Must visit places in Malaysia

Malaysia is a place where anyone would find the environment exotic. Especially if you land and walk out of the airport and start perspiring. If you decide to take off your jacket, think twice if your next stop is Genting Highlands. One can either make it to the grand high place with a cable car or a bus. Unlike most of Malaysia, you’ll find yourself almost shivering when you step out.

Genting Highlands

That is the specialty of Genting Highlands. A whole kid’s fantasy land and large luxurious hotels placed on a hilltop which keeps the place chilly at all times of the day. Moreover, Genting Highland is a must see place if you visit Malaysia. So along with your summer wear, don’t forget to keep in a few clothes that’ll keep you warm. Genting Highlands is basically a fun fair with huge rollercoasters, Ferris-wheel, bumping cars, bumping boats, the Columbus and the list is endless. What makes it special is the eternal cold weather. You could actually get lost in the place, so it’s always advisable to keep a map of the area at all times, inside and outside. Another fascinating fact: The Genting Hotel has over six thousand rooms… enough to make up a small town! There isn’t just one building here. There are chains of them which is why one can’t actually take a picture and display the entirety of the Highland.

Petronas Tower

The other place that none of us can really leave out in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is the Petronas Tower. Also popularly known as the KL tower. The second tallest tower and with one of the fastest lifts in the world, it is worth the price. Just as magnificent as the building, the security is equally strong. For a visitor or a tourist, they provide the usual tour. You’ll be taken up to the floor where there is the famous swaying bridge. Yes, that is the uniqueness of the bridge. When there is a certain amount of wind, the whole bridge joining the two twin towers moves. The explanation on why and how it is completely safe and well-designed is explained properly. Unfortunately, when I had visited the place a few years ago, they would not allow tourists to the floors beyond the bridge. This bridge lies somewhere between 80 to 90 floors. You are allowed to walk across the bridge and take a look of the spectacular view of the whole city in almost all directions. Anyway, if you have the phobia of heights, then you can forget going up there! Apart from it, there is the super fast lift to talk about. With a sky-high building like the Petronas Tower, it is logical to have a very fast lift. But how fast? This lift goes up about one and a half floors per second! Before you enter the lift, this will be informed to you. ‘Why’ you ask? Simple. That speed gets you to a similar experience when a plane is taking off or landing. In other words, you will find your ears blocked up or sometimes even get that nauseous sensation as it lifts you up. For younger kids, it would be ideal for them to keep earplugs.


There are a lot of other places that one can visit in Malaysia, but these are the few places that one should never miss out as a traveler or a tourist. And trust me, it’s worth the time and money!  

Manas Patil

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