Mykonos, Athens : Mesmerizing White & Blue Greece

Mykonos, Athens Trip to Cyclades islands – Being my first ever travel Blog, I have decided to share the best travel experience I have had till now about my Honeymoon trip to the most mesmerizing country in Europe. The love for Greece had started the moment me and my partner decided that Greece was our Honeymoon destination, the love for the country grew stronger ,the more we dived in for the places to visit in Greece –finalized  our list with visiting three cities –  Athens , Mykonos and Santorini. IMG_7017


Six hour picturesque Star Ferry Journey from Athens left me spellbound.  The Deep blue waters stunningly crystal clear Blue skies and the white waves made through the propellers are still unmarked in my mind.  This Journey had an adventurous docking due to rough waters, but totally worth the ride as brought us to this splendid Island. IMG_0285 We stayed at this blissful paradise – Rocabella Art Hotel and Spa, with the most hospitable staff. This magnificent Boutique Hotel is built on a cliff, with all white interiors and exteriors – a personal balcony with Jacuzzi in each room with an incredible view of Aegean Sea with private yachts docked at the shore. IMG_0229 They welcomed us with a white wine and sundried Tomatoes (Specialty) which we had almost every day during this ten day trip.  The breakfast they served was sumptuous home baked cheese and spinach croissant and Fresh Milk from Greek Farms which I loved so much that used to ask from the friendly staf  thrice in a day .       IMG_0224 IMG_0270    

Mykonos is known for its Sea Side Cafes, clubs and Beach parties, but the time we traveled was February which was very cold and peaceful – exactly the way we had wished for. We took an afternoon stroll in this small island where only few cafes were opened – the first lunch was near Little Venice where the town is made right at the shore of the sea and the Buildings’ Balconies overlook the sea.  The blend of Golden and pink sunset through the windmills was one magical moment I can’t take out of my mind.

church                                                                                              IMG_7076 Next day we hired a car to explore the island, which was not limited to the main town. We reached this small village of Ano Mera , the most populated village in Mykonos , where only entertainment for locals was sitting together in cafes and singing and dancing .IMG_7396 We felt the other side of life which is so serene and content. We enjoyed the divine pastries a specialty of this small village at the gorgeous pink Elina Beach.       IMG_7426One can also enjoy the sunset with   drinks at the beach side café. IMG_0369 The next day was spent just strolling around the town, eating the delicacies and we also had their traditional Greek tea. We found two peculiar things in Mykonos one is the Pelican bird and other there were  number of cats  roaming around the town. The best way to explore Mykonos is through a walk and getting lost – which we were told right in the beginning that if you are in Mykonos you have to get lost, but the very friendly and helpful people would make one reach back to the destination. IMG_0465 The last day in Mykonos we rode to the edge of the island – like literally to the edge which was the  Armenistis Lighthouse IMG_7622hanging right  on the Cliff above the Aegean sea. The light house can be accessed from the  Saint Stefanos road. The scenic Landscape of boats coming and departing the island is the main attraction around  this lighthouse. The nights in Mykonos was miraculous with clear skies with bright stars  easily finding the constellations .   Places to Visit: Little Venice, Ano Mera, Armenistis Lighthouse, Ellina Beach,  Town Hall , Wind Mills.IMG_0485 Cafes :  O’Bati- Awsum food and beautiful location ,  Lucky Fish Mykonos is mostly closed in Winters -Best visited from March to August( when everything is open). How to reach Mykonos:  Through Star Ferry Cruises or Through Aegean Airlines. IMG_7111    IMG_7114       IMG_7149  

“Athens” Back to City :                    IMG_7650

The historical city of Europe with grand monuments makes Athens a Heritage.  The main attraction is the Acropolis – which showcases the contemporary works of Art.  The view of entire Athens from Acropolis is breathtaking.

IMG_0618 What to do in Athens: Walk to the traditional houses on the Plaka Street, Shopping at the Ermou Street which is right opposite the Parliament – which is another piece of architecture to be seen which is in the Central square of Athens is on the east side of Syntagma Square Peaceful stroll at the National Garden located next to the Syntagma Square.   Athens History can be best revisited by watching a nice show or concert which are held in different parts of the city. One can enjoy the long historical walks of this city with 100 of cafes beside the road.    IMG_7900 IMG_7905 Where To Stay: The best of Hotels can be found in The Attica (Athens). We stayed at the Novotel Hotel – a comfortable and relaxing stay, Nearby Local Cafes serve great food.   Why would I Come Back to Greece:  Due to not being able to reach Santorini – an island overlooking the Aegan sea – visit the unusual black and Red Beaches which have black and pink sand respectively. Would stay at this magnificent Suites of the Gods Hotel and Spa- A Luxury Hotel, will definitely come back to this missed beautiful island. IMG_7625 Greece is a must visit once in a lifetime, has a distinctive feel all together when compared to other countries of Europe. The serenity, the golden and Pink Sunsets, the inimitable blend of blue sky and the white houses with blue painted windows  and flowers like poppies , lilies , and other wild flowers hanging down. It is one of the most romantic and blissful country. My eyes have locked this quaint landscape and  thrown the keys so as nothing or no one can take my experience away. How To Reach Greece: Reaching Greece is very easy – it has an international Airport at Athens which is connected to all the major countries. Through waters its connected with the neighboring countries. The islands in Greece are well connected through water and air.   IMG_7631    


I love to travel , explore and live the experiences . A small initiative to pen down how beautiful this world is in my mind . Feel the experience through my eyes…..