My Venezuela

January 1, 1970

by Carlaines

About Venezuela

Everyone in this planet knows Venezuela. Venezuela is the country with the most beautiful women in the world. It’s the country with the biggest oil reserves. It’s one of the most visited countries in South-America. Venezuela has beautiful beaches at the Caribbean Sea. They have warm water, palm trees, many restaurants and hotels to visit.
When i was living there, i meet very well three states:
• Aragua
• Carabobo
• Nueva Esparta.

About Nueva Esparta

Is the most famous because it has three islands: Margarita, Coche and Cubagua.

My mother’s family lives in Margarita, at San Juan and Porlamar. Porlamar is the heart of the island, because there are the main hotels, the best disco clubs, the best restaurants, and shopping center. I enjoyed Margarita by day at the beaches and by night at Porlamar. Coche and Cubagua are gorgeous, but there are only beaches and a few hotels. Juangriego has a bay, famous because of the sunsets.

About Aragua

Is the state where my father’s family lives,where i lived my adolescence. It is a state where the mountainous area dominated: the National Park Henri Pittier, with 7800 Ha. Henri Pittier was the first national park in the country.At the other side of the mountain is the beautiful coast of the Caribbean Sea . Cata, El Playón,Choroni and Cuyagua are the main beaches.

La Victoria and Zuata: city and countryside , where i grew up.They still living nearby El Rodeo Social Club.

It has two pools, one restaurant, one bar and softball, basket,tennis and football stadium. For the kids, there is a park.We had fun there.Many birthdays, Carnivals parties, weekends with friends we enjoyed in that club. I still remember when i went to bed to tan facing the pool, listening to music that placed the Dj. In that club each partner of the club can use the space to do barbecue. My father’s family loves to play domino and drinking beer. That club was a famous place in the 90’s, where many Venezuelan singers were presented.

How to get to El Rodeo Social Club

You just need to pick a bus to Zuata from La Victoria.

La Victoria it is a city known for the colonial zone, which is widely used to film scenes from novels. Is also known for to be next to Caracas and Valencia, the two main cities of the country. What i like more about La Victoria is Plaza Ribas because the Church there is big and beautiful, is the prefered place to photograph and to take a walk. You can eat ice-cream, and popcorn and sit for a while to see the sunset or the kids playing. Nearby is the Cuartel Montilla is a beautiful castle where the tourist loves to visit. I loved the city celebrations on February 12th because all the school’s bands they parading all the La Victoria‘s downtown. Sometimes that celebration was in Carnival so everybody parading with customes and music, and the election of the queen was the big moment of the night. The baseball stadium was the place selected to do that event.

You can go by two ways to Maracay

 going to La Victoria and pick the highway named Autopista Regional del Centro and follow Maracay direction or pick a bus to Maracay.
 going to San Mateo and enter to the highway.
San Mateo: My father always prefered going to San Mateo because he loves the view. When we arrive to Venezuela at 1999 , my father worked with my uncle in a farm named Bendieca, on the way to San Mateo. At that time all the farms were productive, so that way was beautiful to see. Some farms had pigs, cows, bulls, chickens, many flowers, like Bendieca. I remember Bendieca had a big house with many bedrooms, and pools,and Sr, Félix was the caring.
My uncle was the administrator. Few years later, the farm change the administrative department, and change the name too. The new name is Belize.
From 2010 most of the farms doesn’t work. And the way to San Mateo it’s not so beautiful right now. But like i said before, it’s another way to go to Maracay.
Maracay : is called the Garden City of Venezuela. It’s a very important industrial city. For 27 years was the main city of Venezuela.

Where to go in Maracay

We went many times to Maracay, the Aragua’s main city to visit:
• Shopping Centers
• Churches
• Baseball Stadium
•Football Stadium
• going out with friends at restaurants, disco, cinema.
• Madre Maria de San José Sanctuary: was the first blessed recognized by the Catholic Church from the country. Her sanctuary is in the downtown.
• Is the city with more museums.

About Carabobo

Valencia: was the next city where i lived. I studied Chemical Engineer at Universidad de Carabobo.

What to do In Valencia:

• Go to the Francisco Penalver Park:workout, make picnic with friends, play with your kids, and breathe pure air. From the University you can pick a bus to Av Bolivar and stay in Tijerazo and walk down the street.
Sambil Valencia:The main shopping center in .I went to cinema every Mondays and it was the family favourite place to go to lunch on weekends.
Naguanagua: where is Universidad de Carabobo, and two Shopping Center: La Granja and Cristal,and tennis camp.
San Diego. San Diego is the best place to live in Carabobo, many times prize the second best place to live in Venezuela. In San Diego you can see clean streets, you feel safe any hour on the day. Has the second main Shopping Center in Carabobo : Metropolis . In the roof are many bars and restaurants, so it’s perfect to go in a Friday night with friends. And it’s a very good place to start the pre-party and then go to Calle Los Cafés in El Vinedo.
El Vinedo:To go from Metrópolis you can go in a bus to El Vinedo or Av Bolivar and from Av Bolivar, pick another bus to El Vinedo.


  • La Victoria
  • Valencia
  • Margarita

By Carlaines

I am Carla, i love to travel. I grew up in Portugal and Venezuela, and all of you will know my travel experiences.


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