Oregon: the most beautiful places of interest in the state

January 1, 1970

by Ann Golosovskaya


“You are going to Portland? Where is it?” – I got plenty of such questions from my friends before my long-expected holidays. I live in Ukraine and most of people there are not aware of some parts in United States. I chose Portland to be my first destination in USA only because of one reason: I have friends there. But I couldn’t even expect what a big number of magical landscapes I will find in Oregon!

Just after I sit in the car of my friend who picked me up in the airport and we started driving along the mountain road I exclaimed: «Hey, here is the place where Edward met Bella!”. I am not fan of the famous movie “Twilight” but these marvelous landscapes where movie was shot exist in reality.

Visiting Washington Park

Washington Park was the first public park that I visited. It is located on the hills and covers the big territory not far from downtown. It is very convenient and comfortable for walking: practically after each 15 meters you can find small taps with water that you can drink. There is also a free shuttle bus that can drive you around the park. The number one place that you should visit there is International Rose Garden. When you come closer to the garden you can already feel on a distance an amazing smell of millions of roses of different colors and types. My advice for travelers is to come to Portland in spring, so you could see how the roses are blooming and make great photos.


And if you are fan of squirrels (I believe you are) you will find them everywhere, even more often then free water for drinking!

Inside the city

Portland surprised me with the big number of art studios and small theaters in the downtown. You will be able to find a lot of hippies, artists, singers and just weird people wherever you go. As I am also a person of art, because I like to draw, I could not stop myself from visiting Museum of Modern Art, that is located in the very center of the city. It has several floors with new expositions connected with modern fashion, modern art and gallery with pictures.

Also each Saturday there is a big market near the river where you can taste really delicious candies or buy hand-made clothes, jewelery, pictures and other things.

Cannon Beach

One of my dream was to see the Pacific Ocean and early in the morning we went to the West Coast. The most surprising fact was that all the time that I spent in Portland it was cloudy and cold, but just after we left the city any time and any day the clouds disappeared and the sun was showing up. Magic! One hour and a half of driving and we are finally at the Cannon Beach! The most famous place there where all people are making photos is the Big Rock.


Don’t forget to take something to sit on with you, because you will definitely want to spend some time on the beach. It is very easy to find some place to eat a perfect fish there, practically everywhere you can find small restaurant or even a house or room if you wish to spend a night on the beach.

Tracking to Multnomah Falls


Multnomah Falls is a place that you should visit after some rest. Be ready that you will have to walk about 30 minutes up to the highest spot of the water-fall. But it is worth of it. You should definitely wear good sport shoes specially for tracking because sometimes the ground can be very slippery. Personally I practically slipped down right to the hands of handsome guy who was passing me by. A hint (guys do not read it): if you do not have a boyfriend it is a good way to make acquaintance with somebody, so do wear slippery shoes!

But returning back to Multnomah Falls, I was told that there is one old legend about it. The water-fall was made by some guy, who wanted to win a heart of young princess. The princess wanted to have some special hidden place, where she could have a bath. I am not sure if the princess survived after this really cold shower, but I couldn’t even stepped into the water of this mountain river, so cold it was.


 The most pleasant thing is that when you come down from the mountain you will see a restaurant with pizza, a small shop with really tasty cakes and souvenir store, where you can buy magnets or any other important stuff.

Finding paradise near Trilium Lake

Trilium Lake is not so popular through tourists like for example famous Mount Hood mountain, but if you go there you will never regret about it. First, it is located in fantastic area, right in the forest. Second, there is a marvelous view on the Mount Hood, that is covered by snow during the whole year. And finally third, there is a ducks’ paradise! There are so many brave ducks, who are hurrying up to you just after you stepped on the small beach and asking you for food. Just one minus – there is not food, no bars and no restaurants near the lake. But there are plenty of wooden tables and wooden branches where you can sit and eat food, that you bring with you. Also if you are fan of fishing, take a hook with you. There are a lot of fish in the lake. Also it is not a problem to find place for parking or camping if you wish to stay there for longer period.


What can I say to summarize my trip to Oregon? It was fantastic. I didn’t spend my time in the surroundings of such virgin woods, these enormous trees and crystal-clear rivers for long time. That’s why I felt refreshed! I would definitely come there again some day, because so many places left undiscovered in this beautiful neighborhood.

Ann Golosovskaya

By Ann Golosovskaya

Hello my name is Anna and I am from Ukraine. Once in my childhood I read a book about Christopher Columbus and I was so impressed by it, that I decided to be a "female Columbus" and discover the world when I will be a grown-up. Now I am making my dream come true and I travel so often as I can. My aim is to visit 100 countries! My second passion after travelling is writing stories and drawing pictures.

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