Must visit beaches in Mombasa

Mombasa is widely recognized for its attractive beaches in Africa and the entire globe. Each year, thousands of tourists and holidaymakers throng the coastal city of Kenya only to enjoy the aura of white sandy beaches and egregious weather. The coastal city is undoubtedly blessed with exceptional beach attractions; numerous palm trees, long stretches of the beach and cool breezes. Any holidaymaker coming to the Mombasa is always keen in obtaining first-hand experience in the top beaches of Mombasa. A person can never go short of activities to do when visiting the region. Beach sports, swimming, snorkeling and boat riding using transparent glasses allow the visitors to spot the rich marine life thus spectacular experience. In this article, I will share some of the top beaches in Mombasa that one must visit. The good thing is that these beaches aren’t located far apart, and therefore ensures easy time while moving around. Every beach assures the visitors’ unique features and experiences.

Diani beach

The beach is located about 30km to the coast of Mombasa city. It’s the most known beach associated with abundant sunlight that allows indulgence and experiences that are hard to find in other beaches. The visitors to the beach will agree with me that it has a special appeal and charm. When you reach the beach, you will wish to remain in its attractive environment. The environment matches world-class beach resorts due to its characteristics. It has widespread palm trees, huge coral reefs, and vibrant marine environment. The beach accommodates all sorts of activities such as relaxing, walking, sporting and enjoying picnics. To get to the beach, One has to cross through a ferry that connects Likoni and Mombasa island. It easy to get there via a car or through Ukunda airstrip (direct flights are available form Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi).

Nyali beach

The beach is serene, more of tranquility and not located far away from the cities. The resort is equipped with numerous amenities and should be an individual’s ultimate destination. The beach is located about 5 km from the Coastal city’s CBD and is accessed through linking roads. The beach is near town and easily accessible by taxis or public means of travel. Its location in the upmarket neighborhood makes it one of the top resorts in Mombasa. The unique characteristics of the beach is that its calm, quiet, and pristine.  It also has laid-back beaches that allow visitor privacy. The beauty here is exceptional, there are varieties of palm trees and different sporting activities. It’s easy to do anything in this environment; one can relax and look at the sun, swim, surf or sunbathe. It’s also an ideal place for kids due to its population capacity which is not overcrowded. It’s easy to keep an eye on children while they play and enjoy sports. Also, multiple high end hotels are available on its shores. The hotels are equipped with several lodges and guesthouses in Nyali. Most of these hotels are within walking range. Using cars and rickshaw will take less than three minutes. Additionally, large shopping malls are also available and visitors can easily grab snacks, swimwear and other foods of their choice before arriving at the beach.

Bamburi beach

The beach is about 10 km from Mombasa CBD and has a high number of beachfront hotels, apartments, and villas. The most famous being ‘Pirates’ (a public beach), its the largest public beach on a stretch of Bamburi. The beach also has Mombasa Marine Park which is a major attraction centered for visitors fascinated with Marine Life. Since it’s a busy beach, multiple stalls are available where one can buy artifacts, old wear, and snacks while enjoying the beach. Most of the beach parties (especially Christmas holidays) are spent in this beach. For the visitors loving the active and lively beach, ‘Pirates’ makes a good option. One may relax, swim, interact with forms or participate in sports events. If you desire silence, beach fronts facing the hotels offer a good choice since they are quiet and less busy. A visitor can easily reach the place by a private car o taxi.

Shanzu beach

Immediately after leaving the Bamburi beach, the next is Shanzu beach. The beach offers a top and world-class experience since its compared to posh resorts located in the quiet and peaceful neighborhood. The beach is located about 14 km from Mombasa city center. In several occasions, the beach has won the hearts of many visitors as one f the leading beaches of Mombasa. Hotels on this beach are located back-to-back. Several bars and relaxation joints are also available where one can have some time off while reflecting and indulging with nature. The beachfront is exceptional, quiet, and enjoyable. When you arrive at this beach, make up most of your time since it’s not easy to leave the place. The resort is accessible through Serena road next to Shanzu Teachers College. It’s a tarmacked road with numerous taxis and motorbikes for the lovers. Its approximately twenty minutes drive from town depending on traffic.

Tiwi beach

This is a quiet beach located in Kwale County and is approximately 18 km from Mombasa CBD. If an individual is tired, stressed and requires total silence, its the perfect place. Good hotels are available for the visitors who want to keep it low. Also, a stretch of this beach is a mixture of town and countryside feelings. I have seen a lot of old tourists loving this beach, thanks to its unique characteristics that keep the body and mind relaxed. If an individual feels marathon activities of north coast beaches, trying Tiwi beach will never earn any regrets.

Copacabana beach in Mtwapa

Mtwapa is a popular town about 16 km to the North of Mombasa. The town is famous for its vibrant nightlife and party scenes. It’s also a tourist attraction suburb of interest to both foreign and local visitors. Visitors of the beach realize that the town is associated with much of partying hence forgetting the nice and quiet beach where people can sit and relax. Its beach provides an opportunity for enjoying the exotic views of the Indian Ocean. the available amenities include several villas, private homes, bars and restaurants where the fun is plenty. Mtwapa has everything ranging from excellent accommodation to dining.      

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