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I was born and raised in Ngong town which is located on the foot of Ngong hills and spreads to the urban towns nearby. The name Ngong means knuckles in Maasai language due to the four prominent hills that resemble the hand knuckles. The town is in Kajiado county in the and part of Kajiado North.


The town is connected by two main roads namely the Ngong road and the Kiserian-Rongai road. However, I prefer the southern bypass which begins on Mombasa road or can join from Langata road and leave on Lenana road. It generally takes forty minutes to travel from Nairobi, the country’s capital, to Ngong town when the traffic is minimal but, I might take up to two hours when traffic becomes crazy.

climate and indigenous communities.

Kenya does not have seasons however its climate around the region is cold and dry in June, July and sometimes August while the hot and wet climate on March April and May and September to December. The hot and dry climate is from the January, February, and first weeks of March. The town is made up of various communities including the Maasai community which issued for its tradition and culture. Majority of the homesteads consist of the middle class with a large forest cover giving it a peaceful ambiance. Ngong town has one shopping mall where you can find items that one may require. Most if not all social amenities are found in Ngong including primary, secondary and boarding schools, hospitals, petrol stations, banks among others. As we speak, the town is undergoing various developments such as road expansion to dual carriage that I believe will drastically reduce traffic. The estates around are also getting their roads tarmacked to make sure that movement is efficient and that investors can reach. Investors say it’s much better to invest in Ngong town than in Karen. They say Ngong is a developing rural-urban center even Karen folks come to shop there. Below is a picture of the sunset taken from my home.


The major food delicacy in Ngong is the renowned “nyamachoma” where meat normally steak that is roasted over charcoal and is served with ”ugali” (maize flour that is cooked or baked to form a round like sized dough) and kachumbari (a mixture of sliced and chopped onions, tomatoes and pepper). Apart from that, there are street foods such as sausage, hot dogs, boiled eggs, corn, chicken wings among others. Like every growing town around the town has a market and a stadium. The market consists of foodstuffs that you wouldn’t find in the malls and supermarket, or you will find them at a lower price.

famous matatu culture.

The matatu culture also known as ma3 is a very attractive sight and a distractive one depending on your age. Matatu is a minibus or bus used as a means of transport. Matatus that are decorated and filled with speakers, screens, and wifi are known as “nganya”. This is normally done to attract the youth who are the majority of travelers and have a liking for music. The generation is normally referred to as a digital generation of youths. Apart from the loud music and screens, these “nganyas” are seen as very effective as they are fast and use all means capable of maneuvering their way to set destinations. They are seen as disruptive to the elderly and older people of the community as they dislike the music and sometimes nudity displayed on the screens of some songs. The overlapping also causes traffics and in some very rare extremes accidents but I normally use them on a daily basis as I go to school as they are cheaper than using taxi and Uber. Below are examples of such buses;     If you are an investor and thinking of ways to earn money around Kenya just come to Ngong and invest in real estate. On a daily basis around two to three houses are being constructed and given the proximity to the capital city, this is a hotbed of profit. Security has been there and the area has never experienced hostility such as tribal and ethnic clashes ever which I can say is pretty impressive.

things to do while in ngong.

The town has an advantage to being located in the Ngong hills, and its closeness to the capital makes it a favorable destination to visit. One can begin by visiting the hills taking a hike or a picnic to the wind turbines. The Oloolua nature walk is among them where people engage in activities. The town has various restaurants located all over and also on top of the hill. Yes, you heard me the compass hotels is placed gracefully on one of the hills and serves as a beautiful scenery of the town below. The hotel holds various activities such as zip lining, hiking, archery among others, considering that Ngong spread to very many nearby towns there are resorts such as Imani resort with various pools and foods of all sorts. Ishangu gardens, Nashepa gardens, and Shalom hills are very exciting places to be. The food there is usually good and friendly environment for picnics. I always recommend doing one of those things. Below is an image of the Kompass hotel and the kind of food/activity offered;  

best places to eat.

This can be a bit tough depending on what you normally prefer to eat, but there are two restaurants that I love going to. Table 54 and bon ape tit as they serve the best chips and also other delicacies. Apart from that, the compass hotel has great food, and I mean great food cooked by the best chefs around.  

must see.

For me the must-see include; -> the view of the rift valley escarpments from Ngong hills, this is a must as the view is breathtaking and beautiful, and the view of Nairobi. ->the wind turbines on the hills are a peaceful site as you get to relax with your family and friends. -> the matatu culture is very prominent in Kenya and visible around the town. References; INFORMARTIONCRADLE.COM. BreakawayExpedition-Tour “FOUR DAYS – OLOGASAILE / MAGADI(BEAS08).

Godfrey Kevin

My name is Godfrey Kevin. A student and part time biochemist technician.