Must See Places In Mati City

March 13, 2019

by Mylene Bendijo

Last February 2019, I decided to tick off a place from my goal to travel all the 81 provinces of the Philippines and on to my 64th province is Davao Oriental, which is the easternmost province of the country under the CARAGA region. Off to my solo backpacking in Mindanao, I ride a plane bound for Davao City, then from the airport ride a bus going to Ecoland Terminal. The Ecoland Terminal is the overland terminal going to other major cities nearby Davao City such as General Santos City, Bislig City, Tandag City, Butuan City, Mangagoy City among others. To get to Davao Oriental is either via bus or via van at the Ecoland Terminal, riding a bus took me almost 5 hours due to several pitstop so I suggest if you are press of time, to ride a van. Upon my arrival at downtown of Mati, I hired a tricycle to tour me around the City.

Dahican Beach

Our first pitstop, the Dahican Beach where to my observation is one the cleanest public beach I have ever seen all over the country. Maybe out of the concern of the locals in maintaining it clean and since, rare are the visitors and tourist who get to chance upon, encounter and regal at its finest white sand beach and the inviting, raging waves it depicts due to safety concerns. The beach is more apt for surfing and skimboarding because of its gigantic waves and the local and beach cottages owner provides for surfing lesson for beginners.
Here is the panoramic view of the idyllic white sand beach of Mati that offers cottages and room for an overnight stay but I opted to just visit the place during daytime.

Panoramic view of Dahican Beach

Top 3 Accomodation at Dahican Beach

If you want to stay by the Dahican Beach: the top 3 recommended accommodation are as follows;

  1. Dahican Surf Resort, which provides non-aircon room, no restaurant

       2.Botona Beach Resort, also non-aircon rooms and

       3.Lane’s Kalapyahan but this one is a bit pricey.

Dahican Beach at its glory in the afternoon


Mati City Airport

My next stop is the Mati City Airport/ Mati Flying School, to which I am excited to experience Ultralight Flying, which a friend recommended and that I should not missed it because it is all worth it. It cost 2,700php for open ultralight while the closed light sport aircraft (with doors and floors) cost 3,200php. For more details go to their Facebook account Mindanao Saga Flying Club, no reservations allowed as they are on first come, first served basis. The contact details should you have more questions of Mindanao Saga Flying Club is 09173070670. I arrived at the airport during late afternoon and I was advice to wait if the wind would allow me to fly, of course, I chose the Ultralight flying, which to my mind is more daring and good for top viewing, but I know, it is indeed nerve wracking. To my disappointment, the wind that day did not permit me from flying. My advice, in order, to not be disappointed, would be that the best time for flying is early morning, in time for the sunrise until 9:00 am for this is the time when the winds are at its calmest. After 9:00 am the wind starts to pick up and become gusty and it goes on until late afternoon. Sometimes the winds die down at 4:00pm and they will resume flying but that is always not the case.

Sunrise is the best time to fly

Baywalk of Mati

To ease my heart wrenched of disappointment, our next stop is just in time for sunset which is best viewed by the Baywalk of Mati where there is a photo opportunity because it is where a standee of I heart Mati is located. Along the Baywalk, located are some of the most sumptuous barbecue and grills restaurant in which I ate my dinner. During nighttime, the Baywalk is the avenue where a lot of students and lovers convened to witness the sunset by the bay.

Chasing sunset at Mati City

The next day first thing in the morning, at 6:00 from my hostel and via tricycle went back to Mati Airport and try my luck again on the Ultralight Flying and as promised I am entitled to first flight of the day for the rejection the other day. Indeed, good things comes to those who wait.

Here is the photo of my Ultralight Flying showing how exhilarating and exciting the experience it is.

I’m flying like superman. Woo!!!

Luckily, I get to see the sun rising from the horizon and the trees and mountains and fishpond below all look so minute and insignificant and like a miniature in an architectural project. It was indeed the most exhilarating, nerve wracking and fear of heights conquering and I should say the longest 15 minutes of my life flying on top of everything. I took a chance to do some selfie while flying despite the risk of my cellphone falling from the ultralight because the wind during the flight is so gusty yet the view above is worth all the risk of failing and it was an adventure of a lifetime that I would never regret putting myself into.

Mati Flying School and Airport

Other must-see places to visit in Mati to which I never got the chance to see are the Subangan Museum and The Sleeping Dinosaur, which is located at Badas Point, one of bus stop from Davao City to Mati City, among others. I promised to stay a bit longer but I had a prior engagement in General Santos City. I guessed I had to go back for a possible second visit of Mati, so for future reference I get Kuya Edison’s contact number for an arranged tour of Mati City and its neighboring town is 09999127555.

Pangyan Falls

And my last stop after trying Ultralight Flying, is Pangyan Falls of Lupon, Davao Oriental which is one and half hour habal-habal ride from the city.

Pangyan Falls located at Lupon, Davao Oriental

Mainit Hot Spring

The falls boast of its cold water and just below it is a so called Mainit Hot Spring (a creative nomenclature). I dipped into the hot spring for relaxation and hydrotherapy which is akin to a massage. The surrounding area boast of green trees and it is pleasing to afloat in the water observing the greenery view.

It is truly hot in Mainit Hot Spring

I went there early in the morning and I came across a family swimming, grilling some barbecues and hotdogs. I could not help myself but indulge myself first in the cold water of the falls and the next thing to do is to float in the hot spring with three children enjoying daily dose of spring bath to which I am envious because it is just so natural to them.
The unherald city of Mati should be on your travel bucketlist, so pack your bags and head off south. Surely, you will never regret choosing to explore Mindanao with its raw beauty and unbeaten road paths. My solo travel is a testimony that it is indeed safe to travel south. Enjoy.

Mylene Bendijo

By Mylene Bendijo

I am a do it-yourself backpacker who explored 64 provinces out of 81 provinces of my country Philippines. I love to visit farfetched places, explore mountainous area and my sun-kissed skin loves to soak and dive on idyllic white sand beaches of the Philippines. It is my dream to share my experiences during my travel to wide spectrum of audience.


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March 15, 2019

Wow! As in wow! Ang galing naman. Informative, easy to understand and nice shots esp the sunset.


March 15, 2019

Worth reading blog. I want to visit also and try the ultralight flying.

Bernadeth Virrey

March 15, 2019

What a very nice place to visit. Thanks myles for the information I had no idea of such a wonderful place in Mindanao. Keep sharing your experience it helps a lot.