Nightlife In Krakow

January 1, 1970

by Ay Rin

Krakow is repeatedly being presented as a cultural pulse of Poland, referring to architecture, historical sites, and a wide range of public performances. On the other hand, this lovely city treasures rich underground culture within its streets, as well. The very expansion of Krakow’s alternative scene appears as a result of growing number of foreign students and inquisitive tourists. The Main Square – Rynek Glowny – is always overwhelmed with vigorous people that circulate from place to place until the morning, or even tomorrow afternoon. The beauty of the nightlife in Krakow lies in its diversity – from pubs to various types of clubs and open-air events.

Useful Tips

  • Take an uber/taxi only if it happens to be necessary. Clubs and pubs are mostly concentrated in the very Old Town, or nearby, and they are not far from each other.
  • Stick to comfortable clothes, unless you plan to go to places that require a specific dress code. Otherwise, clothes and shoes that limit freedom and movement of your body won’t work for you. Of course, you want to spruce up, but there’s no need for overdoing it.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you go alone, or with a group,  you’ll end up having fun. Personally, I went to 90% of events by myself, had an amazing time, and met new people.

The great thing about The Main Square is a free wi-fi. It helped me a lot, especially at around 1am/2am when I wanted to check other events and continue to party somewhere else. Wherever you go, you are neither early nor late.

Prozak 2.0.

Situated in a medieval basement at Plac Dominikanski, this place has persisted as one of the oldest underground epicenters of Krakow. The interior looks like a maze that spreads over 2 levels with 3 dancefloors, bars, and chillout zones. The club is known for rave parties and various famous names of techno scene (e.g. SNTS, Kollektiv Turmstrasse and etc.) that performed behind its DJ pult.

Szpitalna 1

What makes this club interesting is its “rabbit hole” trait– it’s not easy to find it at first. The entrance seems like a casual cocktail bar, but once you get in, the stairs will lead you to the dark, underground atmosphere and strong sound system.  A labyrinth-like spacious venue allows people to dance, and also to circulate between bars and chill out zones. While vodka is known to be the most popular drink in other places in Krakow, here you can also enjoy a quality beer. Last but not least, don’t miss the great cocktails here. Ask for the recommendation if you are unsure which one to try.
The program this place offers varies from raves  (techno, acid, electro, disco) to rock and blues concerts.

Święta Krowa

I was searching for this place through the Florianska street and suddenly, I saw a board that says “Holly Cow!”  in front of the hallway. Probably you assume this is another rabbit-hole bar/club. As you approach the stairs at the end of the hallway, the music becomes louder. The stairs lead to this lovely little underground, cozy nest, with a small bar, chill zone, and a dancefloor. Various parties and performances happen here.


The former tobacco factory in Dolnych Młynów has been drawing attention since its conversion into the urban hotspot. This complex is friendly towards artists and passionate people interested in culture, with creative initiatives and business ideas. Tytano is gradually setting new directions in culture, entertainment, and design, therefore becoming one of the greatest cultural showcases of Poland.

Nightlife has been taken to a whole new level since Tytano’s revival and growing popularity of its nightclub and bars. Below you can read about some of my personal favorites, but in general, I suggest to check out other places too.

Zet Pe Te

With its ancient industrial environment, Zet Pe Te definitely deserves to be placed among the world’s best underground clubs. People usually compare it with giants such as Berghain because of raw underground vibe and unreal sound system. Besides regular rave parties (psychedelic trance, techno, drum n bass, dubstep and etc.), this place includes other types of entertainment. Two spacious levels and a backyard offer a variety of possibilities for those who are willing to experiment with their ideas. For example, you can organize your own festival. That is why Zet Pe Te is recognized as a melting pot of creative initiatives, art, and underground scene.

zetpete tytano tytano zetpete festival

Weźże Krafta

This amazing place embodies cozy, industrial environment of bricks, columns supporting the ceiling beams and 25 craft beer taps. Those who seek such pub experience will definitely enjoy here. What is so special about craft beer is that such beer is not brewed by any big brewery corporation. It is “crafted” rather than “manufactured”, and each beer brings a special experience to consumers.  Do not hesitate to ask professional bartenders for a recommendation, as they will gladly introduce you to the palette of Polish and foreign craft beers. As a huge beer lover, I highly suggest this pub.

Hala Główna

The next door bar “Hala Główna” is the newly open place, with interior decorated in the industrial spirit of Tytano. Besides 10 taps of craft beer, you can enjoy different types of cocktails.


When you enter this place, make sure to get along with its main philosophy: “Ready to drink!”. This is the only place in Krakow that offers locally produced alcoholic cocktails, which you can try before buying. Beers are also great, and let me tell you that you’ll be amazed by some sorts you haven’t tried before. For example, I was reluctant to try a beer with lemon at first, but pleasantly surprised later.
MashRoom is known as a meeting spot for all those who appreciate not just excellent drinks, but also an alternative environment of psychedelic black-lit art. During daytime, it’s perfect for light drinks, coffee and snacks, but in the evening MashRoom shows different colors to its guests. The music is carefully selected and perfectly adjusted to the atmosphere under the unusual ceiling canopy made of plastic cups.


Ay Rin

By Ay Rin

Irina used to be an active marathon swimmer and she has kept that mode on. She swims through opportunities that make her expand her views and keep her blood pumping at the same time. As a traveler, she is guided by a desire to find something unique, raw and unfiltered about places she visits.


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