking.

If you don’t feel like hiking you can always take a gondola ride up the mountain and still enjoy the views.

You should also definitely visit the Bridal Veil waterfall, it is located in Provo along the river and people hike to top of the first fall and get pictures there.

It is a bit risky climbing up there through the rocks so you need to be careful since you are literally climbing through the waterfall and the rocks get slippery and might fall when you step on them so if you feel a little less adventurous there is a trial that can also get you to the same spot and the feeling up there is magical the breeze of the waterfall and its freezing water combined with the sound is unbelievable you can stay up there for an hour and you will not get tired of that feeling .

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Park City Mountain Resort is one of the most famous resorts in the city especially during the summer since they have two major attractions which are the alpine slide and alpine coaster.

Alpine Slide is super fun basically you take a lift chair up the mountain and slide down the mountain at incredible speeds, the slide is long and safe it is one the longest mountain slide in the country it is definitely worth a try .

Alpine Coaster.

To be honest at first I couldn’t imagine how this ‘’coaster’’ was.

I asked to some staff at our hotel what the Alpine Coaster was and they told me  ‘’ooh basically it’s a roller coaster incrusted in the mountain, you get down the mountain in a roller coaster ride’’ and I was like ‘’OOOK??’’ so since I was confused and curious I went straight to the cashier and bought a ticket.

Ok, It is nothing similar to any roller coaster you’ve ever ride on. It is a long ride with awesome views while you go both up and down the mountain and it lasts 10 minutes so totally worth your ticket.



Oh what can I say about winter in PARK CITY ?

Let’s think about full day in the snow either skiing/snowboarding or just enjoying the snow, cozy afternoons wrapped in a blanket with hot chocolate in your balcony, heated pools, nights at the cozy bars or enjoying one of the woodfired pizzas that are all over the city.

This is one of the top destinations in the US for winter activities, needless to say it is expensive but you can always stay in a hotel that’s not a ski resort and dirve around 10 minutes to the mountain to spend the day there.

The canyons which is the biggest ski mountain has everything you need to have days full of fun, starting with restaurant, coffee shops, ski gear rentals and lift chairs to get you to different heights of the mountain



So whether you are looking for summer or winter vacations Park City is a great choice, you will fall in love with the views, the weather, the people and the food! I’ve been there several times and I never want to come back home, the place is enchanting and so relaxing that you wish you could stay there for a long time, the sun sets until 9.30 pm during summer time so you have a long long day ahead.








By B

Hello everyone! My name is Barbara and i live in Southern California. As you can imagine i love traveling, ever since i was little my famiy used to take us on vacation at least twice a year and next thing i knew my passion for traveling was unstoppable. I've visited a few conuntries and still have many of them to go. Every holiday is a new opportunity for me to plan at least a weekend getaway and get to know a new place. But even more than traveling I love encouraging people to travel and get out of the city as often as they can, the world is so big and traveling makes you grow so much that I cannot imagine staying in the same corner of the world your entire life. I hope to inspire you to get to know new places and through my blog i will show you HOW, WHERE and WHY to travel, B. ''Travel as much as you can: you can always make money but you can't always make memories''


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