Panaci - A small hidden paradise

January 1, 1970

by Catalin Alexandru

About Romania have heard many people. Because of Bucharest, the capital of the country in which they happen various cultural events, perhaps because of the beautiful landscapes on which the country it has. Many have heard of the Sphinx, Babele, many have heard of the Brasov, Bucegi Mountains, The Black Sea, the Bear Lake or Lake Holy Ana. Many have heard of the Dorna Arini or Vatra Dornei. But how many people have heard of Panaci? A small village from the common Panaci, Suceava County, Moldova, Romania. This is located in the Vacuum of Dorna bordered to the north with Dorna Arini on the east with the City Brosteni, to the south by Harghita County and to the west with Begging Dornei, being at a distance of approximately 16 km Vatra Dornei.

DSC_0185Nor will it may describe in words how is it you wake up among the old houses, stoves, stepped out on to the balcony and to cease breathing clean air and the cold seemed to penetrate the lungs, seeing the sun seemed to cut the wires of grass filled the dew point slightly frozen. There cock sing morning, and if you have more gambling and is also the day celebration, see people marching Dressed nicely, many of them even in the clothes popular. And also the wood trade tycoon in the mountain is seen as the most real monument there in the village. There you meet people very hardworking, even if many of them are not rich financial.

They worked and continue to work, as the most precious values of their work being, home, Family and health, no money. Have modest houses, but extremely clean, very ventilated and bedlinen always changed. Some of them have managed over time to make a small alley of animals, greenhouses with vegetables, afumatori of fresh traditional or to buy land for children and future grandchildren, which for them is a pride. I went there with my girlfriend on the Easter this year. I have had the opportunity to meet people very hospitable, ordinary people, the villagers, not owners of sale and repurchase transactions, friendly, together with which we stayed till late at night, listening them stories of life, hidden under the wrinkles from the front.DSC_0421

However I realized that people I have known there were people very lively and healthy both physically and mentally because of the way healthy lifestyle on which they have there.

The mornings were the most beautiful, when the villagers brought with pride and a glass of fresh milk, slices of cheese particular removed from the drums sunk in a cool place in the drums of Earth or sausages the house just removed from the smoker. You could consider the luckiest human being on earth if you were aroused by the smell of cheesecakes made by householders on the plates from the outside or if you were woken by the screams of joy of children because they have lowered deers from the forest, looking for food.

There, the evenings are very cool, even in the evenings, and within the houses is the fire in the stoves continuously. Even if you are not a Christian is nice if you have the chance to get in their churches that has now existed a tradition even in these times. Only 16 km is Vatra Dornei, where you can go to do you with chairlift. The scenery is beautiful. For about 10-15 minutes climb, seeing the top mountains, the forests there and the city. Come on the plateau you can serve hot chocolate delicious, you can ride with go with ATV or you can accomodate even on the plateau of the mountain chalets in there.

Lowering the back in Vatra Dornei, you can go in the central park, the place where you can feed squirrels with nuts on the can walk and in the winter months you can go to skating or go to ski. Along the park are many stalls of wood full of traditional objects from where you can buy memories for friends and family.

What to do in Vatra Dornei?

  • DSC_0421the Ethnographic Museum of Bucovina which is located inside the city hall of Vatra Dornei and has as its objective the three branches of the culture of the area : natural science, hunting jurisdiction and contemporary fine arts
  • Monasteries – just a few kilometers away from the Vatra Dornei are known monasteries of Bucovina as well as the Putna Monastery, Humor, Voronet, Sucevita.
  • Suceava throne seat
  • Dracula’s Castle

About that would be with fun and attractions in the city, but the evening you go back in Panaci, where are you stayed. It is the perfect place to charge the batteries and by you to rest. And the most beautiful is the fact that the place is full of tradition. And from all travel which we had through Romania is one among the few places that it has kept the same.

What to do in Panaci?

DSC_0188In addition to the rest and relaxation, you can go to ride sidesaddle on the hills of Panaci, you can go with ATV, you can walk, you can run even on at the foot of the mountains. What is the most beautiful is going to the sheepfold where you can see how are groomed animals, how are sheared sheep and how to make furs, how it looks and how are they in the care of the mountain and you can taste the milk, cheese and all preparations of fresh milk of goats. And the winter is beautifully to go with sleigh of traditional mountain. It can be seen that the and a brown.

I liked it very much to see how the elders of the village in the evening together with the young people at stories, exhorting them all with wisdom, such women older learn the future wife to make the affairs of the house : to cook, scythes, to brodeasca, to mix, to take care of them, house and the future family. And men who in their turn are taught them to do the affairs of the household. They go the young to carried, cut wood in the forest, raised and cared for animals and constructed and grown because they say that the man is the B-pillar and the tree of the house at them.

DSC_0203And at the mountain the tree is the most important tree in the mountain so  the comparison make sense. The villagers are very hospitable, as well as the visitor you can go out of the house in the house, you are welcomed with joy and with open arms to talk, at a piece of pie made in the dawn of the day of the old house and go with the soul full of there, walking more far away. Many of the villagers have greenhouses, because that is where the soil does not allow due to vegetables cultivation, many of them have small chalets with wood for winter and smokers of meat for traditional food.

I recommend all of you to visit Panaci for simply descovering Bucovina traditions, for relaxing and making a lot of memories for soul.

Catalin Alexandru

By Catalin Alexandru

I'm just an 24 years old man who love to travel the world with his girlfriend and discover all the hidden corners of the world. I'm from Romania and I like to believe that Romania has a lot of wonderful places to visit and unbelievable landscapes. I also believe that life is short and travelling is just making memories for the soul.


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