Own An Island For A Day Or Two: Colibra Island, Dasol, Pangasinan

January 1, 1970

by Amrie

What Happened in Dasol?

Tambobong Beach.

Whether you’re searching for an adventure or tranquility; whether you wanted to travel as group or alone, Tambobong Beach- Colibra Island is where you should be.

Tambobong beach is located at Dasol, Pangasinan. After a friend who’s been staying there for a while invited me for a short weekend to get away from all the city hustle and bustle, I decided to get on a bus to Alaminos at 1:00AM on a Saturday. From there, I transferred to another bus going to Sta. Cruz, Zambales which will pass by the town of Dasol. It was my first time travelling for six hours alone, more so, it was my first time visiting the place. I have no idea what was waiting for me. I have no idea how the place looks like. But to be honest, I was excited and the travel hours did not seem too long; the ride was smooth.

I arrived at Dasol at around 7:00AM. I had nothing to worry about the accommodation since my friend let me stay in his place. He served as my tour guide and a photographer, too! I’m really delighted by this! He let me rest for a while before we head to Tambobong beach. It was a very fun 40-minute ride from the town proper. The sceneries really amazed me. That ride alone is refreshing as it is, as the sun shines above you and as the wind touches your skin. The place was so quiet, so serene, despite the number of houses and resorts stationed along the stretch of white sand beach.

The place was beautiful, however, the shore was covered with seagrass. It was because of the ‘habagat’, the locals said. We’re quite disappointed at the sight. My friend and I decided to ask somebody if they are offering a boat ride to other islands near the beach. We found Tatay Ferdie who suggested we go to Colibra Island. The island can easily be seen from where we’d been standing.

Colibra Island.

After another calm 20-minute boat ride, we were welcomed by very hospitable caretakers of the island. Tatay Bill is the one who walked us through some information about the island; he shared stories, he offered to take our pictures, and offered us drinks if case we ran out of water.


The calm boat ride to Colibra. See that island there? We're off to that.

The calm boat ride to Colibra. See that island there? We’re off to that.

We stayed from 11:00AM to 4:00PM. During our stay, some visitors were also dropping by. About five other families were there, but would then leave, as if they were island hopping. All we do was sit, walk around, nap, eat, swim, and chat. The island was ours; so we decided to stay. We borrowed Tatay Bill’s snorkeling mask, so we could look underwater. It was so amazingly deep and blue and grassy with some variation of fishes passing by. I wanted to stay longer and wait for the sunset, but we need to go back to town before it gets dark since we’re riding a motorcycle.


This is what welcomed us, peace and quiet.

This is what welcomed us, peace and quiet.


One side of the island" White sand!

One side of the island” White sand!


And this one here is rocky the side.

And this one here is rocky the side.


The clear water calls to you.

The clear water calls to you.


Some huts in progress in the upper part of the island.

Some huts in progress in the upper part of the island.


Tatay Bill is doing a great job instructing us to pose.

Tatay Bill is doing a great job instructing us to pose.

It’s a place where time slows down and speeds up, both at the same time which doesn’t make any sense. But hey, it is indeed a happy place to see.

Itinerary and Cost

And some contact person who has been very nice in this trip.

Day tour. Saturday.

1:00AM- 6:30AM. Cubao to Alaminos; P392.00

6:30AM-7:00AM. Alaminos- Dasol (Bus bound to Sta. Crus, Zambales); P40

7:00AM-10:00AM. Breakfast, rest and prepare.

10:00AM-10:30AM. Town proper- Tambobong beach

10:30AM-11:00AM. Tambobong- Colibra island. Boat ride; P700

11:00AM- 4:00PM. Chill at Colibra island; P100/person; plus P150 for the shed

4:00PM-4:30PM. Boat ride back to Tambobong

5:00PM-6:00PM. Tambobong- Town proper

Next day, back to Manila.

Additional Notes

Since I have a friend in Dasol, I saved a lot of my supposed expenses including accommodation and food. But if you don’t have anyone you can stay with, from the town proper, you may rent a tricycle going to Tambobong that costs around P200-300. Many resorts were lined up, so it won’t be hard to find shelter for a night or two.  Or if you prefer, you may arrange an over-night camping at Colibra Island. Tents are available and the caretakers will surely be at your assistance during your stay. You may also want to pack foods for this trip, or you may ask your host to have foods prepared.

Have a very delightful trip!


By Amrie

I'm a soft-spoken 23-year old woman who will fight tirelessly for an idea I believe in, though I rarely use that energy for personal gain. I'm a Filipino and I graduated in one of the biggest state university in the country with a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy program. I've been working as an Auditor in an Auditing Firm since I passed the Board Exam. It's been almost two years since then. One thing I love about my current job is the never-ending opportunity to go places I've never been to before. Audit field works are so much fun that I get to work outside Manila and enjoy the sight of different places and their culture. To travel and experience different 'normals' in each of the 81 provinces and 7,604 islands in the Philippines and then in different countries of the world is my biggest dream. And somehow, my current job gives me a side-trip and a life experience I thought only possible in my imaginations and dreams.

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