Must-Do's in Munich During a Short Visit

Munich is the capital of Bavaria and a federal state of Germany. It is a densely populated city with a lot of interesting buildings and sites to visit making it a perfect spot for a big city holiday. In true German fashion, getting around is easy and efficient so your stay can be more relaxing.  

Interesting Must-See’s



The heart of the city is Marienplatz. It is the centre of the city, full of shops, monuments and museums. It is a great spot for shopping for all budgets and tastes. The square houses also many interesting buildings including the two city halls. The Neues Rathaus, the new city hall, is a dominant building that can not be missed once you arrive in the square. The elaborately decorated facade and the domineering tower are a wonder to look at. Definitely worth waiting for is the clock in the tower. With the elaborate figures depicting famous figures from history and 43 bells, the magnificent clock is an attraction on its own. It chimes twice a day, at 11 and 12 o’clock, and at 5 o’clock from March to October. It is worth waiting for it to play and watch the figures moving. The Old City Hall, Altes Rathaus the other important building in the square. The reconstructed Gothic building situated on the east of the square is also worth a visit. Being the square of Saint Mary, Our Lady, there is also Mary’s column, a statue of the Virgin Mary mounted on the Mariensaule.   

Nymphenburg Palace

Another must-see in Munich is the Nymphenburg Palace, the summer residence of the former rulers of Bavaria. The Baroque palace and the surrounding gardens are definitely worth a visit.  

Hofbrauhaus Munchen

No visit to any German city is really a visit without a pint of beer, even if you are not a big beer fan. This restaurant and beer house is an important stop for anyone looking for a typical German meal. Although quite crowded, it is still worth it to visit the interior and look at the frescoes covering the ceiling.  

Allianz Arena

For football fans, the Bayern Munich home ground is a must-see. It is on the way between the city and the airport and it very hard to miss. The giant plastic facade can be seen from miles away. The facade of the stadium intrigues any passerby but tours of the ground are also available. 

Photo by Kostya Golinchenko on Unsplash

Must-eat in Munich

One cannot visit Germany and not have a beer. Being a German city, Munich is home to many local beers to choose from to go with any meal or as a refreshing drink during a day of exploration. A typical dish of weisswurt or schweinshaxe with a brezen are the best accompanying meal to that pint of beer.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

For breakfast, a pretzel with the weisswurt with a cup of tea or coffee is the way to go. The smell coming from the various coffee shops serving these delicacies will definitely entice you to try them out. It is also appropriate to have a beer with breakfast, to start your day right.   

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