MUST DO Things When Backpacking around BALI

Visiting Indonesia was a mind opening and a deeply relaxing experience. It was our first time traveling to Indonesia, so obviously, we didn’t know what exactly to expect. I was imagining nice beaches, good food with different spices, various smells, and palm trees. Well, there was all of this, but also much, much more…

Backpacking in Bali


Taxi to get to Ubud from the airport cost us 300 000IDR (approximately 20euro) and it takes around 1 hour to get there because of the usual traffic. We stayed in a quite decent place and it wasn’t of much cost plus it was including nice breakfast (banana pancake or eggs, fruit, tea/coffee and fruit smoothie) it also had a pool and the staff was very friendly.

If you plan a day trip, it’s best to find one taxi driver and stay with him all day.  He will take you to all the places and also gives you suggestions where else you can go as Balinese people are really friendly and helpful.

Yoga Barn

When staying in Ubud, you definitely have to go to the Yoga Barn ! If you are a yoga lover, you will not want to leave this place. You can choose from different levels and types of lessons, there is also a shop with clothes and a restaurant that is outdoors with amazing views and they cook super healthy and delicious food!

Monkey Forest

We also went to the famous ‘’Monkey Forest’’ which is definitely nice to see as you don’t normally watch monkeys running on the streets and jumping on you. You can also buy some bananas there and feed them 🙂

Rice Fields

After Monkey forest, we went to have a look at the spectacular Rice fields. That was amazing! I definitely suggest going there since most of their food is rice. If you want to enjoy it at the best time, I suggest going there as early as possible so you avoid the crowd of people.

White water rafting

If you want some adrenaline, then you should try rafting. We had soooo much fun, it was a bit tough but everything else was unbelievable. Get ready for 500 stairs to go down, and then going up. But it was definitely worth it.

Kopi Luwak Coffee

Our taxi driver suggested us to try ‘‘The best coffee in the world’’ – Luwak coffe. It is made from poop of the animal mongoose (Luwak). It is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, so you will normally pay up to 70 euros per cup. We paid around 2 euros and they also showed us and explain how they make the coffee and you can also see the animal there. Apart from this coffee they also give you a full tray of different teas to taste.


In Bali, there are a lot of temples, so we decided to go and see some of them. If you are wearing shorts, they will not let you enter without ‘’sarong’’. It is basically a long piece of fabric that you need to wrap around your waist to cover your legs. They sell them everywhere around the temples and on the streets so it is not a problem to buy.

Swimming in a waterfall

Swimming in a waterfall is an amazing feeling, you should try if you have the chance. It gives you so much energy! Water was a bit cold, but you expect it since it’s a water fall ?.

     Rice fields in Bali


Here we didn’t book an accommodation so we decided to search on arrival. After like one hour going around and asking we finally found one. Was not the best one, we had cockroaches in the bed and in the bathroom and we had to set up our own mosquito net with fishing line because the room wasn’t properly closed – but we survived even though we had three mosques around us singing five times a day.

 Bedugul is a small village and you will not find many tourists staying overnight there. People usually just come for a day trip and leave. In the afternoon, one side of the city is ‘’dead’’, everything is closed as most of the people living there are Muslims and they pray in the afternoon.

Zip line experience

The only thing open was this park which had the Zip Line Experience, it was a blast – we felt like kids in a playground. We even had to jump from a tree like Tarzan, it was hard as hell since I’m scared of heights but it had to be done. Also, we visited a botanical garden which was ok, but nothing compared to Tarzan.

Canoe trip on a lake

Next day, we organized an early morning fishing trip on a lake. We met a guy who took us with his canoe. We went at 6 am so when we got on the water, we saw the sunrise which was beautiful and unforgettable. We saw the most popular ”temple on a lake” PURA ULUN DANU BRATAN. Then we were fishing from the canoe which was fun even though we didn’t catch anything ?

Temple in Bali


I loved this place! We had an awesome accommodation with natural hot spring with mountain view just for us. It was amazing because if you want to go to the natural hot spring, you need to pay for the entrance and it will be obviously for public. This was exactly in front of our bungalow and it was only for the people accommodated there. Since we were in Bali during the monsoon, it rained for few days but when we were here we didn’t mind it at all as we stayed in the hot spring relaxing and looking at the mountains. (don’t worry about the monsoon, it only rains for few hours in the afternoon – the rest of the day is hot and sunny).

Hike on Mount Batur

Another amazing thing we did here was early morning hike on an active volcano Mount Batur. We had to wake up at 2am, had light breakfast and coffee and at 3 we started walking. It was completely dark so it was a bit scary. The hike is not so easy, it was quite steep and slippery at some places and it takes around 2 hours. But we did it and it was definitely worth it! When we finally got up, they cooked eggs and bananas on the steam of the volcano so we had another breakfast and hot chocolate there. When the sun started coming up, I cannot even describe how beautiful it was, you just need to experience it yourself… You are standing up above the clouds and everywhere around you are just green mountains, monkeys and peace. The way down was a lot of fun too, because we could see where we were passing from and the views were amazing.

Mount Batur Bali      Mount Batur Bali

After this, we had to go to a city called Amed to take the boat to Gili Islands. We only spent one night there and it was not bad. We had a good and really cheap lunch in a restaurant on the beach and then in the evening we found a cool reggae bar with live music on the beach…

If you decide to go to Bali, I definitely recommend each one of these places, even though some of the cities were not so pretty, but the people you meet and things you can do there are really worth it. I wouldn’t even say about one of them that it was boring. We always had things to do and saw soooo many beautiful places. Just get a back pack and enjoy it :)?

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