Our Little Tour At The National Central University In Taiwan

August 15, 2019

by Crystal L

So, my graduate studies research adviser had all this engaging talk about his university — I mean, the university where he got his doctorate degree from. And where’s that? It’s the National Central University (NCU) in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Now that I think about it, I’d say that despite being the funny person that he is, he was quite serious about igniting us into studying at this university.

Curious as I was, I wanted to personally visit the place and check it out for myself. (Nope — not yet as an enrolling student. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life!) So, I just had this one chance of a visit, hence this little trip to NCU.

National Central University in Taoyuan, Taiwan

The National Central University Is Beautiful

vintage looking buildings in Taiwan

And I mean, aesthetically. It’s not just a university filled with buildings, halls, and walkways. The place itself has such an excellent atmosphere that visiting there would seem like a relaxing little tour.

It was both sunny and chilly when my best friend and I stepped foot at NCU. It was in January — hence the jackets you would find us wearing in the photos here. This kind of weather, plus the “nature-rrific” atmosphere embracing the entire campus, are more than enough to invite anyone to stay and study!

The Atmosphere At NCU Is De-Stressing

relaxing pond at NCU

It’s safe for us to assume that students will be challenged intellectually while being here. After all, it’s among the top universities in Taiwan. What we really appreciated during our visit though was the relaxing combination of greens and waters enveloping the whole place. It was awesome. I bet any student, during times of difficulty, could find a new inspiration just by sitting on a bench by the vast greenish playground or by merely observing the movement of water in the pond.

relaxing views at NCU

Bikes Everywhere

bikes at NCU in Taiwan

Of course, these bicycles are tucked in safely and are not literally “everywhere,” as in all over the place. What I’m simply saying is that students, teachers, and staff alike are using bikes to go from one building to another. Needless to say, the practice is both eco-friendly and advantageous to health! Bicycling, by the way, is not something exclusive to NCU. It’s a way of life in Taoyuan, in Taipei, and in most — if not all — of Taiwan.

bicycles at NCU in Taoyuan Taiwan

It’s Pretty Convenient

bikes at NCU in Taiwan

With a Family Mart inside the campus itself, plus a number of benches here and there to accommodate the weary student, and a delightful mix of traditional and modern-looking buildings — the entire university has quite a homey feel to it.

NCU park

Finally, NCU’s Physics Department Has Many Attractive Fields To Offer

Physics Centers NCU Taiwan

My academic training is in Physics, so of course, I had to see the kinds of studies they offer at NCU. Well, its Physics Department has a lot of exciting options to choose from! They’ve got space science, astronomy, nanoscience and technology, neutron beam applications, complex systems, and mathematical and theoretical physics.

NCU buildings Taiwan

These are really great fields to delve into! And, if I could only push myself again to pursue a lifetime career in science, these Physics centers in NCU would really be among my top choices.

Wouldn’t you also be enticed if you had the chance to visit here?

Physics Building at NCU Taoyuan Taiwan

Crystal L

By Crystal L

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