Must See Beaches in Sorsogon

March 10, 2019

by LouiSees

The Philippines is known for its beautiful beaches. The most popular beaches in the country are Boracay Island, Palawan, Subic (Zambales), Panglao Island and more to mention, I can go and on and on and of the list of beaches in the Philippines. This country is a beautiful place to explore and it will not disappoint you!

But have you ever tried exploring the Southernmost of Luzon? the Bicol area, I invite you to explore the amazing beaches (and food) in Bicol! Here is where the home of not overly populated beaches that you can enjoy and make memories to. There are times that you can have the beach all by yourself or with very few other people, the only time that the beach is crowded is between March-May which is the summer season of the country.

Subic Beach Matnog

Let me take you and introduce to you one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, from its water that consists of different hues of blue to its crystal clear water. This island is popularly known us Subic Beach Matnog or the Calintaan Island which is located in the Province of Sorsogon.

This island is separated into two by a stretch of land and rocks, the parts of the island are called Subic Laki ( Big Subic) and Subic Liit (Small Subic). These parts of the islands have their own beauty to different tourists. Subic Laki offers a better place to spend the night in and this is where the beach party happens, this is the part of the island where lively music is played and more people come. However if you are looking for a place that is solemn, calm and quiet I offer you …. Subic Liit (Small Subic) the part of the island where you can hear the waves of the ocean hitting the shoreline and the part of the island that you can have all by yourself because only a few tourists come here. Subic Liit is the place I would want to go every time (I can’t even count how many times I’ve been there!). But don’t worry if you want to see both parts of the island you can! just inform your tour guide that you want to go the other part of the island or you can just walk going to the other side just make sure the water level is not high. For you to experience more the beauty of Subic Matnog I recommend that you spend the night on the island! And the best part? both Subic laki and now even Subic Liit offer rooms and tents for you stay so wherever you want to stay you can.

Aside from the beautiful beach that Subic Beach Matnog can offer it also cater’s banana boat, speed boat and tour on Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary where you can see different kinds of fish and feed them and the Calintaan Cave located on the one side of the island (ask your tour guide to take you here), for you to experience and see the tiny beach inside the cave and when you look up you will see a huge circular opening. The waters in this beach cave are as clear as the waters in the Subic Laki and Subic Liit.

Lola Sayong Eco – Surf Camp

The surf capital of Sorsogon Province many have come here to enjoy the waves, the sand, the good food and the silence of this beach offers. Lola Sayong Eco – Surf Camp or best known as Lola Sayong is located in Gubat, Sorsogon not too far from the heart of Sorsogon its just one 30 minutes jeepney ride away.


Lola Sayong is one of the most famous beaches in Sorsogon not just because of the waves but also because of the beach advocate for saving our ocean by having this important rule “bring your trash with you” and its a good thing because it saves the ocean from the garbage used by the humans. Your trash your responsibility, it preserves the beauty of this beach just like the way it was first discovered. Aside from this, Lola Sayong is a place you want to be if you want to think and have an atmosphere of solace because it offers you silence that you need. Lola Sayong gives you inner peace and this beach will always be worth it.

The Undiscovered Beach  in Prieto Diaz

A crystal clear water found in Prieto Diaz, a 20 minutes ride from Paguriran Island. It is safe if you have kids with because the water level is just enough for your kids to be able to reach and if you want a deeper water level you need to walk a little more. And another amazing thing this beach is almost untouched because it’s not yet discovered and it’s free! but there are no cottages in this area and no place for an overnight stay, you can stay in the city there’s a lot of hotels there starting from PHP 600.


Few Beach Reminders:

  • Use organic sunblock because it doesn’t poison the ocean.
  • Throw your garbage at the right place, never in the ocean.
  • Let’s preserve the cleanliness and beauty of these beaches.
  • And lastly, enjoy!

How to Get There

If you’re from Manila you have different options, refer below:

Option 1: Via Air

  • From NAIA Terminal to Legazpi Airport it will take around 1 hour of flight.
  • From Legazpi Airport take a  tricycle going to Legazpi van terminal or bus terminal (normally it’s 50-60 pesos).
  • Via van, take the van going to Sorsogon City for 120 pesos.
  • And from Sorsogon City, there are a lot of jeepneys that you can take going to these different beaches.

Option 2: Via Land

  • From the Busport in Manila take the buses bound to Sorsogon. This will take around 12-13 hours of travel but it will give you hassle-free in terms of going from one vehicle to another.
  • And from Sorsogon City, there are a lot of jeepneys that you can take going to these different beaches.

By LouiSees

I'm dreaming to be writer. I write every time I'm inspired but guessed what?! I'm always inspired! (well there are times that I'm not in the mood to write but a lot of times I'am just like right now). I feel like . . .writing is one my passions (dancing is another thing) and I want to improve it continuously. I hope you could help me with that. Aside from that I just love to read! I could sit all day and just read and read and read (plus coffee). Right now I'm working as a financial executive but I still write through medium (but nobody reads it anyway lol) Maybe I just need to improve my writing skills more and of course add more posts!


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