Nuvasa Bay: A Sweet Spot in Batam Riau, Indonesia

Looking at it now, Batam Riau seems to be one of the fastest-growing tourism spots in Indonesia. No doubt it still isn’t very famous now… but it still grows at an unbelievably tremendous rate. How? Simple. It is an island about 30 kilometers from Singapore- a nation which happens to be one of the most developed and also among the top 25 most visited places in the world. That makes Batam Riau a sweet tourist paradise for the residents there- away from the hustle and bustle. Just around half a century ago, Batam Riau was almost non-existing. Well, maybe not entirely, but there were a very few cars visible around here and there… basically an idea of a village.

Speak of the Resort: Nuvasa Bay

When you surf up for the name ‘Nuvasa Bay’, you’ll probably come up with something like ‘Nuvasa Bay: New Face of Batam’. This is a residential area and frankly, I don’t know if it’s open now or anything about it. My best guess is that it is the rest of the larger part of the place I visited. But anyway, the part that I’d been to, seemed to be just a resort. This place is relatively new. I’ve been in and out of Batam Riau for over 10 years now and I came to know about Nuvasa Bay this year. So I and my family gave it a visit… and believe me, the beach is great!

A couple of things to keep in mind

You’re visiting a beach, what could possibly be a few more things that I’d look to add? You’re right about that. Just make sure you get yourself a cap or an umbrella when you visit. Sure, the resort does offer a lot of shade around, but the entrance to Nuvasa Bay is a roundabout with a metal structure in the middle. I can’t describe it as I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it was one of a kind. If you think this looks fascinating, then there are a couple of other structures which look pretty cool too. As you can see, it looks great, but it has no shade around. It’s beautiful that way. So if you wish to take a look around by walk, then make sure to cover up your skin… or at least your face. With no sort of shades on, the heat in Indonesia can be a serious issue (not if you live on the equator line too though), especially for your skin. Do make sure you get your caps or umbrellas or whatever is comfortable.

Quad bike riding

You can get banana rides and boat rides all over Batam, but not this. I didn’t get to do this myself but Nuvasa Bay is one of the few spots that offer quad bike riding. Wish to give it a try? Then here’s the right spot for you! Anyway, that would be all for you to be aware of… Have a great vacation!          

Manas Patil

Hello, I am Manas, a seventeen-year-old college(just passed out now) student who loves to write! Although I’m an Indian, I’ve spent a substantial amount of time living in Indonesia. I love to visit places from time to time. I also speak about various different subjects and I’m still learning… now I blog and develop my site frequently…