New Zealand : Motueka

July 13, 2016

by Shuwei-low

“Finally, it’s Sunday!! Let’s go outing, dude!”

Felt so tired on my kiwi pack house job. Monday to Saturday, at least 8 hours per day, sometimes will go to 12 hours per day. It had been 2 weeks since we were in Motueka for kiwi job.

Motueka is the only city with kiwi pack house in the south island. There are plenty of apple packhouse in Motueka too. So, when the season is there, everyone comes Motueka for jobs and so I do.

Motueka located at the north part of the south island, in Tasman District. This town is very near to Able Tasman National Park, which is the smallest national park in New Zealand. Although it is small but there is a lot of outdoor activities!

If you drive further to the north, you will reach Golden Bay. There are a lot of attractions in this area, such as Cape Farewell which is the northern end of South Island, Farewell Spit which is the longest sand spit in New Zealand, Wharariki Beach also known as Archway Island which I saw it on my Windows 10 wallpaper.

What to do at Motueka for one day trip?

1. Kaiteriteri beach


Kaiteriteri Beach located at the north of Motueka, it is just 20 minutes drive from there. It is known for its clear water and golden sand. It’s sunny day! A beautiful view, isn’t it?

Take off your slippers, walk on the beach.

If you plan to spend one day here, there are plenty activities to do, such as kayaking, abseiling, mountain biking, snorkeling and etc.

We just stopped here for half an hour. Walked along the beach and took some beautiful pictures. Why don’t you go for kayaking? I will but next time.


2. Split apple rock


Around 6km from Kaiteriteri beach thru Kaiteriteri-Sandy Bay Road, continue with Tokangawha Dr, you will reach the entrance of walkway to split apple rock, 15 minutes easy walking way to reach the beach.

It is a rock in the shape of an apple which has been cut into half, named “Split Apple Rock”. This is a very famous tourist attraction in Tasman Bay.

If you pick a kayaking tour at Kaiteriteri, depart from Kaiteriteri Beach, go to the north, get up to Split Apple Rock. You will get close enough to see the Split Apple Rock.

I am just standing on the beach, far away from the rock, use my semi-pro camera, zoom in and take a photo. So sad…


3. The Fat Tui


After a visit to Split Apple Rock, it’s time for lunch!

At Queenstown, you must try the most famous burger in town, Ferburger. At Marahau, The Fat Tui please!! Here is the only burger stall with Mussel Burger. If you are mussel lovers, don’t miss it!!

I reached here by 11.45am, it is closed! I was shocked, the information I got from the internet told me that it is open on Sunday. Walk closer and look at the notice board, written, “Open Wednesday to Monday 12pm to 8pm ”. Let’s wait!


Finally, it’s open! More and more customers are coming but there are only 2 workers here. So, it might take a couple of time to serve our orders. The burger is bigger than my face, too big for me, I can’t finish it.

So, fishnchip is here and my favourite hot chocolate. It takes more than half an hour to serve our food but worth it. Fish is so fresh and chewy. Yummy~~

DSC01064-2 DSC01060-2


4. Harwood’s Hole

Harwood hole is the deepest vertical shaft in New Zealand which is around 180m.

At State highway 60, near the top of Takaka Hill, you will see a sign board written, “Hardwood’s Hole”. Follow the sign board, follow the unsealed road for 11 km. Please drive carefully along this road because the road is so narrow.

When I was there on the way to Canaan Carpark, I had a thought to make a U-turn and go back home. Why? The unsealed road really doesn’t make me feel like it will lead me to Harwood’s Hole. But luckily I didn’t follow my thought. Finally, we reached the entrance of Harwood’s Hole.


There are few things have to take note before you heading to Harwood’s Hole.

  • Check the weather before depart. It might be dangerous since the water level may be high after heavy rain. If the weather forecast state will be raining, please don’t enter the cave.
  • Wear clothes that keep you warm. The cave is around 6oc to 8oc even during summer.


The Harwood’s Hole track is an easy walking track that takes 45 minutes one way. Walk through beech forest with huge limestone rock. There is no sunlight exposure in the forest, therefore the humidity is high and causes the road slippery. Walk carefully step by step, please don’t jump and run. It is dangerous!!

When coming to the end of the track, there is the edge of the hole. You can walk closer to the edge and look down to the hole but there are no barriers. Take your own risk!


The view from the edge is really amazed me. Luckily, I am not fear of height or else I have no chance to see this amazing view. I can’t walk closer to see how deep this hole is. So, I elongate my selfie stick and take a video by using my go pro camera.


There is another option if you don’t want to exit through the same way which is exiting through Starlight Cave. Please do some research before depart and make sure everything needed is ready. I am so scared of walking down to the Starlight Cave. The route is not obvious at all. Therefore, I just walk until the edge, stay for around half an hour then go back.

Besides, abseiling is also available here. But here is not a place to learn abseiling, only suitable for experienced abseiler.

When I was walking back to Canaan Carpark, I met a group of tourist from China who are all elderly. They are courage enough to be here. Good luck!


By Shuwei-low

I have been traveling to some countries at South East Asia, such as Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. Currently at New Zealand with working holiday visa.


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