On TOP of Cebu's Highest Peak: Osmeña Peak

January 1, 1970

by Eunice

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Cebu’s Highest Peak : Osmeña Peak

A days’ hike at Cebu’s highest peak and is well known for its 360 degree view on top – OSMEÑA PEAK (is also called by the name PICO OSMEÑA), has been in everyone’s summer bucket list goal ever since! This peak is located at the South East part of the Queen City of the South – Mantalungon, Dalaguete , Cebu Philippines.

  • The Planning and Preparation

After months and months and months of planning, the day that we marked on our calendar has finally come! And it took us months to primary start our venture. More often, it also took us thousands of pleading to our guardians to get into our most desired destination and the good news was, it worked!  We we’re composed of eight (8) aspiring travelers. We willingly agreed to choose the route of Badian since we were all from the South West part of Cebu. Excitement was entirely evident on our evening’s plan as we settled our arrangements for our day’s early trip. Half of us have already been there twice, the other half (including me) were very eager to try and explore a more refreshing and new venture because why not? Summer was around the corner and who would say ‘NO’ to an adventure where you entirely know it would be pure fun and relishing! Of course, they warned us about the road and how risky it was, that was why we took extra precautions on what might happen and prepared ourselves a safety aid kit, just in case someone might need it along the way and it was ever so handy. We were also advised to not bring much so that our baggage’s won’t be a burden of it’s heaviness. A jar or bottle of drink, along with your lunch, some extra t-shirts and cellphones or cameras will come along just fine. As travelers, we have to be extra cautious on the weather too. It’s wise to check on the weather on the internet, radio or at your average television weather broadcasting news. Not a typhoon was on the news that day, neither does a strong sunny day. In short, it was just a perfect day for enthusiastic and aspiring travelers. After a long evening of preparation for tomorrow’s big venture, at long last! It was a wrap and our baggage’s were steadily paced aside. We slept with a smile on our face and it clearly shows how excited we were on the upcoming venture. It was indeed a good night.

  • The Start of the Journey

It was 3:00 A.M. sharp in the morning, surprised that I was even the first to wake up than my morning alarm. We have to start our trip as early as possible because we don’t want it all sunny as we are going to walk on the highest mountain at Cebu and we want our way to be misty and amusing too. As we head on to our venture, we have to stop by at Badian’s town proper, from here we have to ride a tricycle to Barangay Basak, Badian, Cebu because it will lead us to the very foot of the mountain. After a minute of riding and chatting with manong driver, we thank him for giving us a safe ride and we gave him 12 pesos each. His hospitality was indeed worth a penny.
Atlast! There was indeed no turning back. We were at the very foot of the peak. Oh were we ever so excited. The first few steps were so exhausting.

  • Travel Tips

Better to start your morning with a jog so that your muscles will not contract. An early exercise was indeed a must but it didn’t stop us there. Along the way, nature was clearly evident. Green grass and the trees’ branches swayed along with the misty wind. Every sight was worth the sweat as we persevered ourselves and endured tiredness (because that’s what travelers are right?) to make it at the very top. We often stop at our tracks every now and then because we were trying to catch our breath but we dealt with it because we kept an optimistic mind at pace knowing that these sweat and tiredness is nothing compared to the 360 degree view on top of the peak. We’ve lost count on the mountain terrains we’ve passed on. We stop on a store as we ate our lunch and headed back to our track.

  • The Hike

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After hours of hiking, We knew we were near as we saw it coming.

All the exhaustion, all the tiredness would amazingly disrupt as you stood near it’s peak.

What a pleasant view it was. Just a few steps more and we were there.

Of course, our travel wouldn’t be complete without taking some “SELFIES”!

And as we strive for our last hike on top, we were very sure that the view would stun us and it truthfully didn’t disappoint our expectations.

“We’re now on top of Cebu! I wonder if my mom would see us up here!” funny how these thoughts reckon to me as we were finally on our destination. The 360 degree view was indescribable as it took our breath away, for a few minutes we just stood still appreciating the view and how accomplished we felt for getting this far. Who knew that simple aspirers could reach on top of Cebu.

The good news was, it didn’t cost that much penny. What’s costly was our determination and sweat but it indeed was worth it and it paid off, big time. After a few minutes of being still and serene, we’ve finally comeback to our senses and conducted a small prayer for thanking God how he guided us along our journey.

And we regret not a single sweat to have just st2016-10-15 06.30.01 4ep foot on this very wonderful and relishing view.

Our adventure was an adventure of a lifetime and once you embrace the very fresh air of this eloquent site, something in it will surely be missed and you would wanna go back and back and back there again.




By Eunice

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