January 1, 1970

by Ume Hani Akhtar

Karachi. The largest and most populous city of Pakistan. Second most populous in the world. It is the capital of Pakistan’s province; Sindh. It is the main seaport and financial center of Pakistan. The city is located at the Arabian Sea coastline. The weather is moderate and humid throughout the year. Karachi is ranked 7th least expensive city in terms of living. This is a city that never sleeps. A city which has an abundance of hospitable and loving people.



Sandspit Beach, Karachi      



Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi                         


Upon landing at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, you would want to take a cab from the airport and reach your desired location. If you have an acquaintance or a relative in Karachi, that would be just perfect. But if not, then it’s no biggie. You can have your accommodation at Pearl Continental Hotel which is in Saddar (downtown) of the city. You’ll go through a well made one-way Shahrah-e-Faisal road. Don’t be surprised if you experience traffic jams at a rush hour. It’s terrible but that’s what adds up to Karachi’s beauty.


If you’re a fan of fishing and coming some time between November to February then you should definitely go fishing at Boat Harbour at Kemari. It is at Hawk’s Bay, one of Karachi’s beach. You can also go crabbing here at night. It’s in a typical Pakistani way but definitely worth it.


That's my mom with her newly caught fish. Yay!

That’s my mom with her newly caught fish. Yay!


Kemari Port, Karachi

Kemari Port, Karachi  

Karachi has a lot of beaches and most common are Sandspit and Hawk’s Bay. Others are French Beach, Tushan Beach, Turtle Beach, etc. You can go there, sun bathe, also take a book along and have nice time on a pleasant day.


That's my Sea Scout Dad guiding his team at Sandspit, Karachi.

That’s my Sea Scout Dad guiding his team at Sandspit, Karachi.


My sweet little fam time!

My sweet little fam time!  

Karachi has a recreational area along the water front known as Port Grand. It’s built on a bridge and that bridge has been transformed into an entertainment area. It has various eateries totaling 40,000 sq. ft of friendly environment and space for around 11 restaurants of exotic Pakistani and foreign food and a variety of beverages. Various music artists and bands perform concerts there and a lot more keeps going on at this venue. It’s a nice, calm place to visit and relax.



Entrance of Port Grand

Entrance of Port Grand


A very old tree at Port Grand.

A very old tree at Port Grand.


My cousin and I have our time there.

My cousin and I having our time there.

One of the other places where various events and festivals take place is Frere Hall. Frere Hall is a British built building and the architecture is stunning. It’s a must visit place for tourists. Has informative museums for all age groups and if you’re lucky, then you’ll attend the festivals happening during that season. It has paintings of Pakistan’s very renowned artist, Sadequain. Frere Hall’s high ceiling with painted calligraphy art – “Cistine” chapel of Pakistan by Sadequain, and its old library takes you back in time and gives you a blissful insight to the past. Frere Hall also holds books expo every Sunday which is priceless.


Karachi Eat Food Festival at Frere Hall, Karachi

Karachi Eat Food Festival at Frere Hall, Karachi

Cistine Chapel in Frere Hall

Cistine Chapel in Frere Hall


There is also PAF Museum, the most popular aviation museum. It is located near Karsaz flyover on Shahrah-e-Faisal.

We also have Tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, known as Jinnah Mausoleum. Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the founder of Pakistan. The building is stunning and is situated in the heart of the city at M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi. Lots of families in Karachi pay a visit to Jinnah Mausoleum on public holidays and spend some quality time with their family.

Last but not at all the least I would recommend the guests of my city to visit Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s sister’s residence, Mohatta Palace. It’s my personal favourite because of it’s beautiful architecture and quiet location.


Musical Evening at Mohatta Palace, Karachi

Musical Evening at Mohatta Palace, Karachi.


My parents and I were cordially invited to the evening.

My parents and I were cordially invited to the evening.

NOTE: There are A LOT more places to visit. The list above is not even 50% of Karachi. So… Yeah.




Karachi is amazing when you’re a food fanatic. From roadsides cafes to high end restaurants, you will find absolutely delicious food, wherever you go. And for me food becomes more delicious when customer needs are well heard and fulfilled. Karachi has some of THE AMAZING Barbeque places. And most importantly, Do Darya is a very popular (and populous at ALL TIMES) food street in Defence Housing Authority(DHA).

People from even the farthest corner of Karachi come to Do Darya just to have luxurious meal by the sea. My personal favourite restaurant at Do Darya is Kolachi. Their Peshawari Karahi is TO DIE FOR. They have without doubts scrumptious food and excellent service. They’ve won all their customers’ hearts by maintaining their quality throughout their time and always taken special care of their customers’ needs.


Kolachi Restaurant, Karachi

Kolachi Restaurant, Karachi



Then we have Bar B Q Tonight. You. Will. Get. The. Best. Ribs. HERE. In. Your. Entire. Life. Amazingly well-cooked and far beyond your wildest dreams. It’s so soft it would just melt in your mouth. MUST TRY!

Coming to best seafood in Karachi. CAFE FLO. Amazing ambiance and great food! From soups to entrees, everything on point.

For steaks and burgers in Karachi, Roasters is a win-win. It’s in Zamzama Commercial Area in DHA.

Zamzama is also a very popular food street in Karachi. Mostly high end restaurants and sit-ins are situated here. It’s personally my favorite because it’s like five minutes’ drive from my place.

Now now now… Coming to my favorite part! DESSERTS!!!

Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream at Del Frio is heavenly. Del Frio is at Boat Basin, Clifton.

Chocolate Chip Cookie at Del Frio!

Chocolate Chip Cookie at Del Frio!


Then I present to you, Bella Vita’s Chocolate Melting Dome. It’s a hot chocolate brownie topped with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Then the whole thing is covered with a dome made of chocolate which melts down when hot caramel sauce is poured on it. It’s just mesmerizing to watch. I can swear upon it. So GOOOD.

For Lava Cake lovers’, Butlers’ Chocolate Cafe is the place for you. It will just melt in your mouth.


Lava Cake at Butler's Chocolate Cafe

Lava Cake at Butler’s Chocolate Cafe

And my favourite-est ever… Toffee Brownie from Pie in the Sky.


Toffee Brownie at Pie in the Sky!! (Guilty Pleasure)

Toffee Brownie at Pie in the Sky!! (Guilty Pleasure)


All of the above restaurants are in Zamzama (the ones without location).


Phew!! Pretty much every best thing covered. It wasn’t easy. This blog has taken me longer than I thought. I just wanted my first travel blog to be as apt as possible. And I think it is. I hope this will grow a desire in you to visit Karachi, Pakistan. It is beautiful in its own way. Also most importantly, make Pakistani friends. I swear they are people you won’t find anywhere else. Even if you have Pakistani friends abroad, it doesn’t matter. Once a Pakistani, ALWAYS A PAKISTANI! Cheers <3

Ume Hani Akhtar

By Ume Hani Akhtar

I am Ume Hani, born and raised in Pakistan. I’ve spent all my childhood in Karachi. Currently I am in Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad, doing my Bachelors in Industrial Design from SADA, National University of Sciences and Technology. I love to read and travel a lot. Have been to some parts of Europe(Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey and France) and Asia(Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Thailand, Singapore and Dubai) and annual trips to Northern parts of Pakistan. I am also a food lover and you'll find a small column in my blog about different places and their foods! I am still on my path on accomplishing things, one being making it to one of Pakistan’s most prestigious universities. I am grabbing every opportunity that comes my way and will figure out where more of my interests lie. Still growing and exploring and expecting to show people everything that takes my breath away and deserves to be known and experienced.


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