Paid fishing near Moscow

Russia is famous for its beauty and various places for fishing which are usually located in remote areas. On the one hand this is good because the ecosystem of reservoirs and the number of fish are not disturbed, but on the other hand, this situation restricts fishing access for most fishermen, especially for guests and residents of large cities such as Moscow. Russia is famous for its beauty and various places for fishing which are usually located in remote areas. However, for Muscovites and guests of the capital, this is no longer a problem since several private ponds and fishing farms have been built near Moscow (within 2-15 km). They work on a fee basis and some of them have a catch rate and on others it is absent. There are about 25 places for paid fishing near Moscow that are available for visitors throughout the year, but only some of them are worthy of the title “the best” for example fishing village “Yurlovo” or “VIP-prud”.

Fishing village “Yurlovo”

An excellent place for good fishing and recreation is located 10 km from MKAD. On the territory of the village, there is a pond with a total area of 2 hectares. The water in the pond is updated with a natural food system (a small river and a developed network of underground springs). In the pond are found: crucian, rotan, top, carp, catfish, nelma, trout, sturgeon, and pike. pike Around the pond, there are spacious gazebos equipped with rosettes, ceiling lamps, braziers and bridges for fishing. On the territory of the complex, there is a parking lot with 24-hour video surveillance, two guest houses with the necessary amenities: crockery, microwave ovens, refrigerators, televisions, and underfloor heating.

Cost of fishing and additional services

The fishing village is not the cheapest place, but the most important thing is that there is no catch rate here and this cannot but rejoice. Calculate the same cost of fishing will help the price list which is shown in the table below.
Name of service Cost
  • daytime (from 06 a.m. to 19 p.m.);
  • evening (from 12 p.m. to 19 p.m.);
  • night (from 18 p.m. to 7 a.m.);
  • daily (24 hours).
  • 2000 rub ($ 29.4);
  • 1600 rub ($ 23.52);
  • 2000 rub ($ 29.4);
  • 3000 rub ($ 23.52);
fishing extension (per hour) 250 rub ($ 3.67)
rent of gazebos:
  • on weekdays;
  • on weekends and holidays.
  • 1000 rub ($ 14.7);
  • 2000 rub ($ 29.4).
rent of houses (per day):
  • big house (for 6 people);
  • small house (for 4 people).
check out 12-00 arrival 13-00
  • 9 000 rub ($ 138,28);
  • 7 000 rub ($ 102.88).
equipment rent:
  • fishing rod;
  • zadok;
  • podsak.
  • 350 rub ($ 5.14);
  • 100 rub ($ 1.47);
  • 100 rub ($ 1.47);
fish processing:
  • cleaning (for individuals, regardless of size);
  • smoking (for a piece).
  • 100 rub ($ 1.47);
  • 300 rub ($ 4.41).
fishes heavier than 3 kg 300 rubs ($ 4.41) per kilogram or they can be transferred to the ownership of the club
  It is best to come here alone, as it will be cheaper. All due to the fact that every escort who comes with a fisherman must pay a guest voucher that costs 500 rub ($ 7.35). Only children under 14 years of age, women and accompanying persons with disabilities of the 1st group cannot pay a ticket. I was alone in a fishing village this Saturday for evening fishing and rented a gazebo and also all the equipment for fishing. All this cost me 4150 rub ($ 61): 1600 rub ($ 23.52) – evening rate, 2000 rub ($ 29.4) – gazebos rate, 550 rub ($ 8.08) – fishing equipment. To compare the prices of single and group fishing, I will give another example. Last Friday after work, my friend, his wife and 16-year-old son decided to go to “Yurlovo”. Accordingly, they got on the night rate and apart from renting a gazebo with fishing equipment for one person they had to rent a small guest. In addition, Lena decided to give 12 fish (all the husband’s catch) for cleaning. For all they paid 5250 rub ($ 77.17): 2000 rub ($ 29.4) – night rate, 550 rub ($ 8.08) – fishing equipment, 500 rub ($ 7.35) – the guest voucher for son, 1200 rub ($ 17,64) – cleaning fishes and 1000 rub ($ 14.7) – gazebo rent. In fact, the amount of single and group fishing is not much different, but for those people who like to save money, it’s best to choose a single format. Although everyone has the right to choose.

Food and drink

Food and drinks should be bought in advance because there are no restaurants and cafes on the territory of the fishing village. When renting a gazebo, an additional grill is provided (with attributes for ignition), so it is better to take those products that can be easily cooked on an open fire. Even if you did not get anything in advance, do not despair, the fishing village is located in the thorp of Yurlovo, where there are several shops where you can buy everything you need. In addition, the village has a hotel “Manor” where you can spend the night or have dinner in a restaurant.

How to get to the fishing village

From Moscow to the fishing village can be reached in two ways: By public transport. You can get to it by metro stations Pyatnickoe shosse, Mitino, Tushinskaya (bus/minibus №575) and Shodnenskaya (bus number 707). After boarding at any of the stations you need to get to the stop “School” which is located in the thorp “Yurlovo” and then bypass the building of the “Manor” hotel. By car. This way more comfortable to use it you need to use any car navigator for example “Yandex navigator” by hammering into it the official address of the institution: Pyatnitskoye Highway 107, Moscow, Russia.


Another good place for paid fishing near Moscow. On the territory of the owner, there are 2 pounds in each of which are living certain types of fish. So for example in the first pond (not far from the administrative building) you can catch trophy carp from 4 to 12 kg and in the second crucian large, rudd, bream, bug pike, tench and carp from 0 to 4 kg. carps from 0 to 4 kg

Cost of fishing

This place is more suitable for a family holiday as the cost of the tour is not great and is 500 rubles per fisherman who can spend one woman and 2 children under 12 years free of charge. for this money, we offer a canopy-gazebo, a bridge with 2 stands for fishing rods, 2 benches, a table, a garbage bin, a clean and well-groomed territory, parking for cars. The brazier is paid separately – 300 rubs ($ 4.41). The main thing to remember is that there is a catch rate. Every caught fish should be weighed and paid in accordance with the tariffs. Tariffs for each type of fish are given in the table below.
Type of fish Cost
carp from 0 to 4 kg 280 rub ($ 4.11)
trophy carp from 4 to 12 kg 450 rub ($ 6.11)
trout 600 rub ($ 8.81)
black and white cupid 450 rubs ($ 6.11)
sturgeon 850 rub ($ 12.48)
carpenter 350 rubs ($ 5.14)
crucian large, rudd, bream, bug 250 rub ($ 3.67)
pike 450 rubs ($ 6.11)
tench 450 rub ($ 6.11)

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