My Top Ten Must-Do's in Dunsborough

Dunsborough, a place of magical beauty. I was lucky and lived there for about four months and explored every hidden corner. For those of you who are in Western Australia, you have to make a detour to Dunsborough! If you have just been in Perth or other cities this town will seem so tiny to you. The town itself is pretty much just one road, the Dunn Bay Road. You will find everything you need just there, in the town centre. From super markets like Coles and IGA to restaurants and bars. What else do you really need in your holidays? Right, nothing. But now to my top ten of Dunsborough:

1. Lighthouse and Cape Naturaliste

You will find most attractions on the way up to the lighthouse but let’s start just here. The lighthouse was built in 1903 and still looks beautiful. Its not as big as some others I have seen so far but still worth seeing. From there you can take different trails to explore the Cape Naturaliste National park and enjoy some pretty views over the ocean.

2. Bunker Bay

I think Bunker bay is my favorite place to enjoy the beach around this area. You can find some pretty spots to jump into the water or just relax at the beach. You can also climb on some rocks if you go along the beach and if you are lucky you can watch some whales from there. Whale season is from January till April in Western Australia. You could also go on a cruise to watch them from a closer distance. If you would like to get full relaxation you can book an appointment at the Spa from the Pullman Resort.

3. Sugarloaf Rock

This place is amazing to watch the sunset. In summer days you can also go rock jumping there. Various hiking trails around this area give you the option to explore the Cape Naturaliste sights one after the other.

4. Meelup Beach

This beach is the most busiest I would say. If you don’t mind many people it is lovely to go there and cool down in the turquoise colored ocean. For some reason even if its not a huge distance to the other beaches, the water seems to have a different color everywhere.  At this beach you can also rent boards to try stand up paddling or rent a kayak.

5. Castle Rock

The beach there is way more quiet than meelup beach even if its just 20 minutes walkway from it. But you can also drive there and stay there in case you aren’t a big fan of much tourism. But if you want to go to the actual castle rock you still have to hike there for a couple of minutes as its not straight on the car park. I recommend wearing shoes as there are always some tiny sharp stones which can be really hurting.

6. Canal Rocks in Yallingup

Just another 20 minutes outside of Dunsborough, following the Caves Road, you will find the most amazing place, the Canal rocks. Already when you drive down to the car park you have the first view over the whole spectacle. There you can use the boardwalk to go to the north side of the rocks. In summer you can also jump from the bridge into the water, but be careful of the rocks! Not only the view from the boardwalk is breathtaking, also if you climb on the rocks or walk around on the other side and watch the waves splashing on the rocks from there. Watching the sunset from there is the best time to be there.

7. Natural Pool in Yallingup

Also in Yallingup you find the Natural Pools or the „Aquarium“. Its not as popular yet but if you’re around that area you have to be there. Surrounded by rocks you will find a pool, also with littler rock inside. You can swim in there or sit on the rocks and just cool down your feet. If you are with the back on the rocks on a certain spot there you can get like a cold shower from the ocean when the waves are high enough and break through over the rocks.

8. Busselton

If you are in Dunsborough you can’t miss Busselton either. Its a 20 minute drive from the town centre. Enjoy the longest Jetty at the main beach or walk through the shops and explore the history.

9. Margaret river

If you are a fan of wine, cheese or chocolate you have to do a vine tasting tour either by yourself or with a guided tour. From Dunsborough down to Margaret river you will find one vinery after the other, most of them offer free tastings. Don’t miss the chocolate factory! Also the Margaret river Dairy Company, they have some delicious cheese!

10. Augusta

If you have a little longer time, make a day trip to Augusta. Augusta is the most southern town in Western Australia. Visit the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, the old water wheel or try some delicious pastry at a local bakery. On the way back to Dunsborough (or already on the way down) you can stop at the Hamelin Bay, drive through the Boranup Forest and experience one of the highest tree kinds of the world. I love stopping just somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and mostly those places are my favorites. The hidden gems how I would say.


Where to stay in Dunsborough? You can stay in five star hotels like the Pullman Resort at Bunker Bay. Other than this you have still many options to live in Dunsborough on a budget. A couple of different hostels are located just at the towncentre. Therefore you could also book some great accommodations via airbnb or local hosts and have your own private beach house for your holidays. Either way, there are plenty ways to enjoy Dunsboroughs beauty. I hope one day you will find your way to this magnificent place. If you have already been there what did you like most? Love, Laura

Laura Könnicke

Hi, my name is Laura, I am 20 summers young and from a little town in Germany. Traveling is my greatest passion.