Only 2 Days in Prague. What to do?

Colorful Prague

The luminous capital of the Czech Republic is a historical city indeed, but is also a wonderful place full of young and fun people willing to welcome millions of worldwide visitors every year.

Usually and sadly, when visiting Prague as a part of an organized tour, the Agency will give you no more than 2 days at this magnificent city, especially if your tour includes bigger cities like Paris or London. But if you have the chance to spend more time here, you will find that the enchantment of this jewel destination is worth of spending at least a full weekend of your vacation. However, if you have only 2 days for this Getaway, the task it is perfectly doable with a good pair of legs and a good mood. Prague is a really welcoming city so easy to tour, and much cheaper than other Grand Capitals of Europe. The official language is not English but most people will understand it and speak it. It is highly recommendable to use the local currency (Czech Crown) instead of Euros since you will be able to negotiate better prices this way.

Public transportation is affordable, fast and safe; It will take you wherever you need to go.

Buses, trams, metro and even the funicular are included with your day pass, which you can buy directly at the little yellow machines situated on almost every tram stop. While a sightseeing tour might be appealing in other cities, this is not a city to buy one of those. Prague must be conquered on foot and by tram. Also, since there are virtually no bad neighborhoods, you will be secure even if you get lost. So, mingle with the locals and enjoy your ride.


After a delicious breakfast on one of the cozy restaurants on Andjel quarter, take the funicular on Ujezd Street and go straight to the last stop to the Rose Garden in Petrin Hill, especially if you are traveling with your sweetheart. The sight and smell of around 12,000 roses will take your breath away. Pink, yellow, white, lilac, red and orange blooming roses will guide your senses to the seventh heaven. Reach for the stars through the public telescope located in the middle of the gardens. Then, seize the morning and walk towards the Petrin Tower, a 60 meter small version of the Eiffel Tower that will give you one of the best views of the city if you decide to climb the 299 steps to the observation deck. For a real laugh, visit the mirror maze located a few meters from the tower. A yellow building that looks like a miniature castle. Lose your patience looking for the exit of the labyrinth in the first hall. Learn about the 30 Years’ War with a diorama in the second hall. And last but not least, burst on laugh at the funniest hall of the castle “The hall of Laugh” with your distorted reflection on weird shaped mirrors will trigger childhood memories of your native town fair. By the time you exit the maze you might be hungry, there is a small cafeteria on the ground level of the tower where you can have a snack. But if your appetite is ready for a larger meal, on your way back to Ujezd street on the funicular, make a stop at the restaurant located on the midway stop. The views are amazing at dusk and you can see the Prague Castle at eye-level from your window as well as the apple orchards surrounding the restaurant. For the views and the quality of the food you would expect an inflated price, but it is actually very affordable.

After a good meal, continue your evening walking down the hill back to Mala Strana, forget the tram and stroll along the streets until you reach the oldest bridge in Prague, Charles Bridge.

Stop for one or two minutes in the middle of the bridge and enjoy the sound of the Moldava river running underneath, try to listen to the sound of the water mixing with the music of the talented street performers that meet every night to share their passion with the world. At the end of the bridge, be prepared to travel back in time to a medieval era while you enter the Old Town thru narrow streets full of Baroque and Gothic buildings. The architecture will resemble a fairy tale since most of the structures have been fully restored with vivid colors giving them back their full splendor. The little stores with handcrafted toys and Matryoshkas will capture your eyes as well.
Matryoshka store in Prague

Matryoshka store in Prague

Under your feet the cobblestone pavement resonates with the clack clack of the walking horses coming back and forth pulling romantic carriages. But don’t let this picture deceive you, as soon as you reach the Old Town Square, no matter the season, Winter or Summer, you will find a big and noisy party of locals and foreigners sitting, singing or dancing around the Jan Hus Memorial. You will hear songs in English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and more. How about this for a diverse evening? Join the party and dance until midnight o jump on a carriage to kiss your lover on your way to the hotel!
Your second day awaits for you in the same noisy place you ended the day before.
But this time it will be much quieter. You will almost feel you are walking a different city! Even the buildings will look so different. Have breakfast looking to the Prague Orloj and spend your morning visiting the museums and shops around the Square. In the afternoon, lead your steps to Mala Strana and climb the stairs to the Prague Castle, you can take one of the many tram and metro routes also. This place is huge and according to the “Guinness Book of Records”, is the largest ancient castle in the entire world. With so many historical buildings inside the complex it is a good idea to take a guided tour, specially one including the gorgeous St. Vitus Cathedral. St. Vitus Cathedral tower The visit to the Castle will take you a full day, so you can prepare for a picnic in the gardens or have lunch in a café next to the Cathedral. If possible, buy tickets for a concert in the courtyard at night. It is absolutely delightful. You will regret not having a third day to keep touring the city, but the good thing is, now that you have experienced a little piece of Prague, you will always want to come back.

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