My Bali Love Affair

January 1, 1970

by Addicted2Travelling

My Bali Love Affair!

Bali, Indonesia. The first time I fell in love with the beautiful island of Bali was in 2005 – on a family holiday for my 13th birthday. So since 2005 I have run back to Bali to continue my love affair more than once a year and I continue to fall in love with Bali and everything the beautiful island has to offer – the weather, the people, the food and the culture.


Anyone up for a massage?

Oh, is there anything better than stepping out of the ridiculously hot and humid,  heat stricken weather into a beautifully cold air-conditioned salon to receive a one hour full body massage in a private room for a whopping AUD $8!! I can not think of a better way to relax and unwind, especially after sitting on a plane for 6 hours. And for $8, who could resist?


Or perhaps a few drinks with your feet in the sand?

Or if you are not one for a massage, how about heading down to the beach to sit at one of the ‘beach bars’ – typically a couple of eskies on the beach with countless plastic chairs. Kick off your shoes, burry your feet in the sand and start ordering away! It will cost you about $2/drink.
Shopping can be done all from your plastic beach chair! Anything from clothes, jewellery, watches, sunglasses, sarongs, cigarettes, make up and toys.
If you happen to be in Bali at the right time of the year they do turtle releases on Kuta beach also. Children have priority. You get your little turtle in a rectangle plastic Chinese container, carry it close to the water and release them along a line drawn in the sand. The gorgeous little turtles then make their way into the water whilst everyone cheers them along. It’s a magical experience.



Why not visit Finns Beach Club – Uluwatu?

Ahhhhhhhhh – A private beach to relax on a sun bed, snuggle up in a giant beach bean bag, snorkel, kayak, play beach volleyball, sit around a bon fire and eat and drink until your heart is content! It cost about AUD$30 for entry which includes a $15 voucher for food & drinks. The cost of food and drinks are expensive compared to the usual Bali prices in cafe’s and restaurants but happy hour does begin just before sundown and can get to 50% off all food and drink prices!
Although there is a cable car that takes you down the mountain please ensure you are willing and able to walk down and back up the many stairs. Beautiful bathroom facilities including a shower.




Are you one to become very bored, very quickly lazing around in the sun sipping on cocktails all day? Then why not head off on a day of adventure! Bali offers many tours and activities which are offered¬† in many other countries but the prices are so ridiculously cheap that they can’t even be compared!

Quad biking in the rice fields

WOW! This was such an amazing experience! I had never been on a quad bike before the ATV quad bike tour but they were quite easy to ride (all of ten mins that I rode it – hubby rode most of the time which was the most terrifying thing as he is so confident and cocky on those things!).

The quads cost us about AUD $85pp single or $65pp tandem which included pick up and drop off from our hotel in Kuta (it was about 1.5-2 hour drive and it rained most of the way up there but this was a blessing in disguise. All of that BEAUTIFUL rain meant that we had lots of puddles to have fun in!


White Water Rafting

Again, the more rain the better with this adventure seeking day! If you plan on doing the quads and the white water rafting it is best to plan to do them on the same day as they are located close together and saves a few hours in the bus/car if you are staying somewhere like Kuta.
White water rafting is super fun but not as extreme as other countries (which is probably a good thing in a developing country with limited hospitals).
When booking you white water rafting trip ask for the better one with the drop at the end (this does come with many steps – don’t say I didn’t warn you!)
Expect to pay about AUD $35 – AUD $40 for white water rafting including transfers and lunch!


Water Sports

Water sports is such a big day and we always need to have a nana nap at the end of it all! Everything from parasailing, jet boots, banana boats rides, jet skis and the flying fish. You can pick and choose anything you’d like to do or you can do the whole lot!
Whilst you’re there it is also worthwhile to do turtle island – it’s a short trip in a boat and doesn’t cost too much. You can have lunch there at the little cafe’, touch the turtles and see other animals also.



Yes – that’s right, another water activity. When you are in such a hot humid country the things you appreciate are water, air-conditioners and a bloody cold drink! Waterbom has the water and the drinks. Swim up bar, lazy river, kiddie pool, cafe’s, adrenaline slides and some more tame slides. It defintely is a great day out for all ages!


When are you going?

For me and the hubby, we actually only just got back in February with a trip with 7 others – ‘Bali virgins’. I LOVE going to Bali with friends and people who have never been before. I love ‘re-experiencing’ everything the amazing Bali has to offer.
We will be back though, in May 2016 – not long now! This time we are heading over to the Gilli islands to explore. Apparently the Gilli islands are also known to be the ‘turtle capital of the world’. I look forward to sharing our experiences from the Gilli islands with you all!


Addicted2Travelling xo


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