Must-do Experiences in Bali, Indonesia

As a holiday destination in Asia, Bali is a part of everyone’s wish list. And it should be! It’s an island full of unfathomable beauty and unforgettable experiences. I was fortunate enough to have selected Bali as my holiday destination and spend my time there, fulfilling my dreams. Sandy beaches, clear blue waters and an even bluer sky is just not enough to describe the abundance that Bali holds. An island snuggled in the southeast part of Indonesia, it is one of the most travel-friendly destinations in the world. The smiles of the locals and the warmth in the air are enough to kick-start a great holiday for you! Planning any trip takes incessant research nights and offbeat to-do lists. The best time to travel to Bali would be from June until September. Apart from beaching and people-watching on the pristine shore beaches around the circumference of this island, here’s a list of must-do experiences I believe, can change your life, etch your hearts with sweet memories and make you fall in love with this beautiful island, all over again.

Waterfall Hopping

Bali is home to some of Mother Nature’s best-kept secrets and most beautiful sceneries. Nestled away in slightly denser and deeper regions all over the island, you’ll find breathtaking natural waterfalls; some very secret and hidden deep inside, encasing an area of picturesque all to themselves. Surrounded by bushed greens and creating their own little stream of absolutely clear and fresh water, these falls embrace you like you belong to them. The best part about these waterfalls is they do actually give you that privacy (because they’re still untouched by the human race) like they belong to you too! And that’s not it! They come with their double rainbows, some have natural swings and some are heaven-like in their own way. Their beauty is raw and whole and can take every breath away! Be prepared for a short trek to reach these secret beauties. They’re worth a whole hundred miles! Hire a bike and off you go, discovering and exploring untouched natural sites!

Camp on a volcano

mount batur If you’re adventurous, there’s no doubt that you’ve been on a trek and camped at a place or two. But your adventure can’t be complete without having been up on to a volcano. I’d recommend selecting Mount Batur in Bali as your pick. It’s an active volcano and is still safe to trek up to. However, it’s not just the trek that makes me add this to the list. It’s the whole bundle of experiences that you have right from the get-go. From the peaceful sunset and fiery sunrise to the hospitable meals, from the magnificent view of the Milky Way to the time you’re back to the base of the mountain, every single minute is a time of immense joy. It’s one of those places where you leave a part of yourself because you reach atop, never wanting to descend that volcanic mountain. Look for Overnight Camping on Mount Batur, the one that includes Sunset and Sunrise, while securing your bookings.

Go Scuba diving

scuba diving The life underwater belongs to those that live in it. And it’s an absolute privilege to be part of it, albeit for a few hours; the simplicity of marine life, the grace with which they conduct themselves and the feeling of being able to experience a completely different universe. Bali is home to thriving marine life consisting of corals and fish and mammals. It’s also got a WWII shipwreck which is now a spot for photography for certified and advanced divers. Scuba diving in Bali waters makes you realize the magnitude of what lies beneath and how beautiful it has the potential to be – the ones you cannot communicate with but still tell you everything they are by being themselves in their most natural habitat. Nusa Penida and Tulamben should be your most preferred dive sites, whether you’re looking for recreational diving, completing your dive courses or fun dives.

Cycling in Ubud

The serenity that Ubud boasts of is exclusive in the island country of Bali. Everywhere you look, you’ll find natural beauty and a certain warmth, in your surroundings. Culturally rich, Ubud is environmentally in the middle of mountains and rice terraces. If you want to explore all of Ubud and take in everything it has to offer from food to shopping to nature to culture, hire a bicycle and peddle on all over the place. Have a good breakfast for the day and book yourself a bike tour with one of the local companies. They will save you the trouble of figuring the route and finding your way back, in case you lose yourself in the midst of nowhere; though that has its charm, too!

Temple Visits

Bali temple A lot of tourists when visiting this island country of Bali visit the famous Balinese temples like those of Uluwatu and Tanah Lot. I would encourage visiting these temples for their admirable architecture and attractive surroundings. However, when we travel to a place, we want to take in the experiences of being a local for those few days that we are, in a new place. Hence, I would recommend visiting those temples where the local Balinese folks go to, to pray. Trust me, they’re as beautiful, as divine and a lot more peaceful and less crowded. The aura, these temples exude, makes you want to be there, indefinitely. And say a prayer in your own language, your own belief. Ask your local guide or stay manager to help you locate one of these. You’ll be enthralled.   Travelling to Bali is a wonderful experience. But it’s not just the villas and the food that make it worthwhile. It’s the entire package with the people you meet, the feelings you have, the stories you hear and the lifelong memories you create. At the end of the day, if you’ve experienced something during your travel here and felt and seen things you never imagined you could, you reach another high which you ride as memories for life!

Kshamta Mantri

A Creative Consultant by profession, I write to share my thoughts and experiences with those who like to read and travel, of course! A Dreamer by day. A Believer in life. A Traveller by heart. Graphic Designer. Aspiring Photographer. Passionate Writer.