New Caledonia: 6 fascinating places to explore.

  Thanks to a friend I was fortunate to arrive at this destination that I had no idea existed, I did not even know how to locate it on the map, I arrived here 1 month ago and you can’t imagine the experiences and adventures I have lived until now. so let’s get started… New Caledonia? I’m sure many of you haven’t heard anything about this country, so here I am to share my experience in this little-known paradise. To start New Caledonia also known as the Heart of the Pacific It is a country that is part of France, that means it is French Territory in the overseas is located in the south of the Pacific Ocean, to get a clearer idea this in the middle of New Zealand and Australia. So you can get there on a direct flight from either place. New Caledonia is the perfect place for hiking, adventures, enjoying the splendor of nature, diving, and snorkeling. Here you will find one of the largest lagoons in the world with abundant marine species, natural pools and more. I love this place because unlike other places there is not much tourist traffic and that allows you to enjoy quiet beaches with white sand and crystal clear blue waters that lead you to enjoy a total state of relaxation … It is all a paradise no! Noumea is the capital of New Caledonia, it is a spectacular place where you find a variety of restaurants and shops with its special French touch, magnificent views, where you can also enjoy places completely natural. Noumea is a combination of culture and styles, it’s one of those places where you can enjoy the diversity of cultures, architecture, and fun all in one place. So when you get to Noumea you don’t have to stop visiting and exploring these places:

1.Ouen toro natural park.

If you like to spend time in the outdoors you can not miss visiting this natural park, you can explore it and enjoy a 360-degree view of the city, its mountains, and hills. On a splendid and pleasant walk, you can observe the historical remains of the Second War and enjoy the biodiversity that this beautiful place has. or if you prefer you can also just take a tour by car you will enjoy either option.    

2.Mount Kogui

the perfect place to hike and enjoy the splendor of nature on a pleasant hike surrounded by high shrubs, streams of freshwater and breathing fresh air, to reach the top you must walk for about two and a half hours to enjoy a splendid view or if you are not as well physical as I can just take a shorter tour and equally enjoy a magnificent walk in the middle of nature. You can’t imagine the air so pure that you can breathe from there.  

3.Noumea Lagoons Aquarium.

The aquarium is one of the most popular attractions in Noumea, you can tour it on your own or take a guided tour where they explain about the species and a bit of history. In this place, we can observe the different Marine species, turtle pool and more. what makes this place special is that it is the only one in the world where you find fluorescent corals and observe the organisms in its natural room, the aquarium Has a circuit that takes water directly from the bay. It’s an experience you’re really going to enjoy.   

4.The Amedee lighthouse.

A spectacular place where you can enjoy the turquoise waters of the Lagoon, the great reef, the big mountains and the view from the only Metal Lighthouse, observe a great variety of marine species, it is a splendid place to swim next to the turtles and colorful fishes. ( a recommendation  the Amedee is a protected area for the UNESCO that means that fishing is prohibited). something that really me It impresses in this place that is the habit of a kind of snakes, which can be a harmless (if not disturbed) just be careful. this is a place where you live an adventure and experience. It’s a must-see, you must not miss you will love it.         

5.Bay of Citrones.

If you want some partying and fun I recommend the Bay of Citrones, an extensive street where you will find excellent places to have a cocktail, good music, where you can enjoy a delicious meal or an ice cream while watching the sunset. It is perfect to spend a pleasant time and relax. or if you want some nightlife, I recommend MV LOUNGE is an excellent place to spend a truly unforgettable night, enjoying good music and also take a dancing class, a delicious meal, and excellent cocktails.   

6.Lifou loyalty island

The Paradise is how I call Lifou, one of the 5 islands that are part of New Caledonia, is a jewel that will surprise you. and definitely, you must discover the magic they have. Lifou is characterized by its splendid landscapes, combining pure beaches, cliffs and deep forests. is a place where you can contemplate the majesty of the sea from its cliffs, explore the caves that are full of stories, Lifou, is one of those places that offer a  total closer with nature and marine life, one of those places That worth exploring in its entirety. there are white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. it is the perfect place if you want experiences and enjoying a state of total relaxation is literally a paradise. it’s one of the quietest and most beautiful places I’ve ever be and one of my favorites. Like I said, a whole paradise !!!          

Places to add to your list:

  1. Pine Islan
  2. NY Waterfall
  3. Blue River Park
  4. World War II Museum
  5. The Tibau cultural center.
  6. Islote Canard
  7. Restaurante L’entrecote in 360
  8. Route of Yate-gite de Iya.
  9. loyalty islands
  10. Coconut Palm Square.
I hope you will also have the opportunity to meet and explore this magnificent destination. With much love for you, my Travelers.

JuLii Cordoba

Juliana cordoba an extroverted, friendly, enterprising and charismatic Colombian, passionate about exploring the world and living extraordinary experiences every day. I am a tourist management, this field allowed me to meet and learn from all kinds of people from different parts of the world, I have had the opportunity to visit countries such as United States, Mexico and Canada, i currently find myself living in a paradise called new Caledonia a place from which until very recently I knew it existed but for the short time I have been here I have enjoyed and lived wonderful experience. I hope there are many adventures that I can continue to realize and share with you. it’s little I can express but I hope I have the opportunity to keep doing a big hug my friends with love la Parcera Juli.