Palolem: The relaxing paradise in Goa

January 1, 1970

by Yellowwello

While the sun was setting!

Goa is one of the top destinations that tourists and travelers keep on their travel list. Situated on the west coast of the Indian subcontinent, this tiny dot on the map has been known for its amazing beaches and life.

Goa is looked through various lenses by different people. While some crave for its pristine relaxing beaches, others go ga-ga over its amazing nightlife. Having visited the city for nearly 8 times now, I have done a lot of things that Goa offers. Living in the beach huts doing nothing to winning a handsome amount at the Deltin Royale casino after playing for a whole night to being on a two-wheeler riding the whole day with lush green fields to accompany my way- I have done all of it!

In this article, I am going to talk about the extremely beautiful Palolem Beach, one of the cleanest and most relaxing beaches of Goa. Because it is some 60kms away from the city in the southern part, it is not very crowded with daily tourists. And that’s what makes it a must-visit for everyone who is planning to visit Goa.


Water, winds and palm trees – Can’t have enough of that!

Bird’s eye view of Palolem Beach, Goa

How to reach?

There are flights operating to Goa from all major cities. Once you land, you have two options depending on the type of your holiday:

  1. Take a cab
    You can take a pre-paid taxi to Palolem Beach that will directly take you to the destination. Although this is the fastest way to reach, it might be a little costly. But if you are going to stay at Palolem for a couple of weeks, a cab would be a good option for you.
  2. Rent a two-wheeler
    You can rent it from Vasco which is 3 kilometers from the airport. This is my personal favorite because I get to ride alongside coconut trees and green meadows. Having your own bike also gives you an opportunity to check out the nearby places. The paperwork is extremely simple, all you need is a valid driver’s license.

In total, it will be 1.5 hours long drive.


Where to stay?

If you really want to breathe in what Palolem has to offer, ditch the hotels and resorts. There are plenty of beach huts that will let you live extremely close to nature. It is like a temporary settlement but the beds and washrooms are quite nice and decent. Some of them even have a balcony with a hammock and a sea-facing view for an extra cost. There is wi-fi too, but you can’t rely on it as there might be some power cuts.

These stays are beautiful because you no more feel the pressure of being a tourist and covering all places. It is more about exploring what Palolem has to offer.


What to do?

Since you live on the beach itself, you can relax completely at your hut. Go fishing and kayaking, take a sunbath, do yoga or write that book you always wanted to. I have met people who have been doing freelancing from their huts for a couple of months.

While you can enjoy the pristine clear waters by the day, you can enjoy the breathtaking sunset in the evening, followed by a nice candle light dinner at the shacks in the night. Palolem beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Goa and whole of India.
You can also take a boat-ride to nearby islands where you will be greeted by dolphins jumping in and out of the water. Do stop at butterfly island which is another beautiful gem in the region.

What to eat?

There are shacks that offer a lot of cuisines with some chilled beer. If you are a seafood lover, this is a paradise for you. You can have different varieties of prawns, shrimps, and fish coupled with the famous Goan curry which will definitely leave you wanting for more.

If you want to eat your own favorite food, Palolem will not disappoint you. Because there are people from everywhere coming to this place, the locals have started keeping various cuisines so as to serve everybody.

Who should do this?

Palolem is a great place to relax and rejuvenate your energy. The ambiance and atmosphere are extremely friendly where you will see people from different countries happily living together. This place is great for people who love clean beaches and want to spend some good time on it. If you just want to lie in your hammock for the whole day with a book by your side and a beer in your hand, this place is just for you.

What to expect?

No nightlife: So if you thought you would get drunk and dance to the tunes of Punjabi music, this is not the place for you. If you like to party, head to Baga beach which is in the north part of Goa.

Very romantic: This is the perfect place to go for a candle-light dinner with your partner. You can take an outside table at any of the shacks and enjoy their soothing music.

Less city-like: Since this is quite far from the main city, don’t expect to find departmental stores or a lot of shops nearby you. It’s better to get all the necessary things that you might need.

Less noisy and less crowded: It’s a quiet beach, to say the least. You will see lesser people around and there will be more space to yourself. This is completely the opposite of what you would find in North Goa.

Tattoo shops: This is quite famous there. These are not permanent tattoos but ones that stay for a week. But it’s quite interesting to see the variety of designs and artists making these tattoos. Do get one!

Note: The beach huts at Palolem are not open throughout the year, so you do need to double-check your timing.

Palolem is one of the lesser-known hence lesser crowded beaches in Goa. It is not only super clean and beautiful with white sand and swaying palm trees, but it also lets you live like a local and try different things. Take my word for it, you will not regret going to this amazing place!

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