Must Try: Ruin Bars in Budapest, Hungary

Do you want to taste the real Budapest feeling? Visit one of our best places – our Ruin Bars. This article will help you to find the outstanding Ruin Bar that fits you the most in the heart of Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. but first, let’s answer the first question comes up to your mind:

What is a Ruin Bar?

As for its historical background, the first ruin bar, Szimpla kert (see below) was established in 2001. Urban legends say it was the idea of a group of young, thirsty guys, who were looking for cheap place to drink. They started to convert old, abandoned buildings in the inner district to provide affordable drinks to everyone. To spare some money, they collected unwanted thrown-out furniture from their grandparents (or great-grandparents) garage. This is how the interior of these miraculous places were created – with dozens of mismatched tables, sofas, paintings old cars and even bathtubs. Over the years ruin bars become extremely popular among Hungarians and foreigners. Anyone can find a ruin bar that fits him/her. The city offers bars in several sizes, various type of music- including live concerts, ideal abandoned places to lose control and feel the rhythm or just to grab a hand-made craft beer and have a deep talk night with your friends. It is not only about drinking, though! Szimpla Kert offers regular meetings for foreigners, passionate about our lovely Hungarian language, to teach them the most useful phrases – such as Két sört, légyszíves! – two beers, please! If you wonder what is the atmosphere like in a ruin pub I can assure you… you have no clue what a chaotic, magical universe waits for you! Be prepared for random pigs dressed in party clothes hanging down from the cellar!
and now… Let’s see the bars:

Szimpla Kert:

As mentioned above, Szimpla is the oldest and craziest ruin bar in the Jewish district, well-known by tourists and foreigners living in the city. You can start your trip around the building only by discovering every tiny room filled with their own hidden treasures. The place provides various events, such as live concerts, international breakfast with traditional Hungarian, Chezh, Polish flavours, Hungarian language course as well as blood donation. Wondering what souvenir you should buy from Budapest? Leave the magnets and postcards! Take something crazy, truly permanent memory from Budapest – get blind-tattooed by a professional tattoo artist in Szimpla! Location: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 14.


Ruin bar from a different angle. While Szimpla is well-known for its famous parties and loud music and dance, Púder is the ruin bar ideal for deep thoughts, delicious traditional Hungarian meals, craft beers and chilly nights. Again, Púder is a must see& must try in Budapest if you are into arts or simply want to discover something extraordinary. Take a seat inside in a comfy armchair, a wooden bench or old-fashioned golden throne surrounded by the colourful, crumbly walls, and taste some of Hungary’s famous wines. During the summer, the bar opens its terrace with plenty more mixed-styled tables. +1 Tip: do not miss the inner balcony or the underground rooms- definitely worths to see! Location: 1092, Budapest, Ráday u. 8.  

Are you interested in meeting with locals?

Visit these places:


Do not be surprised by ending up having a conversation with a well-known person. This underground ruin bar is a favoured place among musicians and artists. Lámpás often hosts acoustic concerts or random trips. It is the best place to if you want the take the night easy, relax with some glasses of fröccs (= Hungarian drink, wine mixed with soda) and enjoy live music in a tiny, cosy pub. Take care: Lámpás is closed on Sundays and Mondays! Location: 1074 Budapest, Dob u. 15.


Again, a ruin bar often visited by locals. Similarly to Púder, it is ideal to have a heart-warming conversation with your partner, to get lost in your thoughts, to let your artistic self be free. Csendes is my personal favourite after watching art movies- to think, to analyze. Because of the artistic interior, it is a must if you are in need of inspiration. Location: 1053 Budapest, Ferenczy István u. 5.

Kék Ló

A tiny little bar among the other Ruin Bars, still, outstanding. The decoration is surprisingly unique: on the one hand, it fits perfectly with the ruin bar category, on the other hand, you have the impression that Kék Ló was designed by some world-famous designer. A mixture of countless styles where you feel at home: Not too many people know this bar, consequently, it is not overcrowded, – you literally feel as if you were at home- the building functioned as a flat before it was converted to a bar. Try out their craft beers and the homemade pálinka, go upstairs, lay down and chill! Location: 1084 Budapest, Víg u. 28.
  Finally, if you have visited the above-mentioned Ruin Bars, there is one more left, you must see before you leave!

Fogasház- Instant

Known as the biggest ruin pub and party complex it is the most popular place among foreigners you must visit at least once… preferably every night… is Fogasház. Entrance is for free, although during the weekends you often stand in the queue for a couple of minutes. Once you enter, try not to get lost among the several rooms! The party complex consists of seven different, individual bars and dancefloors, each with its individual surrealistic design. Besides Instant and Fogas, Larm, Liebling, Pont, Robot and Frame wait and guarantee you an unforgettable night with electronic, live, rock..etc. music. Do not forget to take a break, grab a drink and sit down in the magical gardens, and look around the glorious decoration!

Location: 1073 Budapest, Akácfa u. 49-53.

  Remember: Ruin Bars provides you with a unique sight and experience only available in Hungary.  According to your preferences, chose at least one, to grab a beer – or even a coffee, a lemonade, as you prefer, and look around in these exceptional buildings. If you are not into loud music, dance and party, choose Csendes-as the name suggests its csendes = quiet- Kék Ló or Púder. If you are into parties, you cannot miss Fogasház, and Szimpla Kert- that also provides you particular daylight programs. Do you feel overaged for ruin bars? – Don’t. Ruin bars welcome and amaze every generation. Szimpla also provides discounts for retired guests! There are a lot more ruin bars you can visit around the city! The more you find the deeper you get to know Hungary’s culture.  

Fannii Simon

My name is Simon Fanni, I am 21 years old. I graduated in English Philology and Communication and Media Science in Budapest, Hungary. As an Erasmus exchange student, I had the chance to live in Spain, where I fell in love with the Spanish culture, tradition, language and people. Due to my studies and living abroad, I am passionate about travelling, foreign languages and cultural encounters.