Must See in Baguio City, Philippines' BenCab Museum

June 17, 2019

by Wilma

The mountains of the Cordilleras offered Baguio city a cold climate. Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines. Pine trees can easily be seen around the city. The high altitude and numerous types of plants contributed to the quality of air and cold temperature.  The temperature may range from 8 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees Celsius.

                                                                                                  Image of pine trees

Baguio attracts many tourists from other regions and countries. You have to remember that all places where many tourist flock attract pickpockets and other suspicious individuals, always keep your money, jewelries, and gadgets safe. You cannot easily avoid the crowd because the common mode of transportation is through jeepney and taxi.

I like different works of art. One of the most interesting artist for me is Damien Hirst. All of his works can easily be imprinted in the mind which can last for a long time.

Probably, one destination in your bucket list in a Baguio tour is BenCab Museum. If you want more information before visiting, keep discussing with me. There are many attractions in Baguio, but l will be focusing on BenCab Museum because the artworks are amazing.

There can be many areas to see in Baguio, but just six kilometers away awaits BenCab Museum. If you want to try riding a jeepney, the fare is P12.00 (fare varies if the government increased) for 20-30 minutes ride.  A taxi can cost you more than P100.00 during a traffic, but it can be lower than P100.00 if there is none. You can ride in groups to lessen the cost, because it can be faster which can take 15-20 minutes.

                                                                                  An image of vehicles in Baguio

As you stop at the museum’s entrance, you can see the word BenCab with the building. It is surrounded by trees and mountains. You may not easily see the view during a foggy day, so plan your visit during summer or daytime.

As you enter the first floor, you can immediately see displays. BenCab allows light in the building through glass windows and walls. I like the white painted divisions and glasses around the museum. They gave light and highlight to the artworks displayed. There, you may choose a tour with a guide. Their staff can tell you information about the displays. You can also tour by yourself and in your pace.

BenCab Gallery

                                                                                      Image of a hardworking person’s hands

The works of Benedicto Reyes Cabrera are displayed in this portion. I like the way he showed the faces of people, styles, and designs of clothing in the works. The faces show emotions which pair the conditions in the paintings. Confident postures, running motions, worried faces, hard work, love, and passion can be seen in the displays. These show us the experience of people during different situations. We can relate our experience, too.

Erotica Gallery

                                                                             Image of BenCab Museum advisory and gallery name

This portion may offend some visitors. The museum has an advisory for this. You may not want your kids to see the displays in this section. If you are conservative or you do not like vulgar displays, you may not like this section. BenCab’s Erotica Gallery shows sexuality.

I was shocked. The section includes people and animals. You can see the view of a woman with a green cloth only covering the legs. Also, you can see a view of dogs during a mating period.

It was a baffling and a fascinating section.

Cordillera Gallery

                                                                                              Image of BenCab’s gallery name

BenCab promotes and protects the culture of the Cordilleras by showing different artworks during the old days. Though some of the displays are still being used in some provinces, many kids have to remember the beauty and importance of the artworks.

Some are hanging on the walls, some are in glass cases, and other displays are on the floor. The colors of the displays are mostly in black or dark brown. Wood was primarily used by the Cordilleran people in daily life, events, and statues. Usually, they carved using woods. There are statues of people in sitting position with adornments. Some folks stated that old people or ladies of the past adorned themselves with gold. Despite this, most of them did not know the importance of gold.

Also, weapons can be seen, which were used before for hunting, defense, and war. Tribal wars were popular in some provinces, which caused many deaths in the past.

Gallery Indigo

                                                                                        Image of BenCab’s gallery name

The materials used in the artworks are made of various materials. The displays here have different shapes and textures. I like the circular view of the alien looking heads in one artwork. The holes in the heads may come in 2, 3 and 4 holes which look like eyes.

Maestro Gallery

                                                                                            Image for memory and past

I was fascinated with the portraits and the skeleton looking displays. The women in the portraits were wearing dresses during the old days. These show the importance of preserving and remembering the outfits or ethnic attires of the old days. Now, these dresses were used in occasions. On the other side, the displays with skeletons may confuse your eyes.

BenCab’s Garden

                                                                                                 An image of ducks near a pond

BenCab promotes the protection of the environment. Each floor has a balcony where you can appreciate the beauty of nature.  It has a garden which can be seen from the museum’s balcony. It has a pond, wooden bridge, lights, and plants. You can refresh yourself here. Also, you may want to check the gazebo.

Café Sabel

                                                                                              An image of colorful flowers

If you got tired during your tour or you are simply hungry, you can drop at Café Sabel for snacks and meals. It is colorful with brightly painted chairs and rectangular tables. The walls were adorned with colorful paintings and other artworks. The meals may have ingredients’ from the museum’s farm.  As you eat your food, you can see the green colored designs from the garden. However, if you prefer a higher location head to the museum’s fourth floor where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying the view of nearby plants, trees, and mountains.

In general, the museum is clean, artworks are well displayed, areas are wide, the garden is beautiful, and they sell good stuff.

Plan, prepare, explore and experience!






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