Panguil River Eco Park Adventure

January 1, 1970

by Charleen Pagatpatan

Ambon-Ambon Falls

We all know how work can really be stressful. For some, it means less family bonding, less night out with friends or even less time for themselves. Some people spend most of their time in their office that it almost looks like they live there, some don’t have time to fix the way they look and some don’t  even have enough time to eat 3 times a day. All we want is for the day to end so we can go home and sleep, that is if our work will allow us. But we are no superheroes, we need rest. Well, even superheroes need to rest too, don’t they?
Sometimes all we need is a day off. A day away from the rushing people, the busy streets, all the noise, from all the work and stress. Everyone deserves to have fun and relax. To have a day just for you, with your family or even with your friends be it out of the country or local trips. Maybe a day well spent out with nature will do the trick. We all need that trip to release stress, get things out of our mind, find new inspiration and revive our spirits. Who’s up for a nature adventure? Come pack your bags and hit the road. We are going on a trip.
The Philippines has a very diverse environment. Here you can find various beaches, falls, mountains and a lot more where you can enjoy nature tripping. Not too far from Manila, this incredible work of Mother Nature is a place you should definitely see for yourself. A place perfect to relax or have a little adventure. Nature adventure will be one of your most favorite thing to do once you visit this place. A place where all you can hear is the sound of the water rushing down the river, the humming of the birds, sounds of crickets and the laughter of people enjoying themselves out in the open. Welcome to Panguil River Eco-park.
Panguil River Eco-park, located in Pangil, Laguna, offers various activities that you will surely enjoy. Have a go at these fun nature adventure and choose which activities you wanna do or better yet try it all. You can go camping, swimming, water tubing, trekking, rafting and of course visit the main attraction– Ambon-ambon falls. I’ve been here for 2 or 3 times already but every time is just like my first time. This place never fails to amaze its visitors not only for its fun activities but also the for the peaceful environment where one can really relax and get things off their mind.

Activities to enjoy


Find the perfect spot and start building your tent. Under the canopy of the tall trees while grilling your dinner is an experience you will never forget and a really fun way to just chill. You can also spend the night here if you wish to.


 You can choose to swim either on the river or in the pool.  Let your kids play and run around the river as you watch them from the cottages just along the river bank. There’s a part of the river where you can jump or dive from the rock just be extra careful. The last thing we want is to spoil the fun, right?
Panguil River

Cottages along the river bank

Panguil River water tubing

Water tubing down the river

Water Tubing

Go further up the river where the water goes deeper. This is where the water tubing takes place. Wear your life vests and hard hats and take a sit on those tubes. Get ready to go down the river as the tube goes with the flow of the rushing water but hold on tight as it will be a bumpy ride. You’ll encounter several rocks as you go down the stream. These rocks act as an obstacle which makes your ride even more exciting. This definitely defines what nature adventure means!


Make your way up the mountain and start trekking to the waterfalls. Be sure to bring a good stamina and a brave heart as the trail will be a little challenging. This trekking is not just about walking up the mountain, you literally have to cross the river too. Cross the bamboo bridge and be ready to jump from one rock to another. There are also huge rocks you’ll have to pass through where it seems like you’re entering an enchanted world. Grab your cameras and strike a pose, these are the moments worth documenting.


After minutes of walking and crossing the river, we’re getting closer to the falls but you need to get on rafts to get there. This is it, rafting baby! Rafts are used because this part of the river is deeper than the one’s we have crossed earlier. Ride these rafts to get from one point to another but don’t you worry there are guides that will help you pull the rope to reach the other raft.

Ambon-Ambon Falls

After the rafts, you will also have to climb the rocks and up those rocks is where the beautiful waterfalls are hiding.  The water here is really deep so make sure to always wear your life vest for safety purposes. Take pictures, feel the water falling on you, swim around or just sit, watch and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings and the falls itself. The place is just so majestic that all you can think of is to have fun.
There are staffs all throughout the trail to guide you and watch after you for your safety while you’re on this fun nature adventure. But of course, you will need to watch out for your own self too. This is a place for all occasions. They also have a function hall to hold events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, seminars and team buildings. Really efficient, right? And you don’t have to worry about the budget because for a minimal fee you can experience all these. The last time I was here, I heard that they will be opening another trail going to a  newly discovered falls farther than Ambon-Ambon Falls. The falls is hiding deeper in the forest and I’m really looking forward to it. This only means a new adventure awaits.

This place is really perfect for people who want to relax, for nature lovers and for adventure seekers. A place for all ages. So make sure to include Panguil River Eco-Park in your next travel list. But just an environment-friendly reminder: “Take nothing but pictures, pick nothing but trash, and leave nothing but footsteps.” Let us all be responsible travelers.

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