Panama: The little paradise


A country a full of surprises for all the tastes.

Panama is a wonderful country full of contrasts they have an awesome gastronomy, and ideal landscapes, Panama have bout oceans and the city you can see part of them and feel the wonderful weather.

About Panama

Panama is a medium size country in Central America they surface is the 28.640 mi² and they population is the 3.864 million in all territory, the city is Panama City, they people are very kind and friendly, the official language is the Spanish but the citizen speak very well English and always have smiling in the face and are very nice helping the tourist with the location.

20150411_065122What to do?

Panama is a great for shopping they have an excellent prices and tree times per year all the stores have sales I can say crazy sales because they put all store in sale and the sales go to 50% at 70% even in the mall more expensive is Multi Plaza there are the most expensive brands like Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Roberto Cavalli and others more, one of the best malls and is the most largest is the Allbrook Mall in these mall are tree areas the cheap, not so expensive and the expensive stores but even the expensive stores are very accessible during these day and can buy great quality.

Panama to the be a country small you can go to the beach in one hour and stay in the paradise with excellent hotels and resorts with all include enjoy of the amazing weather, practice sports in the water or just take sun baths with great food and drinks, you can spend few days in the beach and back to the city.

The best food

Panama has the most amazing sea food market and very famous in tired world, and the prices are the best you can eat the fresh and delicious sea food in larger quantities for less  money and exquisite flavor, the road for the sea food market are wonderful the location name is “La Cinta Costera” is bordering the ocean and the view is incredible and very contrasting the ocean and the very big builds were live the most rich people in Panama and stay the more expensive hotels the name is “Punta Paitilla”.

In few kilometers you can stay in the famous “Casco Antiguo” there was the old city in now days stay the presidential house and is very cultural rich and have very delicious restaurants with great precis two of my favorites restaurants is “KoKo’s” and “Diablicos”, in “Koko’s” the chef are very young woman and the food are very contemporary and have the dish of the day I recommended so much always is a delicious surprise I was eat a soup of carrot with spinach chips with parmesan all home made the principal dish was a fresh rice, meat Thai style and veggies and come with two drinks I chose vodka with cranberry juice the restaurant are very eclectic first is an old house outside when you get in look a very comfortable place to invite to eat the relax way the decoration the color of the walls make an ambient very unique, when you finish your lunch you can go to visit the nice cathedral the location is very nearly just cross the street and stay in the central of the “Casco Antiguo”.

Other delicious restaurant is “Diablicos”. “Devilish are more typical food like “patacones” with squid or Ceviche of red snapper serves in a coco with “patacones”, the “patacones” are made sweet banana squeezed and fried. The name of restaurant comes from of something of the culture the “Diablicos Sucios” or Devilish Dirty, the devilish dirty is a representation, of them nine dances of the Corpus Christi and is celebrated in several points of the capital. The dirty Devil dance can be considered one of the oldest traditions or representations in the celebrations.

Where come from the name? the calling “Dirty” in the old times the clothes made with dirty fabric and the red strips was painting whit “achiote” and the black one with carbon, that not was permanently so when the dancers sweat that was melt all, the end was dirty where’s comas from the name.

I now day’s the cost of full custom is a round of USD$ 3.000 because the part of fabric is a red fabric with sewing black strips and the mask wearing a feathers very difficult to find because the feathers form a bird name is “Guacamayos” are danger of extinction for that reason they use artificial feathers, some dancers get feathers in some zoo’s.

Even the restaurant in outside have a “Diablico” and inside the decoration are very according the history of the Devilish, you can choose to sit inside or the Terraza outside enjoy the sun, weather and wonderful view.

Great hotels in town

Panama City has excellent hotels since the executive until too fancy like Hard Rock Café Hotels, I was in The Nova Hotel the locate is in the “Cangrejo” zone is one of the exclusive zones of the city and very centric you can walk for downtown, the subway are in tree blocs the cost are very cheap and is an excellent choice to move is very new and have air conditioning so the trip is very fresh the station are very modern and pretty very good sing. The Nova Hotel is an executive the service are more than excellent the guys from desk and all personal work there are very kind, the hotel has gym open 24h very well equipment and they have towels and water for the guest used the gym, during the time I was be there I used the gym in the nights was the best.

The Canal of Panama

Other place I think is obligatory to visit and learn a little is the famous Panama Canal the “exclusa” the “Mira Flores” is where you get in and can visit the museum and watch the movie to explain how was the construction of all canal and if you have lucky you can see past a ships in from you and can heard all explain how to the ship go in every sluicing until cross to ocean an ocean, few months ago the government of Panama the expansion of the canal opened because the old canal the ships go very thig and they was need a new one so few months ago was opened for these expansion can pass more bigger ships, these canal is really important for the international economy and the Panama economy too.

For me Panama is great for shopping, scape a weekend all of stress and enjoy of delicious food and great party time.


I am woman have 35 years old i travel for Panama and Argentina, i spend almost all summer in Argentina and part of winter there i was lived great experiences because i come from Costa Rica yes we are from Latin American ours cultures are very different. i working like freelance in Public Relacionist and i planner of parties, i love travel even in my country, scape to any beach and relax.