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January 1, 1970

by Hejong-go


Pran River view from mountain. - I don't know the name.... oops!

Pran River view from mountain. – I don’t know the name…. oops!

Pak Nam Pran – means ‘the mouth of Pran River’. Have you ever heard about here? …. If you know, you might be nomadic kite surfer, aren’t you?

Then, Have you heard Hua Hin, one of most popular beach resort city in Thailand. I think Many people heard about that. Pak nam Pran, where is 25km south from Hua Hin, is quiet small fisherman village in Pran Buri- but it is on developing for tourism… so Hurry up to visit!

Once you visit in Pak Nam Pran, your first impression would be… let me see….Long and quiet sand beach, several colorful fishing boats, cute half-outdoor bars, and palms trees…… which is chilling out vacation place! Yes, It is True. Here can be your rehab place from your busy everyday life. I will introduce about that next time.

fisherman port in pak nam pran

Port of fisherman town in Pak nam pran. You can see fishingboats sailing to sea from river in the evening.


beach in pak nam pran

Such a quiet and chill out beach! Here is Khao ka lok beach.


In this article, I wanna talk about outdoor activity that You can enjoy in Pak Nam Pran

Outdoor activities You can do in Pak Nam Pran

1. Kite surfing

  Pak Nam Pran is a wintering site of migratory kite surfers. From November to around April, wind of Thailand gulf attract them to visit here. You can meet so many guys with big and colorful kite gear bag all around this town.
Beaches in Hua hin are already filled with Kites and surfers, looks like popular nightclub for kite surfers. But on the other hand, Pak nam pran seems to be more chill out – Even, one of surfing spot’s name is lazy beach. Ah, nice name, isn’t it? There is one major well- known surfing school, KBA pran buri(here is info. If you drive along sea side road, You can find its sign. Besides, there are couple of small and more private and cozy style class(for example, here., also you can find on the seaside road(But you might open eyes big!). So, better to check it out after exploring here!

  You can learn how to do kite surfing (obviously), and if you have more time and money and more passion to jump into this world, also you can get instructor certificate course. 

kitesurfing lesson

Middle of kitesurfing lesson. This is serious!

kite surfing as beginner

First trying after lesson. seemed like succeed!

2. plus- Kite cable

 You can enjoy kite surfing, But you might be not sure enough to learn it and to buy gear. Luckly there is another option for you.

 ‘Kite cable park’ is the place you can enjoy kite surfing on the cable, which is run by Cool Irish guy, Willy, who is also famous Kite surfer. In his place, You can enjoy kite cable, which is… okay, I get description from Its website(,

‘cable park’

Kite Cable has a very unique cable system built on our own private lake here in Pranburi. Our system is a 2 tower robust cable system that is designed to aid the training of kitesurfing and general cable riding, the system is one rider with one driver at all times, the speed is hand controlled by the driver to give.

you a chance to progressively learn your riding skill prior to ripping at full speed. If you fall off you don’t need to swim back to start again, our system and driver will simply bring the handle back to you and get you back up and on the board in no time. For you pro’s………this cable goes BIG!’

Got it??? 

Also there is another water activities and Nice bar, so… It could be good experience in Pak Nam Pran.


3. Hiking on the Rocks

 Do you love Hiking? I really Love Hiking. Actually, One of reason I fell in love with Pak nam pran is there are many nice place for hiking. I will introduce couple of places where I love.

First hiking spot is Khao ka lok, the skull mountain. Frankly I am not sure where the name came from. Some people said because somebody found skull on the mountain top, and somebody said because the mountain itself looked like skull from long distance. I support latter one. Anyway, Khao ka lok is nice rock mountain placed seaside. It is not High, But trails are somewhat tricky.

Khao ka lok mountain.

Part of Khao ka lok mountain. Nice, isn’t it?

 There are 3 trail(by the trail sign, maybe more), and each trail has different length and difficulty grade. Since Khao ka lok itself is kinda group of big rocks, there is few actual trail for easy walking. It is up, up , up and jump. But don’t worry, Kind Thailand people put yellow arrow signs in there, so You can climb up and down, jump between rocks following arrow. Honestly, It is fun, to me, feel like play ground for adult.  As bonus, You can get such a nice ocean view from the Top. That is best reward.

khao ka lok ring

Another side of Khao ka lok mountain. I think this mountain would be good for rock climbing.

 Second spot is Phraya nakorn cave in Sam roi yod national park. Sam roi yod means three hundreds mountain peaks. This is little bit far away from Pak nam pran… around 15km? In this area, You can find numerous picturesque rock mountain peaks. And Phraya nakorn cave can be hightlight of them. Since you enter Phraya nakohn area, You can choose two route, One is taking boat to beach inside park and another one is taking trail to beach, which takes aournd 1 hour. After beach Both of route take another trail to cave. Since I am hiking lover, I took trail route. It consisted with rocky stairs, narrow and somewhat steep, but you can enjoy nice sea side view with panting.  Beach inside Phraya nakorn park is usually quiet. It is nice place to take rest after visiting cave, you can sit down around beach or swim. 

phraya nakorn trail

View from trail to Phraya nakorn cave. You can see boat to beach in the park.


 Trail from beach to cave is somewhat difficult, you better wear proper shoes, I wore flip flops one times, It was disaster. Ooohhhh… It is rocky steep road. After finishing another 1 hour hiking, you can meet cave full of mystery.

throne place in Phraya nakorn cave.

throne place in Phraya nakorn cave.


  This cave found by King Rama V(I think He is one of most popular king in Thai History). Apparently He was really fond of this cave – I can understand, though – so, He built a miniature throne palace. On the ceiling there is Big hole which allows sunlight to cave. It add mysterious atmosphere to cave more. At some corner of cave, there are several shrine. In there, Time looks like being stopped, and good place to recharge energy after hiking.

bridge of death

Hole on the ceiling of Phrata nakorn cave. This rock bridge is called ‘bridge of death’. Sounds like the one from ‘Indiana Jones’ hahaha


inside of Phraya nakorn cave

As you see, Inside of cave is Big. Personally, I think it would be good place for meditating.


trail of phraya nakorn park

You can see many nice rocks in the trail in Phraya nakorn park. By the way, trail was little bit steep, though.

beach inside Phraya nakorn park

There is quiet and nice beach inside park. Also You can camp in there. There is camping site and bangalow.


These are my two favourite hiking spots. Besides, There are many nice peaks and trails to hike. Basically, You go around Pak nam pran area and pick a place and explore!!! Easy?
Here is another my recommendation.  I will talk about them next time.

  • Temple of goddess of mercy(A.K.A big aligator temple)
  • Mangroves
  • Peacock Hill


4. Riding Bicycle 

 I am not sure there is bicycle tour agency in Pak nam pran, But there are several bicycle tour agencies in Hua Hin(for example, here. . They have guided group bicycle tour programs from Hua Hin to Pak Nam Pran. I did not use tour programs, but couple of times I drove bicycle Between Hua Hin and Pak nam Pran. From my experience, I really recommend riding bicycle in there. You can take sea side roads with breeze, pass palm tree or pine tree farms, see picturesque rocky mountains, and encounter cute cows! It was one of most fun and chill out bicycle route to me.

riding bicycle in pranburi

We met goats on the way to home during bicycle trip from Hua Hin to Pak nam pran.


landscape on the road in Pranburi

View from road on the bicycle.

5. Scoot around Pak Nam Pran 

Maybe Getting on scooter can be the most essential and important activity in Pak Nam pran. So check it out.

Basically There is no transit, no taxi(maybe there is taxi from Hotel… but expensive) in this small town. Without your vehicle, vacation or life in there would be living in Jail…….In Pak Nam Pran scooter is Essential tool for locals and tourists.

So you should hire scooter. Anyway, AS I mentioned before, Pak nam pran itself is one big adventurous amusement park for nature lovers, It is worth to explore!!!!

colorful boats in pak nam pran

I found another port filled with colorful fishingboats during scootering. It is so fun to discover Pak nam pran!

 You can hire from hotel you stay. Or you can hire by yourself. 2 main vehicle rental shops in there. Around Evason resort Hua Hin, you can find rental shops, Just look for scooters in a row! There is no PITA process for hiring scooter, They might ask only your basic info(name, passport No, where you stay kinda), and you can get scooter.

[single_map_place] Pak Nam Pran Rd, Pak Nam Pran, Pran Buri District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77220 Thailand [/single_map_place]

 Even you don’t need to visit there, When you visit bar or cafe, just ask owner or other tourist customer, spread rumour, there is guy who needs scooter. Then you can get number of shop or staffs of shop would pop up with scooter. No kidding. Pak nam pran is small village, Every body seems know where things what you want are, and everybody is so kind to stranger, so they want to help you.

Okay, These are activities I can recommend in Pak Nam pran. This small fisherman village start growing these days. I can understand, because there are lots of potential.

Personally, What I really love about Pak nam Pran is full of choices. Maybe this is tricky for some people. But For people, who want to what they are gonna do – especially outdoor activity- every day, Pak nam pran can be best choice.

Of course there are many other activity. If you find other funs, Just ask people in restaurant , bar and cafe. They can bring you to right place.

buddha in pak nam pran

SO….. Breathe and Enjoy in Pak Nam Pran!!


By Hejong-go

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